Dot McMahan /Hanson-Brooks

Dot McMahan  /Hanson-Brooks

Dot McMahan /Hanson-Brooks

dot mcmahanRochester, MI

Dot joined the Hanson-Brooks distance running team just over a year ago. Dot has made an interesting transition from how she trained while at the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee. In college Dot was an 800 meter runner. She now trains for the longer distances and has been known to run several half marathons, including the World Half marathon championships last year in Edmonton. Read on to find out what Dot has been up to and what her future plans are.

RM: Congratulations on your race at Crim. What was your goal going into the race and how do you feel about the race looking back on it now?

I had a couple of goals in mind going into Crim. I wanted to be the first Michigan women, run under 60 minutes, and hopefully crack into the top 10 overall. Of course the only goal I had control of was the time goal. The other two goals required some good luck that day!

Looking back I’m just happy that I was able to negative split the race. Crim is known to have a tough second half so I had to hold off some early race aggressiveness. Once I got to the hills, I started looking ahead. I caught a glimpse of my coach Keith Hanson and decided I needed to catch him. I was trash talking early in the week about beating Keith, so I really wanted to back it up. As I got closer I saw Denisa, as well. It took a couple miles to catch them though.

RM: You have come a long way from being an 800 meter runner in college. How do you feel the transition has gone and have things gone about as you would have expected them to go with making such a change?

The mental transition from middle distance to distance was easy for me. I ran 2:09 in the 800m for three years straight. I trained each of those years differently and never broke 2:09. So I was ready to move onto something else.

The physical change was a little more challenging. High mileage for me in my half mile years was about 60 mpw. Now, with the Hansons’ , high mileage is over a 100 mpw. Running more miles is easy when you’re surrounded by fun teammates like Melissa, Yolanda, Desi, Kelly, and Susan.

RM: What made you decide to become more of a distance runner and make the move out to Rochester Hills to train with Hanson's?

Giving up my full time career for running was always something I dreamed about doing. I loved the job I had before moving here to MI. Sometimes I still miss it. However, the hard part wasn’t leaving; it was deciding when, because I never felt like I was ready. But when an opportunity came for my husband to take a job in MI, everything fell into place. I’m still amazed at how it all come together looking back. He loves his job and I’m grateful to live out my dream with the support of my teammates, the coaches and Brooks.

RM: What are your goals and plans for this fall and the rest of the year?

In one short and powerful sentence: Qualify for the Olympic Marathon Trials. 2:47:00 or bust on Oct. 22nd, 2006 in Chicago. IL. Thanks for the great interview Dot! (Interview conducted by Nick Cordes)