Nick Stanko - Post Crim

Nick Stanko - Post Crim

Nick Stanko - Crim 10 Miler/2nd Michigan Finisher


Nick Stanko ended up as the 13th overall and 2nd Michigan finisher in this years extremely competitive Crim 10 miler. His time was 51:14, which meant he averaged around 5:08 pace per mile. Read on to find out what the former U of M runner has been up to.

RM: What are your thoughts on your race at Crim? What were your goals heading into the race?

NS: Overall I was content with my perform at Crim. It is always hard to swallow when you get beat by 10 or so Africans, but being one of the top Americans keeps me going. Going into the race, Michigan was experiencing some beautiful running weather, so about a week or so before the race I was hoping to PR and run in the low 49's or high 48's. Well... as Crim seems to always have an effect on the weather, the morning of Crim was far from ideal conditions for fast times. After my warm-up I quickly changed gears and kind of put time off to the side and just raced against the other runners. If I went for a PR on that day it probably would not have worked out, so changing gears and just competing was probably a good move in the end.

RM: How does having such a competitive field ahead of you, effect your race plans and strategy?

NS: Going into each race I know that I have done my "homework" and am ready to test myself against the clock and other runners. Going into most races I always plan on sticking my nose into things and just going with the flow from there. You really never know what you are going to get... and if you don't try then what's the point? Some days things click and you are able to keep up and others you just keep on plugging away and try to beat as many guys as possible. Letting the race come to me seems to be the way to go lately.

RM: What are your goals for this training block? Do you have a race you are shooting for as an end to the training block?

NS: This training block will end at the Twin Cities Marathon (USA Marathon Championships). As always it would be nice to get a PR and break the 2:20 mark. I hope I can settle in with a group that is on sub-2:19 pace and go with the flow. Like always I'll plan on sticking my nose in it and adjust from there.

RM: How has your training been going so far? How much have you been running weekly? Any special workouts or favorite workouts you have done this training segment?

NS: Training has been treating me well. I run between 100-130 miles per week, on 5 or 6 double days and 1 or 2 single day. I have been trying to incorporate a variety of paces into my training over the past year. I did some 800-1500m speed work and racing in the spring and have continued to try and run at a variety of speeds even while training for the marathon.

Years ago I used to do progression runs before they were popular and it worked well. I got away from them when I went to college, but now that I train alone and coach myself I have incorporated them back into my training. It seems to be a workout that provides just enough stress but does not totally wipe me out for a few days. It is one of those runs were you just let the run come to you and not force anything... but by the end you are clicking right along.

Another staple over the past few years has been 4-8 x 800 with 400 rest... basically "Yasso 800's". I run them pretty close to all out and try to get faster as the workout progresses. I uusally start them at about 2:18ish and work my way down to sub-2:15ish... on a good day that is.

RM: What are your running/racing plans for the spring/summer?

NS: Beyond this training segment and fall marathon, I will try and compete in a variety of distance. It would be nice to run the US Cross Country team and individual championships, and some other US Championship road races.

My wife Theresa and I just started coaching at Haslett High School in Haslett, MI. We did track last spring and are doing cross country this fall. That will effect my racing scheudle a little and the majority of my races are now in the summer and winter. I am still able to train 100% year round so that keeps me going, but I now look forward to the summer and winter when my racing schedule is a little fuller.