Free Press Marathon Preparation

Free Press Marathon Preparation

Free Press Marathon Preparation

The Detroit Free Press/Flagstar Bank Marathon and Half Marathon are less than eighteen weeks away. It will be held October 19th.

Now is the time to start thinking about which race you want to prepare for. The marathon is the ultimate challenge and brings the greatest sense of accomplishment. It also takes a lot more work than running half its distance. For some the half marathon is a stepping stone, for others it’s all they can handle based on life’s time constraints.

Regardless of which race you choose, your training can be improved by making a commitment now and not waiting to pay the entry fee. Doing so will narrow your focus and preparations.

Usually about ten percent of entrants don't make it to the starting line, whether they sign up early or late. You will discover a heightened mental aspect by making a commitment. Think of signing up like putting a deposit on a wedding reception. The excitement will keep building once you do.

So, set your sites on preparing now. Develop a plan and use some of the tools available to you. Remember these are endurance events and you’ll need a consistent weekly dose of mileage to make your race choice a great experience.

Greenies, first timers, especially need to do their homework to prepare them for themselves for the unknown experience. Race director Patricia Ball ran her first marathon in 1982, in Detroit. She started running in 1976 to quit smoking without gaining weight. At the time, she never dreamed of running a marathon until she saw an ad in the paper and decided to try it. She has since completed over 20 marathons including New York and Boston. Ball has found that, “training for a marathon gives people access to a part of themselves, where they know anything is possible. In the process, people bust through barriers that have stopped them from accomplishing in the past.”

If you're a first timer it's not too late to sign up for one of the many running specialty store in-training programs. The marathon web site will soon have a list of locations convenient for you. Most stores offer weekly runs and a place to meet other first timers and experienced marathoners. They also bring in experts to share various aspects of training and racing.

Several specialty shops offer organized twenty-mile training runs a few weeks before the marathon. Why struggle through your preparations when you can enlist the help of other runners who will make the work fun.

In training programs at these Running Specialty Stores:
Bauman's Running Center - [email protected] - 810 238-5981
Gazelle Sports - - 616 940-9888
Endurance Sports - - 231-744-9138
Hanson's Running Shop - - 248 616-9665
Playmakers - - 517 349-3803
Runner's Choice - - 519 672-5928
The Running Factory - - 519 945-3786
Running Fit - - 248 380-3338
Running Gear - [email protected] - 248 623-7296
Total Runner - - 248 354-1177