Ryan Sheehan - Hanson/Brooks - Dexter Ann Arbor 1/2 Marathon

Ryan Sheehan - Hanson/Brooks - Dexter Ann Arbor 1/2 Marathon

Ryan Sheehan - Hanson/Brooks - Dexter Ann Arbor 1/2 Marathon
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Ryan recently ran the Dexter Ann Arbor 1/2 Mararthon. He cruised to a first place finish and broke 1:05 on the rolling, scenic course. RM: Congrats on your Dexter Ann Arbor Half Marathon. How do you feel about your race performance?

RS: I felt good about the race going into it. I had run the US 25k Championships in Grand Rapids 3 weeks earlier and ran well there, and then had some really good workouts the next 2 weeks. But I was very happy with the overall performance.

RM: Did you reach your pre-race goal? How did the race play out?

RS: Before the race I thought I could run around 1:04:00, so I didn't quite hit that goal. But starting off I was alone within the first 400 meters and basically stayed that way the whole way through. The only other people I saw on the course were spectators and the guys in the lead vehicle. I was running at 4:50 pace all the way through 9 miles which would have put me around 1:03:00, but the 10th mile was a 4:58 and the next three after that were in the 5:15-5:20 range. It was part hitting the tough part of the course, part being out there alone, and partly from the wheels starting to come off.
RM: How was your training leading up to the Half Marathon?

RS: Really good, like I said I ran the 25k about 3 weeks earlier, then my next workout I hit an 8 mile tempo pretty good. At that point I knew I was starting to get in really good shape. Then the workouts just kept coming along very well.
RM: How have you enjoyed the weather for training the past few months?

RS: The weather has been great, it has been in the 55-70 degree range every morning.

RM: What is the end race to this training segment?

RS: Well I am getting married on July 11th back in Pennsylvania. Before that I am running the Steamboat Classic 4 miler in Peoria, IL on June 20th and finishing off my racing at my local 4th of July 5k, the Brentwood Firecracker.

RM: How have you liked the longer road races so far?

RS: I ran the Twin Cities Marathon last fall at the US Marathon Championships for my debut. It did not turn out as well as I would have liked, the cold and rain caused my calves to start to cramp up around the 13 mile mark and I never really recovered. After that I tried pushing back a little to early to run the Dallas White Rock Half Marathon and that just kinda put me in a deeper hole from the marathon. That was followed by a couple more dismal races, the 25k was the first since the marathon where I felt like myself racing again.
The longer road races have definitely been my favorites as well as some of my stronger distances. I think that the 10 mile to 25k road distance is really where I am racing best right now. But these longer road races also give me a lot of confidence and strength to run faster on some of the shorter races I have coming up.