Day Two Quotes - USATF Outdoor & Junior Outdoor Championships

Day Two Quotes - USATF Outdoor & Junior Outdoor Championships

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USATF Outdoor Championships - Quotes

Women’s 100m Hurdles - Christina Manning, Heat 1 winner

“My race went pretty well. I wanted to get out and have a clear race and come in top three. It is always a good feeling and boast of confidence to win. I just have to be aggressive. The next two rounds I am not going to be able to take it easy like I did. The women’s 100 meter hurdles and easy don’t go hand in hand.”

Women’s 100m Hurdles - Nia Ali, Heat 2 winner

“I can’t complain about anything. It was a negative wind but I am just happy to come out with the win. I have not won a race all year. It is perfect timing for me. I am happy I was able to execute in a comfortable fashion.”

On next race…

“I just want to approach with the same mentality and stay even-minded and at pace. I need to focus on my own lane and focus on what my coaches tell me to do.”

Women’s 100m Hurdles - Sharika Nelvis, Heat 3 winner

“It feels really great to win especially against these hurdlers. I tell you it is a really great field. To win my heat and take it race by race, I am sure there is something in that race that I can fix. I’ll go back and watch it and see what I can fix for tomorrow’s race.”

Women’s 100m Hurdles - Keni Harrison, Heat 4 winner

“My heat went really well. It’s my first race back since breaking my hand. I wanted to come out here and put a good number down. I got the automatic, which makes me feel better but the goal is to get my first USA title.

Women’s High Jump - Vashti Cunningham, first place

“I feel like I had a good performance today. This is the type of performance I have been hoping to have every meet this season. I am hoping this type of performance sticks through the rest of my season thru Europe.”

Women’s High Jump - Liz Patterson, second place

“We are in an event where we have so many talented women, everyone is capable of jumping the standard. I really didn’t have any expectations. You come to these meets and you really don’t know what to expect. You just have to stay focused on what you are doing and things you are working on with your coach and just execute.”

Women’s High Jump - Inika McPherson, third place

“Could have been more consistent but we got it done. I tried to stay cool and relaxed in the heat and keep doing what I’ve been doing all year. USATF did a great job taking care of the athletes in the heat giving us wet towels, water, shade to keep us cool.

“I tried to stay in the mode for all my jumps because you never know when somebody is gonna take the lead with a jump.”

Men’s 3000m Steeple - Hillary Bor, Heat 2 winner

“I am glad I made the finals. That is the main goal. I feel like I am way ahead of where I was last year. I think i am better shape than last year.”

Men’s Triple Jump - Chris Benard, Second Place

“It felt very good. It felt amazing actually. I knew I had it in me. This whole year I have been scratching big jumps. I wanted to put one together today and it worked out in my favor. I can’t complain. It was the greatest jump of my lifetime. This the first time I have been able to stop after three jumps. Usually I fighting everybody through all six. My fellow teammate now Donald Scott passed me on his third jump and that put the pressure back on. I was able to put a big jump out there for my third and stopped after that. It was very relieving.”

Men’s Triple Jump - Donald Scott, third place

“All week I felt good at practice and today I came out and did a little stretch and everything. I felt Kind of weird and nervous but it was a good feeling. I came out here today, went through two jumps, it was okay. I popped the third jump and was happy I made the team. I don’t know how to take it all in right now. I am just shocked. I have been going at it for a very long time and it’s able time that all my hard work paid off.

Men’s Triple Jump - Christian Taylor, has World Championships wild card

“I’ve won every meet this year. I’m definitely healthy, but it’s definitely unfortunate. Every time I compete I want to put on a show, but this time I had to play it smart. I want to bring home to the US a medal, and that’s what everyone’s fighting for.”

Women’s 400m hurdles - Dalilah Muhammad, Heat 1 winner

“It’s just about getting through the round in this race. I kind of wanted to open it up a bit. I haven’t had the best season so far, so I kind to want to test it very comfortably and I think i did that today. I am happy with it. I am trying to win each round and do as much as necessary.”

