David Cheruiyot

David Cheruiyot

David Cheruiyot

David Cheruiyot knows how to win marathons. Over the last three years, he has won six of eight marathons he has run. Now he wants to win the Detroit Free Press Flagstar Bank Marathon.

His last victory came at the Ottawa Marathon in May, a race he has won three times. His 2:10:56 was less than thirty seconds shy of his personal best. He set that at Ottawa the year before while establishing a course record. It wasn’t an easy victory. Two other runners were just a few seconds behind him.

Cheruiyot has had similar success at Houston’s Marathon. He won three of its last four with his best time coming in 2006, a 2:12:02. Only one other runner, countryman Stephen NBungu, has one it three times.

At age thirty seven, some might consider him a latecomer to the marathon. He only started running professional marathons in 2005. Prior to that he was a track runner and ran local marathons such as the Nairobi Marathon in 2003. After making the top ten in Nairobi he was helped by an agent to compete in international marathons. His success has enabled him to travel to Istanbul, Mexico City, and Taipei.

When in Kenya, Cheruiyot lives with his parents on their farm in Kapsabet. It’s part of the rift valley province north of Nairobi. He has been blessed to have several world class runners living in the area that he can train with. They include world class marathoners like Filex Limo (London and Chicago winner in 2006) and Rodgers Rop (New York and Boston winner 2002).

An organization called the African Endurance Initiative helped him obtain a visa to train and race in the United States. He does his base training in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Cheruiyot competes for the Spira Running team. Last year, Spira shoes CEO Andrew Krafsur brought in a number of athletes from Kenya and Poland to compete in the Free Press Flagstar Marathon. The men took the top five spots, the women the top two. If Cheruiyot wins in Detroit and breaks Greg Meyer’s course record of 2:13:07, he will come home with $12,500.