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RMDC F.A.Q. Page


  1. Where do you get your front page polls from, can we submit them to you?
  2. What type of News will/do you post?
  3. How can YOU HELP
  4. Link not working or Problem with something that you see?


  1. I am having problems with Dropbox and downloading my photo that I purchased?
  2. How do I resize/flip my photo after I download it?
  3. How will I receive the photo I purchased?
  4. Having trouble saving a photo in Outlook?
  5. Problems with downloading photo attachment from email?
  6. How long does it take to get the photo?
  7. How will I receive my PHOTO?
  8. Do you print pictures and then mail to us?


  1. Are you guys getting my results I sent?
  2. How do I submit Race/Event Results?
  3. I have a hard copy of results of a race that you guys don't have.
  4. The results you guys have are not correct, what do I do?
  5. Will you email me Results of a Race when they are posted?


  1. How do I advertise with


  1. How do I edit my Calendar Event ?
  2. Calendar Search Walkthrough, Help Video!
  3. How do I get my logo next to my Calendar submission?
  4. Is the Calendar Free?
  5. Can I search by Zip Code or City yet?

Resources / Links

  1. Can I add more than 4 categories to my Business Resource?
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