Leigh Daniel - Runmichigan.com Contributor - Club Nationals

Leigh Daniel - Runmichigan.com Contributor - Club Nationals

Leigh Daniel - Runmichigan.com Contributor - Club Nationals

Leigh Daniel is an occasional Runmichigan.com contributor who used to run for Hanaon/Brooks. Leigh competed at the Club National Championships this past weekend on a frigid day in Spokane, Washington. She was part of the 5th place team Run Ohio/Second Sole, while also finishing 10th overall. Read on to find out more about her thoughts on the race and the future.

RM: Your team finished 5th overall, after winning the title last year – what was the biggest difference between this years and last years team? How do you feel you ran as a team this year and was your goal to win?

LD: Well the biggest difference was we didn’t’ have one of our top runners. Ann had to backout of the meet just days before, due to a death in the family. In addition, we had 2 other runners out due to injury. Thankfully we had 5 runners toe the line so that we could compile a team score.
We ran extremely well I felt, considering. We had 4 girls in the top 19 – the next best team’s 4th runner was 28th.
Yes, our goal was to win.

RM: What is the focus of you and your Run Ohio/Second Sole teammates? What races do you guys aim to run your best at? Is it different for each runner?

LD: Our focus is to represent Run Ohio and Second Sole at many races across Ohio and the country. Any time there is a team event, if we can make it, we would like to compete at it. Unfortunately, team events are not as common.

RM: What can we expect from Run Ohio/Second Sole in the future?

LD: You can expect us to compete at Club Nationals and fighting for the team title there.

RM: What races do you plan to focus on in the upcoming months?

LD: I will most likely do a couple indoor 3k/5k races. Other than that, I am just healing up some nagging issues right now.

RM: How do you find the time to balance your job as the head women’s distance coach at Ashland University? What is your driving force to keep being a competitive runner?

LD: I feel that coaching is the perfect job to maintain a running lifestyle. It is not a 9 – 5 job so you can always make time to run, even though I run first thing in the morning each day.

I love to run but most of all, love to compete and will do so as long as my body holds up.