Winter Switchback run

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Jan. 31, 2010

Winter Switchback run
Grass Lake, MI
2010 Winter Switchback results

Commentary: We set a record with 34 runners. Although (disappointingly) the footing was pretty good, the weather was quite cold, and Mike added to the challenges with his many obstacles. Thanks to all who came out on what turned out to be a pretty fast day, all considered. Spencer Cone elicited many winces and comments like: “what an idiot!” for his decision to run topless. Congrats to Zach Carpenter (overall winner) for an awesome 18:40 time, which is a winter switchback record. Also, Athena Eyster won her third (?) womens switchback title by running 25:40. A list of top runners appears below. Sorry if these aren’t perfectly accurate. You all have your own times anyways. See you in the summer !!!!

Men Women
• Zach Carpenter 1. Athena Eyster
• John Monroe 2. Ariel Andrews
• Mike Falvey 3. Laura Lutz
• Mike Holik 4. Caci Dishman
• John Zania 5. Emily Pap
• Marc Grum 6. Jessi Battaglia
• Harold Eyster 7. Julie Beaumont
• Eric Swager 8. Hailey Schutte
• Bryce Bradley 9. Kennedy Aldrich
• Spencer Cone 10. Gwen Hubbard

Grass Lake, MI