Women’s 400m hurdles - Georganne Moline, Heat 2 winner

“It felt so relaxed. Easy. That’s kind of what we were shooting for. Just kind of focused on what I want to do in the semi’s or the finals, just run relaxed and let myself open up and feel strong.”

Women’s 400m hurdles - Shamier Little, Heat 3 winner

“It went well. I didn’t go too fast and didn’t struggle to much which is what I wanted. I don’t need to change anything, keep it the same but just turn it up a couple notches. Next round is gonna be a lot higher intensity because the girls all want to make the team so I gotta be ready.”

Men’s 400m Hurdles - Byron Robinson, Heat 1 winner

“It feels great to get to the next round, but I should talk to my coach before talking about the race, she’ll tell me what I’ve gotta work on before the next one.”

“It’s hotter here, but not as humid. I’m pretty used to the heat but it’s tough looking at the temperature and seeing 105 degrees.”

Men’s 400m Hurdles - Johnny Dutch, Heat 2 winner

“I felt content. I just wanted to make it to the next round. I need to be more aggressive, turn up my cadence and let the race pattern come naturally to the last 150.

How did you get over the hurdles today…

“To my standards about average. But the most important thing is making to the next round.”

Men’s 400m Hurdles - Michael Stigler, Heat 4 winner

“I’m just surviving rounds right now. Gotta survive. I got through the first round jitters today now tomorrow it’s just about continuing what I’m doing and executing. I have a night to recover, but everything I gotta do and think about has been done in practice.”

Men’s 3000m Steeple - Evan Jager, Heat 1 winner

“It was my first steeple in a while and it felt good. I’ve been doing barriers in practice so it’s not like I haven’t done it for a year but racing’s a different experience. It’s my specialty, my event, so I get a little more nervous than for the 1500m, so it was nice to get the nerves out of the way in the prelims. I know what’s on the line so I have to be focused over barriers and be aware of people around me.”

On lack of races this year...

“I needed a break. It was [bad] all winter in Portland, and it was partially my mentality, partially a lack of hard workouts, but I went to the altitude camp and was doing everything right, which was good for training to race again.”

Men’s Decathlon - Trey Hardee, winner

“Here is the thing. I never went anywhere so i am not back.I am just old. Alot has happened, weird injuries. If they happen earlier in my career, maybe they are deraliers and I never get off the ground. My wife is awesome. I don’t know any of your wives personally but mine is better. We had our first child this year in December and she is reason I am standing here. She is shouldering hte burden and I can be there for the cool stuff.”

Men’s Decathlon - Zach Ziemek, second place

“It was a long, long, decathlon, my first of the year. The field was great, a lot of the guys were in incredible shape coming fresh off the NCAAs, but I’m glad I made the team. My first Worlds I went in nervous, but now it’s my second and I’m just hoping to execute.”

Men’s Decathlon - Devon Williams, third place

“Today went pretty well. The last couple of events did not go my way because I started the cramp in the 1500. I couldn’t really run the way I wanted to the 1500. Overall, I am happy I am going to London. I told my coach I don’t think I have ever felt heat this this ever even in Georgia. I think it was the main reason I was catching cramps yesterday and today. Overall, I happy I got through it.”

Women’s 400m - Phyllis Francis, semifinal 1 winner

“I feel good. I wanted to go out there and kind of feel the race out a little bit before I go into the finals.”

Regarding the heat...

I trained in Texas, so this is nothing.

Women’s 400m - Shakima Wimbley, semifinal 2 winner

“I feel great, a little tired but I am excited to be here. I am having a good time. For the finals I am just going to do the same things I did today and just fight hard for a spot. This is a little bit hotter than (Miami) but everybody’s under the same conditions, so I am dealing with it.”

