Luke Humphrey - Post Boston Marathon Interview

Luke Humphrey - Post Boston Marathon Interview

Luke Humphrey - Post Boston Marathon Interview
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Luke competed at the Boston Marathon last weekend. It was Luke's second time running there. He posted a 16th place finish and ran 2:18.48 this time around. Read on to find out Luke's thoughts about how the race played out.
RM: Your stated goal was top 10 and/or sub 2:13 for the Boston Marathon. Obviously conditions on race day will effect time goals one way or another. How do you feel that you ran and what would you have changed if you could go back and do it again? LH: From the start to 25k, I wouldn't have really changed anything. The first 10k was actually pretty close to goal pace and I was with a group of 7-8 guys, so a good situation. From 10k-half, the pace slowly fell off, not by much, but enough. If there wasn't a wind, I would have just run by myself and let whoever was in the pack do what they wanted. However, with the wind, I realized that it was better to stick with the group. By halfway, we were about 1:00 slow of goal.

At 25k, the group was down to three guys, including myself. They made a move and I was content to stay back. Given this choice again, going with them probably would have changed the remainder of the race. Then again, I could have fallen off even more, so it's hard to tell.

RM: How long of a recovery/downtime do you plan on having after Boston? How was your recovery from Boston the last time compared to recovery from the hilly trials course in NYC?

LH: I actually feel fine now, about 8 days later. Probably a couple more days off and then light jogging. My recovery seems to have gotten better after each marathon. I feel ok within a couple days now. I would say about the same as after NYC.
RM: How has your injuries been the past year. Leading up to the olympic trials you were hurt - is everything 100% now? What types of things are you doing to ensure you are as healthy as can be?

LH: This is what I don't understand, the last 15-16 months have been the most consistant training I have ever had! I don't know if I just haven't caught up to my fitness level, or what, but I really have been very fit.

I think just maturing a little more. I know I can't hammer every easy day and I know to listen to my body and it's warning signs. Regular massages have helped a lot, as well. I also spend more time on the little details.
RM: What would you like to accomplish over the next few years with regards to running?

LH: I know there is a good marathon waiting to come out. At 28, I still have a really good 7-9 years. Right now I think I want to focus on some shorter races. My 5k-10k times need to come down more and the training would just break up the strength stuff I have been doing for the last 6 months.
RM: Do you see yourself running Boston again in the next few years?

LH: Certainly. Boston is such a great running city and it's a really great race.