Day Three Quotes - USATF Outdoor & Junior Outdoor Championships

Day Three Quotes - USATF Outdoor & Junior Outdoor Championships

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USATF Outdoor Championships - Quotes

Men’s discus - Mason Finley, Winner

“It was pretty decent. I didn’t throw as well as I liked to. I think that something was going on. Nobody was really throwing what they wanted to. We were all two meters down. I don’t know if there was a little bit of a left-hand tail wind or if it was a little bit warmer causing a longer flight, I am not sure Whatever the case everybody’s under the same circumstances. It’s awesome to be able to get the win.”

Men’s discus - Andrew Evans, 2nd place

“I’m a little disappointed not to win. It was probably my worst performance of the year, and even though conditions weren’t perfect, I’m still happy to make the team. This is the second US team I’ve made so I’ve kinda gotta keep it going. I still just want to make the team.”

Men’s discus - Rodney Brown, 3rd place

“It was a rough one today for a lot of us. The conditions weren’t really being in our favor. You just have to get the job done. I feel like we did a really good job of setting up and doing what was necessary to make the team. My first throw I wanted to come in and set a good mark. I got a good mark and it set up the rest of the competition to where I could just relax and try to go after some throws. It helped me out a lot to relax and get that first one out of the way.”

Men’s 110m hurdles - Jason Richardson, Heat 1 winner

“I executed today which was to go out there and win the heat. I live to run tomorrow. I love it, we have a great field as always. This is one of our premier events. So I am excited to see what happens when we all lock up and do our best.”

Men’s 110m hurdles - Devon Allen, Heat 2 winner

“It went well and I won my heat. I moved on to the next round. It felt good, felt decent. I just want to move through the rounds and make it to the final. That is my biggest key and goal in these rounds is to move on and go from there. Run clean, stay healthy and when the final comes go after it.”

“[Today was] pretty good considering I have not done much hurdling in the last couple weeks since my last race in Jamaica. I am getting healthy again and freshening up for this two weeks of competition. I am going off to Europe and the New York Summer Series meet after this meet. I am trying to stay some what fresh so I can get a few races in before the end of the season.

Men’s 110m hurdles - Aries Merritt, Heat 3 winner

“The goal for today was to advance. I’m feeling good and I feel like I’m back to myself. In Beijing I was very ill and now I’m very healthy and ready to run fast in the next round.”

Men’s Javelin - Riley Dolezal, winner

“It felt really good. The arm was feeling really good. The heat definitely helps you warm up a lot easier and faster. I am a lot more active working a few new things, getting the feet going underneath me. I had to keep my chest up and I would have had that qualifying standard. I’ll take what you can get. It is great to come out with a win. It felt pretty consistent. I had two throws at 78 which would have been in second place if I did not hit that 81. Started out with a 76 and chased it and had to be a little more aggressive and attack the thow. I’ll get a couple more meets in this year and chase that standard.”

Men’s Javelin - Cyrus Hostetler, 2nd place

“I was trying to get the crowd to get pumped up. We are not in the infield, we are on the backside track so it was kind of dead out there. Tried to get the crowd going and started screaming and hollering, had a really good throw and I was really excited about maybe progressing in the series. Man, it’s hot out there and I was tired, I was trying to get energy in the crowd. Kind of zapped me a little bit.”

Men’s Javelin - Michael Shuey, 3rd place

“This is my first year after elbow surgery, so it feels great to throw this well. Every meet’s been a stepping stone. I’m just trying to have fun it. At college meets, there are a lot of good foreign throwers, and it’s great to learn from them. But it’s kind of fun coming here and hanging out with the Americans.”

Men’s 200m - Christian Coleman, Heat 1 winner

On if he celebrated after Friday

“Not really. I mean (competing is) what I came to do. They expected me to make it and I expect it on myself, so I was excited, I was happy but there were any celebration. I knew I had to come out here today, so that wouldn’t be smart.”

Men’s 200m - Ameer Webb, Heat 3 winner

“I feel great. Keep my head on straight and take nothing for granted. Just keep pushing through.”

Men’s 200m - Noah Lyles, Heat 5 winner

“That was nice and smooth just trying to get to the next round. We’ve got a couple rounds tomorrow so maybe it coulda been easier, but I’ve just gotta get out strong, get a good position around the turn and maintain that through the finish. I’m out here living my dream, all I gotta worry about is running.”

Men’s 200m - Tyson Gay, Heat 1 second place

“I’m tired, boss. I’m trying to get in some good speed work. I hope I can make the team in the 200m, so I’m gonna go out there give it my all and see what happens.”

Men’s 200m - Lashawn Merritt, Heat 2 fourth place

“I just had to come out today and show fitness, now I’m gonna go back and train for the Diamond League.”

