Pat Kellerman Memorial Turkey Trot

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Nov. 23, 2008

Pat Kellerman Memorial Turkey Trot
Bad Axe, MI
28th Annual Turkey Trot – Held in Bad Axe, MI.
The Pat Kellerman Memorial Turkey Trot was held on Saturday, November 17th, at the Bad Axe park and surrounding area. The race started at 11:00 AM. The weather was very cold for the runners and walkers. The race is sponsored jointly by the Thumb Runabouts, Buckley Shoes and McDonald Spartan Store. There were 117 total runners and walkers from throughout Michigan. The first place male runner was Greg Thomas from Clio,MI. His time was 18:12 for the 3.1 mile course. The first place female runner was Andrea Karl from Casco, MI in 19:27. Andrea Competes with the Frontline Running Team out of Richmond. The first walker for the males was Rod Craig from Bad Axe. His time was 28:37. In the females the winner was Lynette Heinlein from Vassar in a time of 31:30. The winners of each age group received a Turkey. Second place got a pumpkin pie and third place received a 1/2 gallon of cider. A pair of shoes donated by Buckley shoes and the Thumb Runabouts were drawn and Sean McVey of Bad Axe was the winner. Bonnie Ware was the winner of the drawing for a $50 gift certificate for Fitness Center in Bad Axe. The race was started with the traditional muzzle loader. All of this is done to bring people to Bad Axe and to continue the tradition of the Thanksgiving Spirit which is a sign of freedom for our country.
This race also had a large turn out of girls ten and under who are participating as members of Girls on the Run which is a program run in Bad Axe, Ubly and Kinde.


5K results
Females Place Time Males Place Time
10 and Under
Kora Capling 62nd 28:43 Ben McVey 55th 27:19
Lindsey Hagle 98th 47:47 Evan Oswald 77th 33:32
Alicia Krueger 99th 47:48 Skyler Lesoski 104 1:01.06
Ally Shepherd 100th 49:24
Cheyenne Shephred 101st 49:25
Krysta Forbing 102nd 59:37
Stacey Mosey 103rd 59:57
Jacee Mattox 104th 1:01.03
Emily Gosdzinski 106th 1:01.10
Mackenzie Lesoski 107th 1:01.14
Isabelle Apley 108th 1:01.37
Taxler Berger 109th 1:02.00
Kayla Chaplinski 112th 1:03.46

Rosemary Propst 21st 23:05 Jeremy Pawlowski 6th 19;01
Jennifer Pawlowski 41st 25:41 Joey Rombach 23rd 23:41
Toria Kanaby 43rd 25:44 Michael Miller 24th 23:47
Mary Ellen yaklic 44th 25:45 Matt McVey 63rd 28:45
Nicole Jokory 46th 26:18
Ammie Kairl 116th 1:13.44

Ali Wessels 16th 21:23 Nicholas Pawlowski 4th 18:41
Cassie Hanson 32nd 24:33 Ryan Moreau 5th 18:59
Kati Essenmacher 74th 31:34 Nick Lynch 11th 19:54
Kristi Essenmacher 75th 31:35 Martin Wolschlager 14th 20:49
Charles Prich 28th 24:12

Andrea Karl 9th 19:27 Steve Adair 13th 20:40
Michelle Burke 25th 23:57 Nick Rochefort 15th 21:17
Mallory McCracken 83rd 38:11
Lindsay Essenmacher 84th 38:55

Lisa Fleming 27th 24:01 Jeff Vandusan 8th 19:16
Jenny Leahy 36th 24:55 Roger W. Rothe 19th 22:57
Jami Wilson 38th 25:06 David Rapson 30th 24:44
Christina Leonard 40th 25:24 Mike Klosowski 35th 24:55
Lisa Rapson 47th 26:24
Becky Klinkman 65th 29:03

Laura Cotton 18th 22:50 Al Gabalis 2nd 18:21
Laura Merchant 50th 26:37 Brian Herek 10th 19:40
Shelley VanDusen 53rd 27:00 Phil Schadd 20th 23:06
Bonnie Ware 58th 28:01 Rich LaBombard 42nd 25:44
Heidi Perkins 70th 29:55
Jaime Pruet 80th 36:02

Lisa McManaman 39th 25:20 Greg Thomas 1st 18:12
Melissa Avery 49th 26:27 Dale Ernst 12th 20:39
Shelley Wiederhold 76th 32:34 Todd Capling 31st 24:32
Crystal Oswald 78th 33:34 Scott Dashner 51st 26:41
Denise McVey 79th 35:39 Neal Emerick 56th 27:23
Peg Booms 82nd 38:02 Sean McVey 57th 27:34
Misty Schalk 86th 39:17 John Rombach 71st 20:23
Freda Hentschl 88th 41:25 Kelly Hanson 87th 40:14

Teresa Martin 29th 24:20 Todd Kelly 3rd 18:32
Jan Sternberg 33rd 24:44 Larry Kanaby 2nd 19:03
Sherry Essenmacher 52nd 26:53 Reed Swanson 17th 22:24
Virginia Kuenker 59th 28:08 Pete Buccos 34th 24:52
Sheryl Maurer 68th 29:24 Dennis Meck 37th 25:12
Ann Hanson 81st 37:51 Fred Bart 66th 29:16
Doris Bart 91st 46:01

Linda Flues 69th 29:49 Frank Johnson 22nd 23:05
Ted Davenport 26th 23:59
Michael Ward 45th 26:13
Mark Vick 67th 29:22

60 and over
Leonard J. Block 48th 26:26
Tom Selby 54th 27:13
George Boursaw 60th 28:34

Lynette Heinlein 72nd 31:30 Rod Craig 61st 28:37
Amy Osentoski 89th 42:49 Bill Fuchs 64th 29:01
Dawn Muntz 90th 44:36 Harry Gabalis 73rd 31:31
Tammy Klosowski 92nd 47:24 Jim Roland 84th 38:55
Jan Kraus 94th 47:45 Rich Klosowski 93rd 47:34
Tina Suerwier 95th 47:45
Maggie McAleer 96th 47:46
Brooke Russell 97th 47:47
Heidi Walker 116th 1:13.45

Bad Axe, MI