Trent Briney/Hanson-Brooks

Trent Briney/Hanson-Brooks

Trent Briney/Hanson-Brooks

trent brineyDetroit, MI

Trent Briney will be part of the Hanson/Brooks crew heading out to Boston this weekend. Trent has had some ups and downs with his running but appears to be back on track again. After setting a new personal best time in the 10k of 28:44 last spring, Trent is looking to have another solid marathon to add to his resume. Read on to find out how Trent's training has been going and what his thoughts on the Boston Marathon are.

RM: How has your training been going of late?

It has been really good in that my mileage has been consistently high, 120-125 for 7-8 weeks now. That's as high as I've been for that amount of time in quite a while. I have struggled over the last year or so with achilles tendinitis and bursitis in the heel area which has limited my training at points during the year. This training segment has been really consistent though with 8 of us all focused on Boston and everyone being in good shape. I have been getting drilled on my good days and my bad days i've been off the back of the pack running solo and recovering from workouts that have progressively gotten better throughout the segment. My achilles tends to limit me most on the day after a workout and either is painful or cuts back my range of motion in that leg limiting my aggressiveness. So, I truly have a rest day of easy running.

RM: You are heading out to run Boston for the first time. You guys have been out there to train a few times. What do expect and how prepared for the course do you feel?

Our Hanson-Brooks team went out in February to run on the course and familiarize ourselves with some of the hills and rolling terrain. The Boston people gave us a great tour of the in's and out's of the course. I expect the course to be quite a challenge because there is no place to just fall asleep on the course. I think staying alert is going to be huge, not allowing myself to get in a lull. I am planning to run some with my teammate Marty Rosendahl and we are planning to go through half-way feeling smart and some-what comfortable. Hopefully, that will set us up to have a good run through the hills and strong last 6 miles.

RM: What has the atmosphere been around the Hanson camp the past
month or two with Boston coming up? Could you sense excitement in the air for the upcoming marathon or does is seem like business as usual?

The last couple weeks have been real exciting. The Hanson-Brooks team had a dinner talk with Greg Meyer, the last American male to win Boston at BD's Mongolian Bar-B-Que in Royal Oak before we left this week for Florida. At this dinner we had about 4 press sources there for the event. There was,, detroit free press and some photographers. That same week we had press in Rochester from the Boston Globe and other Boston area news sources as well as Outdoor Life Network(OLN) who has live race day coverage for the national audience. All these things seem to make it more exciting. A lot has been focused on American's coming to Boston this year with our team, Pete Gilmore, Alan Culpepper and Meb all going to be there. It should be a good showing. The other thing that I've found exciting is seeing how good of shape our guys are in. WOW! Some of the workouts and paces during the workouts, all while keeping the mileage really high. It has also made it a challenge because it is tough to run with these guys right now.

And, now, we're half way through a week of heat training in Claremont, Florida near Disney World. We are trying to acclimate to the heat in case of warm conditions in Boston. It seems to be working quite well. The first day down here we did 18-20 miles in 93 degree heat.(Remember we left Rochester when our previous days run was 33 degrees) The next couple days were in the 70's and 80's and you could tell we started to acclimate. It has been excellent practice for taking fluids. During the 18 mile run, Kevin Hanson, our coach, passed out water at every 2.5 miles. I believe we lost 56 pounds that run between the 8 of us, while drinking 2 cases of water total. Everyday Kevin has been handing out fluids on the runs. We are getting to feel pretty accustomed to drinking and the heat.

Lastly, the race is the BOSTON MARATHON! The fans, the history, the friends that will be cheering for us, the hills, 8 teammates. Yeah, its exciting!
RM: What are your racing plans after Boston? Do you expect to hit the track or stick to the roads for the rest of the spring/summer?

TB: I am looking to run a fall marathon, maybe Twin Cities or New York to get that experience prior to the trials in 2007-8. I am also keeping Chicago as a possibility. I would like to get on the track, and run at USATF 10k's but that would require a lot right after Boston which takes a little extra recovery time usually. So, we'll see. I do know that I am going down to be part of the Pilgrim's Pride Texas Round-Up in late April in Austin. It was a good event for me last year and the sponsors and connections with the governor and kids events at the race are really great. The governor is involved because of a Texas initiative to keep people, especially kids fit. It is definitely a good cause. I think John Conley with the Round-Up might have me doing some pacing duties for the kids race. Hopefully for me its not a loaded field like Boston is this year! I might do an easy run on the 5 or 10k course during the race; its an enjoyable course in scenic downtown Austin.

Thanks for the great interview Trent! (Interview conducted by Nick Cordes)