Kyle O'Brien - Post Boston Marathon

Kyle O'Brien - Post Boston Marathon

Kyle O'Brien - Post Boston Marathon
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Kyle ran the Boston Marathon last weekend, it was his second time doing so. Kyle finished 19th overall and ran 2:20.55 this time around. Read on to find out Kyle's thoughts on the race.
RM: Your stated goal was sub 2:15 for the Boston Marathon. Obviously conditions on race day will effect time goals one way or another. How do you feel that you ran and what would you have changed if you could go back and do it again?

KO: Boston was a big miss for me, I would say I ran
completely average and didn't have anywhere near the
race that my training had indicated going in. Of course
conditions slowed the field down from front to back, but
who knows what that was worth. The biggest
disappointment about my race was that I just ran
tactically poor. It probably would have been wiser to
go out with the group in front of me (they hit half way
about 1:20 in front of me) instead of running the entire
race in those conditions by myself. I still probably would
have faded about the same, but would have had more
people to work with in that wind.

RM: How long of a recovery/downtime do you plan on having after Boston? How was your recovery from Boston the last time compared to recovery from the hilly trials course in NYC?

KO: I'll take 2 weeks completely off then start getting back
into training. Recovery seems to get better and better
for me with each marathon I run. I remember being sore
for weeks after my first one, but the soreness was really
gone after a couple days this time. I think your body
just learns to recover faster the more that you do.

RM: What would you like to accomplish over the next few years with regards to running?

KO: I still feel like I have a lot faster races in me from the
10K all the way up to through the Marathon, so I'll
probably start with the shorter races over the summer
then work my way back up to another marathon in the
fall or spring. I'd also like to get into a few more of the
US Championship races and be a lot more competitive
than I have in my last couple.

RM: Do you see yourself running Boston again in the next few years?

KO: I definitely see myself in Boston again at some point in
the next few years, I still have not run my best Boston

RM: What tips would you offer those looking to run Boston for the first time?

KO: Patience is key on that course, it's easy to get carried
away early and that will leave you fried for the last 10K.