U of M - Wolverines Welcome Middle-Distance Runner Hewitt to Roster

U of M - Wolverines Welcome Middle-Distance Runner Hewitt to Roster

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ANN ARBOR, Mich.-- Coach Kevin Sullivan of the University of Michigan track and field and cross country programs announced the addition of freshman Jordy Hewitt to the program on Friday (Jan. 8). Hewitt will be an immediate addition to the roster, hailing from Blackwood, Australia, and specializing in the middle-distance events with a bright future in the sport. He previously competed at Flinders Athletic Club in Australia.

Hewitt has compiled impressive credentials in two short years on the track. Last March, he had an excellent result at his nation's top level of competition when he finished third in the 1,500-meter race at the Australian Under-20 Junior Championships.

"A couple of things excited us about Jordy," said Sullivan. "He's very young in his training age and he's run some exceptional times for having only been in the sport for a couple of years. For us, that is really an indication that there is a lot more upside to him once he gets a little more training and competitive experience under his belt."

Hewitt also has twin titles in the 800-meter and 1,500-meter races at the Australian All-Schools Championships in Adelaide, Australia. Sullivan pointed to Hewitt's exceptional times as a reason to be excited about his future as a Wolverine, including his personal bests at 400-meters (50.21), 800-meters (1:49.83) and 1,500-meters (3:47.85).

"He's run some great times in championship-level races like at the Under-20s in Australia," said Sullivan, "He's also been very well coached. His father is a former international-class steeplechase runner and has done a really good job bringing Jordan along in the last couple of years, so we are excited to have him on the team."

Hewitt's future events will be decided as he works his way into the season, but Sullivan is eager to explore his versatility at multiple distances.

"We're going to find out over the next few months where his best event area lies," Sullivan explained.

"As young as he is with respect to his training age, he hasn't been exposed to as many competitive experiences, so maybe we will see an opportunity where he'll be better moving up as a 1,500-meter to 5K type runner. Right now I see him more in that middle-distance area of 800-1,500-meters. He's got a nice combination of speed and strength there so he's got the ability to help us in a couple of different areas."

Hewitt is one of a few transfers that Sullivan, head coach Jerry Clayton and assistant coach Steven Rajewsky have added in their few seasons together at Michigan. All-American senior/junior heptathlete Steven Bastien, 2015 NCAA Outdoor qualifier John Spooney and distance specialist Jonny Phillips have joined the roster in the last two seasons, and Hewitt makes another mid-year addition to the Maize and Blue.

"For our program and the upward direction that we're in the midst of, