Todd Snyder - Dextor Ann Arbor 10k

Todd Snyder - Dextor Ann Arbor 10k

Todd Snyder - Dextor Ann Arbor 10k
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RM: You won the 10k at Dexter Ann Arbor by over 2 minutes. Did you expect more competition that day? Did you run as well as you would have liked given that you had no competition close enough to really challenge you?

TS: I ran up to my fitness. I'm still a little tired from the Boston segment and I didn't run quite what I'd hoped at Boston so it's taken me a little bit to get excited about training again. I kind of enjoyed having a low pressure race to kick off the segment. I was actually afraid a college kid would show up, coming off of a Track season and hand it to me in my home town.

RM: How was your training going prior to the Dexter Ann Arbor? How was the weather? Was it what you would call a great Michigan Spring?

TS: It was a great Michigan Spring. The mornings were cool and nice for running. I don't remember a lot of rain or clouds for the past month or so.

RM: How was it winning a race in such dominate fashion in your hometown? Did you have any extra motivation due to racing there?

TS: It was nice to win. My parents house, where I grew up is about 1 mile from the start line and about 2 miles from the finish. So my parents and my wife's parents were there to watch me come in. It was nice that they could see me race well.

RM: How has your training been going since?

TS: It's been pretty good. Kevin and Keith are changing up our workouts a little. We've been doing a lot of tempos and intervals together in the same workout, which seems to be working pretty well. I feel like I'm getting into shape pretty quickly.

RM: What are you gearing up for as the closing race to this training segment?

TS: I have a 10k at Reed's Lake on the 27th and a 10k at Volkslaufe on the 4th of July. It's nice to do some shorter, faster stuff. It takes me out of my comfort zone. In the fall I'm hoping to run Chicago if everything goes well.