Kyle O'Brein - Post London Marathon

Kyle O'Brein - Post London Marathon

Kyle O'Brein - Post London Marathon


Kyle had a less than ideal run at the London Marathon this past April. He ended up dropping out after a less than ideal training build up to the race.
RM: How did you feel going into the London Marathon? What was your goal heading into the race? Did you change your goal from your original beginning of the training block goal?

KO: I went into London very optimistic. I had a terrible respiratory infection that really put me down for about the last 6 weeks of the segment, I was finally off antibiotics about one week out from the race, and with the taper my last two workouts really started coming together. Going into the race the plan was to stay with the 2:15 pace group, it was slightly different than my original goal which was 2:13-2:14.

RM: How do you feel about how the race actually play out for you and why do you feel it happened to work out the way it did?

KO: Honestly, my body was just not prepared for what I was trying to do that day. I think the sickness definitely took more of a toll than I was giving it credit for, and I think the training through as well as attempting to race just really came back to bite me.

RM: Would you have preferred to train in less icy/snowy conditions in your build up to London, why or why not?

KO: Obviously the winter was not ideal, but I don't believe that was a major factor, I've trained well through bad winters and raced well off of it before, and we had several guys and girls that
trained and raced well this winter. Would I prefer better conditions? Absolutely, but was the bad winter a reason for not running well? I don't think so.

RM: What would you do differently if you were to do the same race again under the same circumstances?

KO: Honestly if I were ever in the same circumstances I would be a lot more realistic about how much the sickness was effecting my training, maybe that means pulling the plug when it's that bad that close to the race, or adjusting the goal time to be slower, but nobody goes to London to run 2:20, if I was running there I was going to go after it.

RM: What was it like traveling overseas to run a big time race? Did you get to a point where you felt comfortable being there or was everything still foreign to you? Was it hard to make the time zone adjustment? What types of food did you eat leading up to your race (was it basically the same stuff you would eat here in the US)?

KO: I was very comfortable being there. I had the opportunity to race overseas twice last year in February and August in Japan which was a much longer trip, so acclimating wasn't much of a problem. The food was very similar to what we have here, so that was nice as well.

RM: What is your next big race that you are going to begin preparing for?

KO: I don't have any "big" races on the schedule just yet, I'm taking some time to work on some of my weaknesses in training and racing, once I fix some little things I'll pick another big one to go after, probably this fall.