Men’s 400m - Blake Leeper, broke T43 IPC World Record

“It means a whole lot (setting the record). I got fifth in the heat. I really wanted to come forth and make the finals. Looking at the bigger picture, I made semifinals and broke the world record today. It is hard to believe. Two or three days ago, I wasn’t even running. I missed my first meets of the season. To run 45.5 and 45.25 to break the world record, I am excited for the future.”

Men’s 400m - Fred Kerley, Heat 1 winner

“My heat (goal) was to just get the good lane for tomorrow. It is just win my heat and get there and the best lane for tomorrow so I can see my competition. My time is what I have been running all year. My strategy tomorrow is just win.”

Men’s 400m - Michael Cherry, Heat 2 winner

“I just wanted to compete today and make it to the final and tomorrow I’m gonna come out here to win. My back was hurting a little but it shouldn’t be a problem tomorrow. I gotta get some rest, put some ice on it and maybe get a little work done. I also have to work on my pattern, I gotta finish better.”

Women’s 100m - Tori Bowie, winner

“The goal today was to finish top 3, so finishing first is great. I’m extremely excited and I still feel like I have a ton to work on before Worlds because I really hope to do well.”

Women’s 100m - Deajah Stevens, second place

“I executed my race and stayed patient. It has been a very rewarding season but it has also been a very difficult season. I am just happy I am here right now because of it. Everything happens for a reason and I live by that. I was pretty over it to run the 4x400. It has not lingered with me.”

Women’s 100m - Ariana Washington, third place

“(It’s a) dream come through. Last year after making the team and not getting to run. This year I wanted to come out and not give them any excuses. Come out and make the team individually so nobody can do. I had some up and downs beginning of season. Feel great coming off indoors; outdoors started a little rocky but this is my result and I am completely happy with it.”

Men’s 100m - Justin Gatlin, winner

“I feel good, as the race unfolded I can see it unfold in slow motion I just had to stayed relaxed and make a charge for the finish line. I’ve been watching Christian (Coleman) this whole season, he’s been running well. Watching him blossom into a great sprinter and still hungry that put a fire in me to be hungry.”

Men’s 100m - Christian Coleman, second place

“Up until the end, that race could [have] gone either way. I was reaching for the line and I guess that’s something I could work on. I’ve gotta stay compose through the whole race. I’m still in college, though, so I’m just excited for the experience in general and ready for the new opportunities.”

Men’s 100m - Christopher Belcher, third place

“We stayed hungry. The biggest focus this year was going to regionals, then NCAA and then USAs. It is an honor to be able to represent my country. I am really excited for it.”

Men’s 800m - Abraham Alvarado, Semifinal 2 winner

“I feel great, I mean, I redshirted outdoors this year so it was kind of tough, but I feel like my fitness is finally showing now that I am racing because I didn’t even race outdoors this season. (Making the Finals) was my goal coming in, I am in it, so it felt great.

On showing emotions with the bicep flex at finish line...

“I’ve been working hard. I am happy that my work is finally paying off.”

Women’s 800m - Ajee Wilson, Heat 1 winner

“We got out pretty well. We came through the 400 in 59. We wanted to bring it through and make sure we made to the next round. We have not talked to coach yet , we will see. We will see how the other rounds went, who we are racing against and make the executive decision about what happens.”

Women’s 800m - Brenda Martinez, Heat 2 winner

“The pressure of going through the semifinals is the hardest one. Going into the finals, you go a little harder live because it can be anyone. Again, it is never easy going through the 800s.”

Anything going to be different about this 800…

“I will have to talk the coaches about race plan. I think for me it is just staying out of trouble. And trusting in my strength for than anything and not so much of a kick.”

Women’s 800m - Raevyn Rogers, Heat 2 second place

“I wanted to focus on my race and what my coach said. It was a really good race and felt smooth, but now it’s done and I’ve gotta focus on the next one. I just want a clean race tomorrow. I’ve been working on reacting to things during the race and trying to focus on what I’m doing.”