Women’s 200m - Tori Bowie, Heat 1 winner

“I mean, coming in a little sluggish (and) sore today. My coach said if you get through first round today we’ll feel much better tomorrow. So, I am just looking forward to tomorrow.”

Women’s 200m - Deajah Stevens, Heat 2 winner

“I just stayed patient. I had lane two, so, I was a little bit on the inside, so, I knew I had to get out fast. And then I just stayed strong and lifted on the straight-away.”

Women’s 200m - Allyson Felix, Heat 3 winner

“It went OK, just out there running. I am little bit (tired). I have not been sprinting much. My legs are a little loaded. We are focusing on the 400 because of the bye. We are able to structure the season where I can gradually build up. Just coming off last year and being 31 I need to do that.”

If she made the 200, would she run in London…

“Probably not”.

Women’s 200m - Kyra Jefferson, Heat 4 winner

“It felt good. My coach coming in that our goal was the be the first in my heat so I can have a good setup for tomorrow. The head wind was crazy coming off the turn. Other that, it felt good. I am going to go to the back and talk to Coach Holloway and get on the table and get ready for the next round.”

Women’s shot put - Dani Bunch, 2nd place

“It’s been my goal all season to make this team, and I did really well today compared to what I expected. This is my third year and my first Worlds team, and it was a catfight to get here, but I want to make podium in London. It’s gonna be nuts. If we play our cards right we can take the whole podium.”

Women’s shot put - Michelle Carter, 3rd place

“Today was a great competition. The ladies definitely showed up ready to compete. My goal was to make the team and to get ready for World Championships. It was great for women’s throwers. It’s been awhile since our throwers have been this competitive with so many women throwing really far. I am just glad to be a part of time. I can’t wait to go to London to compete.”

Women’s Long Jump - Tianna Bartoletta, Winner

“I usually don’t jump well on my first attempt, but today I hit 7.01 (23-0) on my first. I learned something about myself today and got the win with it.”

On taking all six jumps when she had a wild-card berth to the worlds as defending champion...

“I don’t care about the wild card. I’m looking at winning championships. There’s no bigger stimulus than this. Brittney makes me remain present for every moment because she can always unleash a huge jump.”

Women’s Long Jump - Brittney Reese, 2nd place

“I am really excited to get back there, won my first medal there. Hopefully the magic is still there so I can secure another medal for myself. I am really excited to be back on the team. I am pleased to be on another team with another opportunity.”

On if she will be seeking revenge in London...

“It’s always revenge with me and Tianna. I got her at Pre, she got me here. We’ve gone back and forth all year long, which is good for our sport.”

Women’s Long Jump - Sha’Keela Saunders, 3rd place

“I’m very happy because this is my first (national) team. I’ve been the first person out the last two years.”

Women’s 400m - Quanera Hayes, Winner

“It feels awesome (to make this team). It is a blessing. I knew i had to get out i the beginning so I could pace it on the back stretch. Then when I got on the last curve God was like the race belongs to you. He took over and I was able to stay strong and finish real strong with my form and not break down.”

Women’s 400m - Phyllis Francis, 2nd place

“I had one goal coming into this meet and that was to hit sub-50 and I did. At this point I feel kind of obligated to make the team, so when I come out here I just have to do what I gotta do to make it to Worlds. Things are going well, and I’ve got no complaints; I gotta talk to coach and he might tweak some things.”

Women’s 400m - Kendall Ellis, 3rd place

“I feel good. I am just honored in the Lord the God, so excited i am getting the opportunity to represent my country on the world stage. I knew I was in the field with extremely talented women. So I knew it was going to be a competitive race from start to finish. I just wanted to be able to maintain contact and didn’t get caught. I knew if I can keep up with Quanera (Hayes) in Lane 7 that I would be able to finish strong.”

Men’s 400m - Fred Kerley, Winner

“My game plan was just to win, and it feels good to win. My confidence is at its highest level and I just listen to my coaches. I’m not doing this for anyone, just doing this for me, and every day is a learning experience.”

Men’s 400m - Gil Roberts, 2nd place

“Today was a lot better than prelims and semis as far as heat goes. Even though it was still hot, it was about 20 degrees cooler so it was a lot better. It was a pretty good meet considering it’s my season opener, I am pleased with it for sure. The field’s great, I haven’t seen a National Championship final this hot before...I am excited where America’s going in the 400 as a whole.”

Men’s 400m - Wil London III, 3rd place

“It feels good. I talked coach before the race and he was like try to get top six. I thought other things and I knew I could get in the top three so that is what I did. We did not want to reach too far because it has been a long season. I just tried my hardest. I was in lane one and I just had to beat the odds. I had lane one nationals so I had to come back from that disappointment and go hard here. It was my mindset. Going into finals at NCAAs, I had a defeated mindset that I was not going to do well and that is how I performed. Today I had great weather and I ran against great competition so I just went with it.”

