Thumb Runabouts Memorial Day Race

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May. 23, 2009

Thumb Runabouts Memorial Day Race
Bad Axe, MI
The Thumb Runabouts in cooperation with Smith Distributing brought 101 runners and walkers to the Thumb Area on Saturday May 23rd for a 5K walk and run and a 10K Run. There was a total of 56 runners for the 5K and 33 for the 10K and 12 Walkers. It was our 29th annual Memorial Day Run and Walk. This race is now dedicated to the honor of Pat Kellerman who was a dedicated runner in the area. The race was originated by Pat along with other members of the Thumb Run Abouts.
The first race was held in 1981 in conjunction with the Memorial Day Festival that was started by the community of Bad Axe. The 2009 10 K first place winners were James Felton II and Ellynne Volmering. The 5K first place winners were Justin Noble and Katie Kelly-Noble formerly of North Schools and Michigan State University running fame. The first place walker for men was Rod Craig and for the women was Christine Ryan.
The first place 5K, 10K and Walkers both male and females were awarded with trophies. First, Second and Third place in each age group received a medal. Smith Distributing and Thumb Run Abouts are the chief sponsor of this race.
Also, the Fair Board once again let us use the grounds to finish the race. Gift Certificates were donated by China King, Peppermill, Pizza Hut and Coffee Cup Plus, The race started as it always has at the Bad Axe Junior High School and ran through out the edge of Bad Axe. Next years race will again be held on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend.
Record holders for the 5 K are Tim Brown - 15:34 in 1983 and Katie Kelly - 18:55 in 2004.
Record holders for the 10K are Chris Daniels 1983 and Pat McGinnis 1984 - 32:45 and Georgeann Haviland - 38:25 in 1985.
5K results
Males Place Time Females Place Time
10 & Under
Christopher Yaklic 30th 27:56 None
Jesse Wiederhold 47th 33:56

None Mary Ellen Yaklic 15th 23:08
Abby Thorp 17th 23:11
Rebecca Yaklic 26th 26:51
Jennifer Pawlowski 27th 27:05

Jeremy Pawlowski 2nd 17:42 Crystal Schaible 22nd 26:28
Nicholas Pawlowski 3rd 17:48 Megan Currie 38th 29:15

Josh Roesner 6th 19:59 None

Justin Noble 1st 17:37 Katie Kelly-Noble 4th 19:23
Vince Agnew 23rd 26:38 Mallory McCracken 50th 35:03
Charlie Stevens 31st 27:57

Garrett Jurges 5th 19:37 Rachel Woodward 43rd 31:34
Nick Rochefort 7th 20:23
Aaron Karg 37th 29:14
David Majeski 40th 30:02

Seth Stapleton 14th 23:02 Shelley Vandusan 19th 24:18
Steve Elwart 28th 27:12
Scott Kornoelje 35th 28:39

Rich La Bombard 20th 25:06 Shelly McCarty 24th 26:43
John Korchmar 36th 29:02 Holly Korchmar 25th 26:49
Rich Klosowski 49th 34:50 Tammy Klosowski 45th 32:29
Carol Schadd 52nd 35:11

Timothy Davis 12th 22:44 Lisa McManaman 21st 25:33
Jerry Lentz 16th 23:11 Peg boom 51st 35:06

Nick VaLore 8th 20:51 Kathy Stevens 34th 28:32
Chris O’Keefe 59th 41:16 Shelly Wiederhold 40th 30:02
Tami Salens 53rd 35:15
Carolan O’Keefe 54th 35:53

Chuck Haertel 10th 22:02 Joanne Richardson 32nd 28:12
Jim Zulauf 46th 33:49

Larry Whittaker 9th 21:08 Linda Flues 41st 30:53
Don Lynch 11th 22:15
Joe Evans 18th 23:49
George Wood 29th 27:47
Jim Mich 39th 29:52
Robert Majeski 42nd 31:20
Mark Vick 57th 38:45

Henry Osien 13th 22:48 None

None Toni Dean 44th 31:40

70 and over
Melvyn Adelman 62nd 49:53

10 K results
Males Place Time Females Place Time
10 and under
None None

None None

None None

None None

None Kelly Nielsen 28th 55:23

Mike Klosowski 15th 49:22 Kelly Stapleton 13th 48:52
Scott Mazure 16th 49:28

James Felton II 1st 38:54 None
Larry Baker 18th 51:35

Alan Gabalis 2nd 39:12 Tricia Fritz 26th 54:45
Phill Schadd 12th 48:08

Ken Campbell 7th 43:11 Beverly Ginther 11th 47:39
Matt Smith 8th 44:28

Larry Kanaby 3rd 39:35 Ellynne Volmering 9th 44:51
Brad Volmering 4th 39:53 Angela Roesner 21st 52:56
Dale Ernst 5th 41:45
James L. Jones 24th 54:09

Brian Larive 14th 48:58 Lynette Heinlein 25th 54:18
Paul Sollner 19th 51:38 Ann Booms 27th 55:10

Ted Davenport 17th 50:37 Linda Rowe 20th 51:47
Bob Holmes 29th 55:24
Bill Ahrens 31st 58:01

Tim Flues 6th 42:36 None
Tom Ryan 22nd 52:57

Maury Dean 10th 45:58 Betxy Light 33rd 1:12:11
Norman Hart 23rd 53:49
Leonard block 30th 55:39
Floyd Light 32nd 1:04:0

70 and over
None None

Walkers(5K only)
Males Place Time Females Place Time
Rod Craig 33rd 28:23 Christine Ryan 57th 38:45
Harry Gabalis 56th 38:32 Mary Ann Kelly 60th 43:05
Jerry Pierson 58th 41:15 Erica Karg 63rd 46:30
Terry Kelly 61st 45:17 Judy Stone 65th 49:46
Dan Dobberstein 64th 47:05 Abigail Goik 66th 49:49
Heidi Jock 67th 49:51
Misty Oldenburg 68th 49:53

Bad Axe, MI