Women’s 5,000m - Shelby Houlihan, winner

About coming around the last turn with three runners together...

“I was thinking I had to make a huge move to drop them because I know how tough they are. I was just trying to give it everything I had in the last 100 and hope to hold them off. I was kinda eyeing the scoreboard to see if anyone was coming on me but I was able to hold them off so it felt good.”

Women’s 5,000m - Shannon Rowbury, second place

I pushed my coach to do the double and I know tomorrow’s gonna be tough, but today’s goal was to make the team in the 5k. I don’t know if I’ll do both if I make it in the 10k, but now I have to shift my focus to tomorrow. I don’t do this because I want an easy path in life. I wanted a challenge and this is what I get.”

Women’s 5,000m - Molly Huddle, third place

“It was great to run in the US Championships against these women and I came out third. There was no pressure, it was fun.”

About doubling…

“We thought about it and since this might be my last real track season before I move up [to the marathon], so I thought might as well try both. I never done it before and it seem feasible.

Men’s 5000m - Paul Chelimo, winner (Meet Record)

“It is like I was going for war today. I was prepared and ready with my tactics. I am happy about it. I wanted to make it an honest race. I wanted it to be a good race today.”

“I wanted to test myself to the limits. I told you after the Pre-Classic I was not happy with my performance. I was not really happy and I wanted a race to test myself again and see where I was and where my fitness is. Today running 13:08 solo is good. I know something and it tells me something that I am stronger than when I was in Pre because at Pre I was able to run 13:10 with a huge group. Now I was able to run 13:08 by myself.”

Men’s 5000m - Eric Jenkins, second place

“I was counting down to the last laps, trying not to get antsy. I’m surprised by how fast the race became, but it put me in a great spot.”

On making the U.S. team after finishing fourth in last year’s Olympic Trials...

“After that fourth last year, it feels fantastic. It’s fueled me all year. I’m really happy with myself. I closed really well.”

Men’s 5000m - Ryan Hill, third place

“I saved every bit of energy for the last 200. I knew I didn’t have the fitness to afford any wasteful moves so I really waited for the very last moment to put in the big surge. It was a fight just to stay on it. It was pretty good pace, it’s pretty warm out, It took every ounce of me to stay in it.”

USATF Junior Outdoor Championships - Quotes

Women’s 5,000m - Samantha Drop, winner

“(The strategy) was to take it easy for the first half and then see how the top people were strategizing and then push at the end. (Winning) is great. Last year, I did not qualify for this meet. My sister did but then I didn’t so I couldn’t go. It’s great to have the opportunity to race.”

On the weather…

“It’s not too bad. Georgia gets this hot in the afternoon and we do workouts then. I was pretty comfortable.”

Men’s 5,000m - Nick Wolk, winner

“I did not have a whole lot of strategy going in. My main goal was to trust my instincts and see how the race played out. I really was not familiar with the competition. I was going to do my own thing when it came down to it.

On his last lap…

“I could feel a lot of people coming up my back and made a pass of me with two laps to go. I just hung back for a while until I felt comfortable to make my move to the finish. It is a great. It is a dream. I always wanted to represent Team USA.”

Men’s High Jump - Isaiah Holmes, winner

“It was truly a blessing. The whole competition i could not think of anything more than all the gifts that God has given me and pleasure it has been to compete under his name. To win it under Him was an unbelievable experience.

On winning in Sacramento...

“It’s so great to hear my old friends and my old coach and parents. It was an unbelievable experience to get that behind me like I was competing in high school all over again doing my same regular thing.

On competition with Justice Summerset...

“We have been going back and forth all year. He would get me indoor and I would get him outdoor. He would get me outdoor and I finally got him again outdoor. I am glad this is the meet I finally came over him. Now we are teammates. Right before the competition, I told him he would make a great teammate.”

Women’s Long Jump - Tara Davis, winner

On making just one jump (first attempt) and passed on the rest...

“I didn’t expect a 21-9 for my first jump, I expected something less, but I am happy I jumped 21-9 so I can conserve my energy for hurdles and energy for tonight.”

Men’s Shot Put - Jordan Geist, winner

“It is awesome. It is the first US team I have ever made. I was really nervous in the prelims. I didn’t have a very good mark. Once I got in the finals, I started getting a little more comfortable. I got a good mark. I am overwhelmed with how I did. I have to try to calm myself down and try to make another one on Sunday. I opened up not very well. My second throw was a little better and good enough to make it to finals. The third throw felt real good but it slipped off my hand. The fourth I started getting back in a groove but still fell back from the shot a little but. The fifth once was the 69-footer and I got into it. The last one really got my nerves calm. I went after it and fell back a little and ended up fouling.”

Men’s Long Jump - Ja’Mari Ward, winner

“It didn’t really go as well as I had planned. I fouled my first two jumps and I was a little worried I wouldn’t make the finals. So I just tried and scoop back and jump behind the boards and it got me first place. It was pretty nice competition, everybody was jumping fairly well. I was a little worried I wouldn’t make it. It went pretty well for me.”

Women’s Shot Put - Samantha Noenning, winner

“It started off a little rough. I threw what I usually throw but I was wanting to get back to where I was throwing really well. I made a little bit of technical changes in the finals. It started to go a little bit farther for me. The first three were 15ish. The first two in finals were over 16. My best one was 16.78 to put me ahead. (On winning) “It is incredible. I am so excited to win and represent Team USA again. Last time I did not do as well as I wanted to so it is a little bit of redemption for me to show the world what I am capable of.”

Women’s 100m Hurdles - Tara Davis, winner

“I stumbled out of the blocks so it wasn’t a good start at first. I had to keep my composure and go through the whole race. I hit a hurdle and then I hit Tia Jones right next to me. We both slowed up. Overall it was a pretty good race. She was on me so I had to push a little bit. Overall a good race and I am happy to go to Peru. It feels good.”

Men’s 100m Hurdles - Eric Edwards, Jr., winner

“It’s absolutely amazing. When i was a kid when I was following this stuff, I was like ‘I won’t be here’ or ‘I could be’ but I never thought it would be a reality to be here. It’s just an amazing feeling to come here and win to make the junior national team and PR today, it was amazing.”

Women’s 100m - Candace Hill, winner

“Winning today means a lot especially with the season I had. I have won some and lost some. Coming back strong and running with women who are amongst my age feels great to be how it used to be. It was pretty fun.

On running juniors…

“My coach and I discussed it and running the junior 100 would prime me to run the senior 200 tomorrow. We did not want to run three rounds of the 100 if I were to make it on. We decided to both because I wanted to do junior team and make it to Peru just in case.”

Men’s 100m - Maxwell Willis, winner

“I had a really bad start and they called us back the first time when I had a good start. It was more mental and more stress. It wasn’t really hard, I stayed healthy all year. Really it’s just be focusing on relaxing and going out there having fun.”

Women’s Hammer Throw - Alyssa Wilson, winner

“Well, this morning I took second place in shot put so I was just excited that I made the team in that again. Then I just went out there in the hammer and said you know whatever happens happens I already made the team, so I was a kinda more relaxed. Making the team in two events was one of my goals. I didn’t wanted to go for just one event like last year.

Men’s Decathlon - George Patrick, winner

“I just tried to play it safe and not make any mistakes, get out of this healthy. One attempt at everything and put solid score together. By the 1500 I did not want to strain myself too much It is about it. It is a very solid decathlon performance-wise. It was all I wanted playing it safe. I like to win. I love winning. I feels good competing with other decathletes. It is such a hard event and it is so terrible. The guys you do it with are so awesome. We were all fortunate to have a good group of guys.”