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What type of News will/do you post?

If you have anything running related going on in the State of Michigan, we would love to hear and share it on RMDC.

How can YOU HELP

  • Continue to visit us (daily).
  • Submit News/Results/PR and or Events to us.
  • Buy a lot of Photos!
  • Visit our sponsors!
  • Be healthy and continue to RUN/Walk
  • Tell all of the people you know about us!

Link not working or Problem with something that you see?

If you experience a broken link or something is not right on our site that meets your needs.. then please use our CONTACT PAGE. Please give us as much information about the problem as you can. (the name of the event, the date, the url) and we will be sure to HELP YOU!


Do you sell photos from your race coverage?

Yes, definitely! And, it's a great way to support RunMichigan so we can cover even more races! There are some events though that, due to contractual agreements between race organizers and photo companies, do not allow us to sell our images. If photos are available to purchase, you will see a large blue "Buy" button near the photo.

Digital photo copies and also photo prints can be ordered. Digital copies will arrive as soon as you finish the payment process. Photo prints must be ordered and can take up to 7-10 days to receive.


Are you guys getting my results I sent?

If you didn't see a confirmation then we probably didn't receive your "results". Please fill out the required fields in the form (marked out in RED)

If you did see a confirmation and it has been 24hrs, then we are probably having trouble with the results you have sent. The best type of results are "pre-formatted" results (like this.)

Thanks for letting post the Results to your Event!

How do I submit Race/Event Results?

You can submit your results by using our web form here! If you are having problems, then let us know here.

I have a hard copy of results of a race that you guys don't have.

If you have old or new results that we do not have here, please scan them in or email us the results and we will post them!
If you don't have a scanner and have a fax, then you can fax them to: (503) 218-6523.

We not only want to keep moving forward with new and current race events, but we would love to go as far back as we can. The only way we can do this is with your help!
Contact us if you have any questions or comments.

The results you guys have are not correct, what do I do?

If you come across a bad link or a race event that has not been updated with the up-to-date results, then please:
Contact us with the "url" (sample:
Please provide us with the: date, name of results, and which distance and or race needs updating.

Will you email me Results of a Race when they are posted?

No, sorry. But thanks for checking.


How do I advertise with

All of our Advertising information is here.
Banner requirements are here.
Please contact us and we will get back with you ASAP to promote your event on the top running website in Michigan!


How do I edit my Calendar Event ?

Watch this video walk through:

How do I get my logo next to my Calendar submission?

You can now go to your event and click on the detailed version or full page of the event and then click on the Buy Now LOGO! This will redirect you to PayPal, where you can pay by credit card or paypal account.

Advertise your event on and receive:

  • Direct link to your web site.
  • Listing in our Featured Race Section.
  • Your race logo next to your calendar listing.
  • Weekly statistic reports emailed to you.

Is the Calendar Free?

YES, it sure is! Just go here and submit your Event! It might take up to 24hrs before it gets approved by us!
If you are interested in advertising or getting your logo/results and photos next to your entry, please contact us!

Can I search by Zip Code or City yet?

Thanks for your patience :-)

Resources / Links

Can I add more than 4 categories to my Business Resource?

4 is the max, but if you email us, we will accommodate your request!