Chad Johnson- Hansons- US Marathon Champs- 7th place

Chad Johnson- Hansons- US Marathon Champs- 7th place

Chad Johnson - Hanson/Brooks - US Marathon Champs 7th Place


Chad Johnson ran 2:20:47 to finish 7th at the US Marathon Championships held in the Twin Cities on Oct 5th. Read on to find out how Chad's race played out and what his thoughts are on the future.

RM: How was your training going into the US Marathon Champs? Was the type of training you did to prepare for the marathon the same type of training as past marathons, or did you try something new? Why or Why not?

CJ: My training going into the US Champs as far as workouts and the paces run were about the same as before the Olympic Trials and the London marathon. If there was any difference I tried keeping my day to day recovery runs at an honest pace. I've been known to run pretty slow on recovery days. I really tried to push myself in training this time, but my body doesn't want to go any faster. I don't know if it's because I've been doing this so long or because I'm getting older, but it doesn't stop me from trying.

RM: What was your goal going into the championships, with regard to place and time? Was there any other motivation for you outside those two factors and if so, what and why?

CJ: My main goal was place in the top five and have a shot at making the world marathon team. My secondary goal was to qualify for the Olympic trials. The Twin Cities Marathon is kind of a home town race for me, so I wanted to run well in front of friends and family. And it's always nice to make some cash.

RM: On race morning, what was your thought process like with regard to the bad weather report and how you would attempt to run the race? How did you feel you did with regard to implementing your strategy for the race?

CJ: I thought the bad weather was supposed to hit after the race. I kept thinking the rain would let up but it just kept raining harder as we went. My strategy was to start at 5:15 per mile then pick it up to 5:10's after a few miles. With the weather I just kept it around the 5:15 range and slowed to 5:20-5:30's(not by choice) with a headwind the last 6 miles.

RM: Describe the race a bit, with regard to how you felt at different times throughout the race. Were you able to keep your cool throughout the race or did you lose it a few times?

CJ: I stayed relatively calm the whole race for once. My hands were so cold from the rain that I couldn't take splits at times. I had a bad collision at the mile five water stop and lost 10 seconds on the lead group. My heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest. I just tried to relax and run my own race at that point. From that point on I ran much of the race alone. I think it was a good thing because going with the leaders might have been over my head.

RM: How does it feel to have a qualifier for the next Olympic marathon trials? How will having that effect your training and racing plans for the upcoming years?

CJ: It was definitely a motivator to keep going for a couple more years. It will be my 4th and probably last Olympic trials. It's gets tough to stay motivated when your getting older and your times aren't quite what they used to be. When you're not running amazing times you feel the pressure to start working full time and not use all you time and energy training. Being with the Hanson's and having a girlfriend that's a professional runner allows me to keep going.

RM: What is up next in your racing plans and how much time off do you plan on giving yourself?

CJ: I'm taking two weeks off then will ease back into training. Don't look for any blazing times but I'm going to attempt some track and cross in the spring. I think it will help my marathon to do some faster races and workouts occasionally.