Persistence Pays Off at 29th Annual Bumper Run

Persistence Pays Off at 29th Annual Bumper  Run

Shelby Twp (2/8) – 37 was the magic age number at the 2023 version of the 29 th Annual Bumper Run. Two runners of that age took the champion honors in impressive fashion, and enjoyed what might be the best weather conditions this race has ever seen – 40deg, minimal wind, and perfect path footing with no snow or rain in sight. Stony Creek Metro Park was once again the host site for this race as it has been for every year it has been in existence. The safety path provided a well-maintained park route around the lake, and runners had an excellent chance to test their mid-Winter February fitness.

The 6:15pm start sent the runners off onto the clockwise loop, and 4-time winner Donnie Richmond (Oxford HS/CMU) of Portland immediately opened up a big gap on the field, dipping under 6 minute pace for the first mile. Richmond continued to push the pace and increase his lead, as this turned into a race against the clock. A spread out field followed, with a string of scattered runners in tow. Richmond held strong to his lead through the finish in 35:20, nearly a minute improvement over his winning time of 2022. Richmond surpassed Kevin Hanson for most 1st place finishes at 5 over Hanson’s 4. In a tight battle for runner-up honors, Kenny White (Richmond’s former teammate at Oxford HS) crossed the line in 43:20, narrowly edging Alex Williams by 2 seconds. First Master was 60-year-old Tony Bruce, who finished in an impressive time of 45:20, placing 5th overall.

Cassie Williams has run this race many times, with her only win being from 2013. She was able to repeat that feat this year, running an impressive time of 45:16, which was also good for 4 th overall. In a strong master’s performance, accomplished cyclist Sandie Domagalski from Clarkston traded her bike for a pair of racing flats on this night, and finished 2 nd for the women in 48:43, in her first attempt at the Bumper Run.

This is a race that is held each year to promote and educate pedestrians and drivers on sharing the roads and trails as safely as possible. Participants in this event are encouraged to take any and every opportunity to spread the message of safety, and hopefully prevent the types of tragic automobile-pedestrian accidents that we are continuing to see over recent years.

29th Annual Bumper Run Top Ten Results

Name Age Time

1. Donnie Richmond 37 35:20
2. Kenny White 35 43:20
3. Alex Williams 38 43:22
4. Cassie Williams 37 45:16**
5. Tony Bruce 60 45:20*
6. Don Saville 62 48:06
7. Sandie Domagalski 63 48:43***
8. Jim Dixon 48 52:00
9. Jim Oleksinski 55 59:27
10. Peter Zobel 57 1:01:18
11. Brittany Bourassa 34 1:05:10
12. Mike Dineen 61 1:07:12
13. Dan Domagalski 65 1:07:32
14. Jim Zittel 59 1:33:24
* first master
** first female
*** first female master