Div II Michigan College Season Breakdown

Div II Michigan College Season Breakdown

Div II Michigan College Season Breakdown

Div II – Men

In the preseason rankings Grand Valley lead the way being voted as the 4th best team in the country. Wayne State followed up in 10th place while Saginaw Valley was 12th. As the season got underway, Grand Valley maintained their ranking but others did not. Around midseason, Wayne State and Saginaw Valley were not even ranked. Hillsdale managed to squeeze into the top 25 at that time. Come the final rankings of the season, GVSU was 4th and Wayne State in 12th was the only other team ranked in the top 25.

Grand Valley and Wayne State both qualified to the NCAA meet. In addition, Nick Krus from Saginaw Valley made it as one of the two individual qualifiers. When all was said and done, GVSU was 4th, Wayne State was 19th and Nick Krus was 65th overall.

Regional Rankings:

National Rankings:

National Results:
http://www.ncaasports.com/crosscountry/recaps/d2_finals_men/2007 Top 5 Individuals at NCAA:

1 Nicodemus Naimadu ABILENE CHRISTIAN SR 29:39.7
2 Aaron Braun ADAMS STATE SO 30:05.6
3 Julius Nyango ABILENE CHRISTIAN JR 30:06.2
4 Reuben Mwei ADAMS STATE SO 30:09.5
5 Daniel Kanyaruhuru QUEENS (N.C.) SR 30:15.3 Top 50 NCAA Placers From Michigan:

7 Nate Peck GRAND VALLEY ST. SR 30:24.7
25 Robbie Young GRAND VALLEY ST. SR 31:16.4
36 Chris Hammer GRAND VALLEY ST. JR 31:36.2
44 Grant Fall GRAND VALLEY ST. SR 31:47.6 Top 5 NCAA Teams:

1 3 6 24 25 (125)(156) = 59

9 12 13 15 17 (64) (73) = 66

2 4 8 20 32 (71) (93) = 66

7 23 30 38 54 (57) (89) = 152

14 27 35 50 59 (67) (90) = 185

2008 Outlook:

Grand Valley will be graduating 5 of their top 7 from the national meet. They have a deep squad outside the top 7 so they should bounce back but don’t look for them to be fighting for a top 3 spot at nationals. They will reload and many will improve.

Wayne State only had 2 seniors in their top 7. They should bounce back well and make the national meet and place in the top 10.

Saginaw Valley graduates 4 seniors from their entire roster but have several young promising runners. Look for them to not be as tough as GVSU and Wayne but fighting for the best of the rest against Hillsdale.

Hillsdale fell apart at the end of the season but that is not normal for them. They graduate only 3 runners from their entire roster. They have a young team where a few young runners will shine. They will battle with SVSU for the title of 3rd best team.
Div II – Women

In the preseason national poll, GVSU at third place, was the only Michigan team to be ranked in the top 25. By midseason, GVSU was still holding onto the 3rd overall ranking but Wayne State made a jump from being unranked to being voted as the 12th best team. Come the final ranking of the season, there was no change to GVSU and their 3rd place ranking but Wayne State moved up another 2 places to become 10th overall. There were no other teams ranked nationally the entire season from Michigan.

Grand Valley and Wayne State were the only two Michigan teams sending athletes to the NCAA meet. GVSU was caught in a very tight team battle but did not falter and kept up with their ranking by finishing 3rd overall. They ended up finishing only 3 points behind the 2nd place team. On the flipside though, the 6th place team was only 10 points Grand Valley.

Regional Polls:

National Polls:

National Results:
http://www.ncaasports.com/crosscountry/recaps/d2_finals_women/2007 Top 5 NCAA Finishers:

1 Jessica Pixler SEATTLE PACIFIC SO 20:29.1
2 Winrose Karunde ABILENE CHRISTIAN FR 20:42.7
3 Tanya Gaurmer ADAMS STATE SR 20:43.3
4 Jonel Rossbach EMPORIA ST. SR 20:47.5
5 Rachelle Malette WAYNE ST. (MICH.) JR 20:48.7 Top 50 Michigan NCAA Finishers:

23 Lynsey Ardingo GRAND VALLEY ST. JR 21:25.3
38 Megan MacEratini GRAND VALLEY ST. FR 21:48.2
47 Lori Burgess GRAND VALLEY ST. FR 21:58.6
49 Kelly Gibbons GRAND VALLEY ST. JR 22:01.2
50 Leah Borns GRAND VALLEY ST. SO 22:01.5 Top 6 Teams at NCAA: 1. ADAMS STATE
3 7 11 18 24 (26) (99) = 63

1 8 47 53 69 (83) (92) = 178
20 35 41 42 43 (56) = 181

13 32 34 40 64 (84) (88) = 183

21 22 37 44 61 (107)(123) = 185

9 36 39 52 55 (62) (63) = 191
2008 Outlook for Michigan Colleges:

GVSU will only get better as they have what seems like a million sophomores and freshman on their roster and only graduate 3 – 4 runners out of about 30. Look for GVSU to fight for another top 3 spot, possibly squeezing into the top 2. The top spot might also be up for grabs and certainly if any team could make the jump, it would be GVSU.

Wayne State only has 1 senior on their roster and will be more than able to duplicate what they did this season. Look for them to fight for a top 8 – 10 spot at the national meet.

Hillsdale only has 2 seniors on their roster and will certainly be much improved over this year. Look for them to mix it up with the rest of the teams after the top 2.

Saginaw Valley will also be much improved over this year as they only graduate 2 of 17. Look for them to fight it out with Hillsdale and the others.

Northern Michigan will also be much improved as they only graduate 3 of 25+ runners from this years team. Always a threat, they might be able to knock off Wayne State if things go right but if not, they will have Hillsdale and SVSU knocking

Ferris State only will graduate 2 this year out of their entire team. The most certainly should be able to compete as well as they did this year. Between Hillsdale, SVSU and Ferris, Northern Michigan will have their work cutout to keep them off their heels.