Women’s 400m hurdles - Shamier Little, Semifinal 1 Winner

“I live to fight another day. I just want to run my race and not stress myself out because I’ve been happy with the outcomes so far. I don’t wanna say I’m on cloud nine until tomorrow, but I’m feeling really good heading into the final.”

Women’s 400m hurdles - Dalilah Muhammad, Semifinal 2 Winner

“I just gauge the race [and] try to set my own pace. If they go with it, they go with it. If they don’t, they I try to pick them off at the end. The most important thing is making the team. But I always want to win.”

Women’s 400m hurdles - Sydney McLaughlin, Semifinal 2, 3rd place

“It was good, it was exactly where I wanted to be. I knew that Kori (Carter) and Dalilah (Muhammad) were going to go out and I just wanted to stay with them and make sure I was top 4 to qualify.”

Men’s 400m hurdles - Eric Futch, Semifinal 1 Winner

“It felt good. I kept confidence in myself, telling myself I can do it. Just running the race knowing I can win. I am just focusing on me, focusing on my lane and go with the race plan Coach [Mike] Holloway gives me and we are going to go in and do it.”

Men’s 400m hurdles - Kerron Clement, Semifinal 2 Winner

“For me, I am just using the rounds as a workout because I have a bye for the Worlds. I am just trying to see where I am and getting my steps down into the hurdles. I feel really confident going into London, that’s where it really matters to me, to get a Gold medal. I am feeling strong.”

Women’s 1500m - Jenny Simpson, winner

Going into the race I was a thinking about the heat and saving energy so I don’t burn out, but during the race I felt it get a little windy and thought ‘why didn’t anyone warn me about wind?’ And even though I was leading, I have to balance it. Today I had to slowly ramp it up to keep the lead and make sure I finish top-3 and make the team.”

Women’s 1500m - Kate Grace, 2nd place

“I am just thrilled to be out there and my home track. My team, NorCal Distance, trains here every day, every week. Going into this year, I told Drew (Wartenburg), my coach, that I wanted a different routine. There were definitely points where I was nervous about it. I have so much faith in him. He had this vision and times when I was faltering or got nervous, I really fell all into trusting his vision.”

“I have been really nervous. I was really nervous for the prelims. It was really hot earlier this week. Today, you know it is good when the nerves are turning into excitement. I was ready. I have been all over our training. We prepared well.”

Women’s 1500m - Sara Vaughn, 3rd place

“I don’t know what happened in the last 150 meters but I just ran as fast as I could and got across to make the team. I’m full of doubts going into a race but of course I think I can do it.”

“My 22-month-old daughter (Cassidy) always says, ‘It’s mine, it’s mine, it’s mine. I thought of that when I was on the last time - it’s mine.”

Women’s 3000m Steeplechase - Emma Coburn, winner

“It feels good! The USATF championships are always so important. As the year goes on, there is kinda of a double-edge sword where I feel more comfortable and confident, at the same time I feel like I have more to lose because I want to keep my streak going. And women’s steeple is getting more and more competitive, so I was physically ready and prepared.”

Women’s 3000m Steeplechase - Courtney Frerichs, 2nd place

“I am very happy with it. Anytime you make a team it is exciting. I was really excited to be out there with Colleen (Quigley) to show off all the work we did. We executed exactly how we wanted. I wanted to stay as relaxed as possible for the for the first 2K because we knew the last K was where the work was going to have to be done. We stayed as relaxed as possible and we were ready.”

On her victory lap...

“It is the most amazing feeling. All the fans and everything. It is where you start to realize all of your hard work has paid off. It was absolutely amazing.”

Women’s 3000m Steeplechase - Colleen Quigley, 3rd place

“It was okay. I got into position No. 1, it was got of a tough spot to start, so I got out and slowed it way down and wait for someone to come around….Finished good and got the job done. I wanted it a little bit more for myself today. Definitely it feels good to know that as long you don’t trip and fall apart you are going to go to London. At this point I expected a little bit more of myself.

Men’s 1500m - Robby Andrews, winner

“It feels great to win a race again. I’m not gonna lie, it’s been awhile since I’ve won, but now I have to focus on getting the standard as soon as possible to make the team and book a trip to London for Worlds.”

Men’s 1500m - Matt Centrowitz, 2nd place

“I obviously would have liked to come out of here with the win, but when you’re trying to qualify for the World Championships, third is as good as first. I’ve had a series of three injuries since April and 10 days ago, I was ready to can the season. I’m not very good at handling one injury, let alone three, but I didn’t want to talk about it because I didn’t want my competition to know. I’ve got five or six weeks to get ready and hopefully bring back another medal from worlds.”

