James Jurcevich- Olympic Trials

James Jurcevich- Olympic Trials

James Jurcevich- Olympic Trials

James Jurcevich
Sacramento, CA - RunMichigan was able to catch up with James Jurcevich in Sacramento after his race. James competed in the 10,000 meter finals at the US Track and Field Olympic Trials. Here is a RunMichigan chat with James about his great race and his thoughts on the Trials.

RunMichigan: - Since this was your first Olympic Trials were you nervous?

James Jurcevich:
Yeah, I was really nervous when I started getting ready to leave for the race. But once I got there and started warming up. Most of the nervs went away. Once the race starts, it all becomes familiar and there isn¹t time to be nervous any more.

RunMichigan: - How did your training go leading up to the Trials? Who did you train with to get ready for the Trials?

James Jurcevich:
I trained with Clint Verran, who was 11th in the Marathon Olympic Trials. My training went well. I was sick at the beginning of March and then after that we really started to get ready. I had about 10 weeks at 140 miles per week. We knew with the way my training was going I was going to run well.

RunMichigan: - What was your plan going into the race and were you looking to run a specific time for the 10,000?

James Jurcevich:
I was looking to run under the 28:10 Olympic standard, wanting to run 28:00. The plan going in was to run 67.5 seconds per lap, which works out to roughly 28:00 minutes. My coaches Kevin and Keith Hanson gave me the encouragement and confidence to take the lead if the pace ever slowed below that.

RunMichigan: How did you feel about your 28:39 time and your 6th place finish?

James Jurcevich:
I was definitely pleased. I wanted to run faster but I am happy with where I ended up. It lets me see that with just a little more work, I can be right there with the leaders.

RunMichigan: Can you describe from start to finish how the race unfolded?

James Jurcevich:
I started out in last after the first lap, then slowly worked my way to the center of the pack. Then at about a mile and half, I went to the lead when the pace slowed to about 69 seconds a lap. 8 or 9 guy responded and went with me. Abdi then made the next big move at about 2 and a half. At 3.75 miles I had to go back to the lead as the pace slowed once more. Just after 4 miles Mebrahtom Keflezighi went and went hard, that spread the pack out for good. From that point on it became survival. I worked together with Shawn Found to try to catch Brad Hauser and one of us did.

RunMichigan: What made you take the lead twice during the race?

James Jurcevich:
Taking the lead was dictated by how much the pace slowed down. When ever it slowed to around 69¹s I went to the front. I didn¹t have to do as much leading as I thought I would before the race.

RunMichigan: Since you had one of the slower qualifying times, what gave you the confidence to run with the lead pack most of the race?

James Jurcevich:
My coaches and my workouts gave me all the confidence I needed.

RunMichigan: What have you enjoyed most about the Trials?

James Jurcevich:
Running well. Everything is fun and you feel no pain when you are running well.

RunMichigan: What do you think of Sacramento?

James Jurcevich:
Great place to run. Great place for the trials. Cool in the morning and evenings, and hot during the day.

RunMichigan: What are your plans for the rest of 2000?

James Jurcevich:
Run some road races over the summer, and then get ready for cross country.

RunMichigan: Where will we see James Jurcevich at next?

James Jurcevich:
Other than at Hanson's Running Shop at the intersection of University and 75 in Auburn Hills. My next race will be either the US Half Marathon Championships in Parkersburg, VA., or the Crim 10 Miler.

-- end --

July 14th, 2000
1 502 Mebrahtom Keflezighi Nike 28:03.32
2 209 Alan Culpepper adidas 28:03.35
3 11 Abdihakim Abdi Nike 28:19.08
4 304 Shawn Found U.S. Army 28:33.73
5 384 Brad Hauser Stanford 28:36.53
6 497 James Jurcevich Hansons RS 28:39.20
7 257 Matt Downin Wisconsin 28:45.58
8 233 Rodney Dehaven New Balance 28:48.98
9 49 Jason Balkman Stanford 28:50.90
10 831 Ryan Shay Notre Dame 28:51.74
11 495 Peter Julian adidas 28:57.45
12 1070 Gary Stolz Nike 29:11.97
13 922 Eric Tollefson Asics 29:13.72
14 47 Kyle Baker Unattached 29:21.89
15 468 Chad Johnson Unattached 29:28.47
16 68 Andrew Begley Unattached 29:28.79
17 479 Weldon Johnson Unattached 29:29.40
18 815 Steven Schell Michigan State 29:30.19
19 255 Keith Dowling adidas 29:31.67
20 234 Peter DeLaCerda Reebok 29:32.92
21 655 Michael Mykytok Unattached 29:33.36
22 340 Chris Graff Reebok 29:36.12
23 674 Nathan Nutter Nike 29:42.28
24 212 Adam Dailey Arkansas 30:01.51
25 541 Jason Lehmkuhle Unattached 30:32.29
26 635 Teddy Mitchell New Balance 30:52.49
27 60 Brad Barquist Nike 31:16.25
- 726 Eric Polonski New Balance DNF
- 785 Nick Rogers Nike DNF
- 251 Michael Donnelly New Balance DNF
- 618 Dan Middleman New York AC DNF
- 385 Brent Hauser Stanford DNF
- 877 Stetson Steele Iowa DNF
- 896 Nolan Swanson Nike DNF
- 1065 Terrance Mahon adidas DNS
- 505 Bob Kennedy Nike DNS