Clint Verran- Half-Marathon Championships

Clint Verran- Half-Marathon Championships

Clint Verran- Half-Marathon Championships

clint verran
Rochester Hills, Michigan - RunMichigan was able to talk with Clint Verran about his 4th place finish at the USATF Half-Marathon Championships in Parkersburg, West Virginia. Clint's 4th place finish qualifies him to represent the United States at the IAAF World Half-Marathon Championships, November 12th in Vera Cruz, Mexico.

RunMichigan: - What is your feeling about being on the Half-Marathon Team that will race in Vera Cruz, Mexico in November?

Clint Verran:
It really feels great. This is the first world team I've ever made, so it's very new and exciting for me.

RunMichigan: - What type of training did you do to prepare for the Half-Marathon Championships?

Clint Verran:
After the Olympic Trials in May, I took about 10 days off. Then I started running between 100 and 130 miles a week to help my roommate James Jercevich get ready for the Olypmic Trials 10,000m, where he got 6th. Basically, I ran two interval-type workouts, one tempo run (8 miles at 4:55/mi pace), and one long run (16-22 miles) per week. The rest of my base work was at 5:40-5:50 min/mile.

RunMichigan: - What was your plan going into the race and were you looking to run a specific time?

Clint Verran:
Normally, I like to run a pre-set pace and just see where I end up. This time I made a point of staying in contact with the leaders no matter what the pace. I thought I could run pretty close to 5:00/ mile for the whole race. The course down there in WV was really hilly, especially the first four miles and then again at eleven.

RunMichigan: How did you feel about your 1:04:53 time and your 4th place finish?

Clint Verran:
Well the time is a personal best, but what I'm pleased with is the effort and the fourth place finish. It was a real battle for 4th through 8th place. I think I ran pretty tough.

RunMichigan: Can you describe from start to finish how the race unfolded?

Clint Verran:
Rod Dehaven set the pace from the gun. Our first mile was uphill and fast (4:49). A very large pack of about 20 guys stayed together through about 5K at 15:00. Then Dehaven, Hanneck, Reeser, Found, and Morris pulled away. I ended up in a small chase pack of Mitchell, Coogan, and Ngatia, going through 5 miles in 24:19. We caught Morris around 12K and dropped Mitchell and Ngatia. Around 10 miles it was Coogan, Found, Morris, and me about 40 seconds behind 3rd. At 11 there was a big hill and I got a step on the other three and decided to go from there. I put about 10 seconds on them by a mile to go and sorta cruised in for fourth place.

RunMichigan: How do you balance work, school and running at an Elite level?

Clint Verran:
That's a good question. I guess my best answer to that would be I've tried to put myself in a position where my training can be optimized given other "real life" responsibilites. The number one thing I have going for me is beiong a part of the Hansons Running Shop Olympic Development Program. By providing me with free housing, running gear, travel, health insurance, and coaching, they've given me the opportunity to make my running a top priority. It's tough to make running a priority when you don't know how the rent will get paid next month.

RunMichigan: What has provide you with the confidence this past year to step up into the National level with your 11th place finish at the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trails and now a 4th place finish at the USATF HALF-MARATHON Championships?

Clint Verran:
Confidence is something that comes with proper preparation. My coaches Keith and Kevin Hanson make sure that my training leaves no stones unturned. Going into the race I had run my PB for the road mile (4:01) and had done two thirteen mile training runs back to back at sub 5:20 pace. I get my confidence from my training.

RunMichigan: What are your plans for this fall to get ready for the Half-Marathon Championships?

Clint Verran:
I'll take a few days off after the Crim and then start Sept. 1st running 140-150 miles a week with my roommates James Jercevich, Richie Brinker, Chad Johnson, and Steve Schell. These guys are some of the best young runners in the country. Just keeping up with them on a daily basis should get me ready. I'm plannig on running a marathon in California three weeks later. There I hope to go under 2:15. I haven't heard anything about the course in Mexico yet, but I'll probably go back to running a little more even pace.

RunMichigan: What are your plans for the 2000 CRIM 10 MILER?

Clint Verran:
The Crim is bonus race for me at this point. I'd like to run in the 48's and possibly be the top American there. I know that will be tough because there will be some great runners there. Paul Aufdemburg, Kyle Baker, and my roommates James and Richie, will all make sure that I don't have an easy run off it. Those guys are so tough.

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Parkersburg, West Virginia -- August 19, 2000

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1 Rod DeHaven 33 M Madison WI 1/92 1:03:06 4:49
2 Todd Reeser 26 M Rochester NY 1/59 1:04:13 4:55
3 Phillimon Hanneck 29 M Clackamus OR 2/59 1:04:23 4:55
4 Clint Verran 25 M Rochester Hills MI 3/59 1:04:53 4:58
5 Shawn Found 29 M Boulder CO 4/59 1:04:59 4:58
6 Mark Coogan 34 M Frederick MD 2/92 1:05:00 4:58
7 David Morris 30 M Albuquerque NM 3/92 1:05:20 5:00
8 Jeff Campbell 29 M Brevard NC 5/59 1:06:09 5:03
9 Teddy Mitchell 28 M Alamosa CO 6/59 1:06:20 5:04
10 Jerry Lawson 34 M Boulder CO 4/92 1:06:25 5:05
11 Chris Wehrman 24 M East Lansing MI 1/39 1:06:26 5:05
12 Sam Ngatia 40 M Fort Carson CO 1/108 1:06:33 5:05
13 Peter De La Cerda 28 M Alamosa CO 7/59 1:06:42 5:06
14 Christopher Ashfield 24 M Seattle WA 2/39 1:07:04 5:08
15 Thomas Lentz 33 M Cincinnati OH 5/92 1:07:07 5:08
16 Peter Sherry 31 M Great Falls VA 6/92 1:07:13 5:08
17 Kurt Keiser 26 M Omaha NE 8/59 1:07:20 5:09
18 Chad Newton 30 M Brevard NC 7/92 1:07:25 5:09
19 Darrell General 34 M Mitchellville MD 8/92 1:07:41 5:10
20 Fred Kieser 29 M Lakewood OH 9/59 1:08:00 5:12