Men’s 1500m - Johnny Gregorek, 3rd place

“On the kick I had a surreal out of body experience, and when I looked up at the board I asked myself if that really just happened. All I can do is my best and not worry about the other guys. They’re just bodies on the track that I’ve gotta get around.”

Women’s 100m hurdles - Keni Harrison, winner

“The race went by so fast that I’m just feeling blessed to come out here and get my first title. I wanna show what I have inside me and coming out here and performing well felt good. My goal for London is to try and go get my first Worlds title.”

Women’s 100m hurdles - Nia Ali, 2nd place

On the depth of the field...

“It just shows the strength in the US. I am just happy that we have the numbers to be able to do it. It keeps the edge for us and we are able to go out there and compete at our very best each round.”

Women’s 100m hurdles - Christina Manning, 3rd place

“At the line, I was like, ‘I am not letting up whatsoever. I am not giving a spot up.’ I was determined to make this team. I was talking to God all night and he told me I was going to make it. I just trusted it. I was pushing the whole time. It was like a blur. I just remember getting out, running across the line and looking up and seeing my name.”

Men’s Pole Vault - Sam Kendricks, 1st Place

“Six meters is a career point. Every great jumper has at least one six-meter jump. Imperially, nineteen eight and a quarter doesn’t sound great, but six meters does. If I can replicate even close to this at Worlds, I’ve got a shot at the title. Going for the gold in London is my goal.”

“It was the [most fun] pole vault competition I’ve ever been a part of. Everyone was jumping high, giving each other hope.”

Men’s Pole Vault - Andrew Irvin, 2nd Place

“It has been a long time coming to get on a team. It has been a good year for me so far. I got hurt last year and had ankle surgery. I came back actually pretty healthy, which helps out a lot. I came in with a different game plan and trying to stay even keeled and not over do my run, causing extra problems. I am staying to stay pretty smooth across the board. It worked for us.”

Men’s Pole Vault - Chris Nilsen, 3rd Place

“I am [over] the moon. This has been a fantastic week for me. Everything is going right in life right now. This was one of them. I very honored to meet everyone here and I am very honored to jump with some fantastic athletes. I am friends with everyone out here. I love all the pole vault community. The fact I am able to jump with them and finish top three, and go to the world team at 19 years old, I am [over] the moon.”

USATF Junior Outdoor Championships - Quotes

Junior Men’s 10K Race Walk - Cameron Haught, winner

"At the beginning of the race it was fine, I started to warm up really quickly, though. It wasn't that humid, which helped because I train in that Ohio humidity. I guess today wasn't my day but it was a championship race, which means place is important and time isn't.

Not at all happy with the time but when can you ever be satisfied unless you PR or something. I'm not in the right part of my training cycle to peak right now - I'm barely even through half of it - so, I'll do better next time."

Junior Women’s 10K Race Walk - Taylor Ewert, winner

"The race went pretty well. I wanted to try to go under 50, which I did in Philadelphia but I went 51 in this weather and I was really happy with that, especially pushing by myself. I was just trying to be patient, not getting out too hard with the weather, focusing in the middle and then just finishing and get my spot."

Junior Men’s 10,000m - Steven Cross, winner

"That [kick at the end] was my plan all along. I just wanted to keep it relaxed going through and the guys decided to pick it up about 2 miles to go and that was good. I mean, it separated the field and so it was just three of us up front so, I just planned on using my strong kick and was hoping that would help out in the end and it paid off today."

Junior Men’s Discus - Gabriel Oladipo, winner

“There [were] a lot of nerves coming into today especially after last year. I had a terrible performance last year. This entire we have training to make sure we left nothing to chance. We were well prepared for this meet. I wanted to get a good start into the meet to give myself momentum. I kept improving and had a really good series. My winning throw was my third throw. I was really happy with it. It was a progression.”

Junior Men’s Triple Jump - xx, winner

Junior Women’s High Jump - xx, winner

Junior Women’s 3000m steeplechase - xx, winner

Junior Men’s Pole Vault - xx, winner

Junior Women’s Pole Vault - xx, winner

Junior Women’s 800m - xx, winner

Junior Men’s 800m - xx, winner

Junior Women’s 400m - xx, winner

Junior Men’s Hammer - xx, winner

Junior Men’s 400m - xx, winner

Junior Women’s Triple Jump - xx, winner

Junior Women’s 400m hurdles - xx, winner

Junior Men’s 400m hurdles - xx, winner

Junior Women’s 1500m - xx, winner

Junior Women’s Javelin - xx, winner

Junior Men’s 1500m - xx, winner

Junior Men’s 300m steeplechase - xx, winner

Junior Women’s 200m - xx, winner

Junior Men’s 200m - xx, winner

Junior Women’s 3000m - xx, winner

Junior Men’s 10,000m - xx, winner