Brian Sell - Post Boston Marathon Interview

Brian Sell - Post Boston Marathon Interview

Brian Sell - Post Boston Marathon Interview
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Brian Sell competed in the Boston Marathon for the 2nd time, last weekend. At Boston, Sell finished 14th in 2:16.31. Read on to find out how Brian felt about his marathon and the future holds for him and his family.
RM: You obviously had big goals for Boston and things clearly didn't go how you had planned or hoped. How do you feel that you ran and what would you have changed if you could go back and do it again under the same circumstances?

BS: I don't think I would have changed anything, training-wise. The segment went well for me and I thought I was in 2:10 shape again. In hindsight, I probably should have gone out with the leaders and stayed in their pack as long as possible, because I ended up leading about 25 miles of the race into the wind with a group sucking off me the entire way. It was mentally and physically draining.

RM: How long of a recovery/downtime do you plan on having after Boston? How was your recovery from Boston the last time compared to recovery from the hilly trials course in NYC? Is your recovery from Boston any different than any other marathon or are your legs beat up that much more?

BS: I am planning on taking two weeks completely off. I am in the middle of my second week right now. That's about normal for any marathon we do, 10 days to two weeks off, then a few weeks of just mileage. The big difference this time is that I'm not all that anxious to come back. When a race goes well, its easy to get motivated for the next one. Even when a race doesn't go well and there is a good reason for it (i.e. injury, lack of sleep, etc.) its easy to come back, but its tougher when you race bad for no good reason whatsoever.

RM: How has your body been handling the training loads the past year or two? I remember you have planter facitiis problems a few years back and you had some cortizone shots - is that something you have had to keep on doing?

BS: I haven't had a shot in a while. I did have some plantar issues earlier in the year. I hate to give a plug to a "miracle cure", but I got a few treatments from Clint's shockwave therapy and it did the trick. I think the snow melting helped, too. My body definitely hurts more than it did five years ago, but I guess that's to be expected as you get older.

RM: It is well documented that you are looking forward to dental school. Where do you stand right now with regard to that. Are you motivated to give training another go around or do you feel like it is time to hang up your competitive shoes and dive into your studies? Please explain.

BS: I definitely need to do something since running pays the bills when you do well, but not so much when you don't. I have been studying to take my dental admission test and have been looking at schools. My wife is going to have another baby in October, so we probably won't make any big moves until after that happens. If I decide to race again I will give it my 100% effort, but I get a little worried about the end result since I have had two bad marathons in a row.

RM: Up until this point in you running career, do you have any regrets? Please explain.

BS: Not really. Making the Olympic team was a big shot in the arm that this was the right thing to do. If I don't get in to school and I am living out of a cardboard box in five years, then my attitude might change, but as of right now, I'm glad I did it. My biggest focus now is providing for my family.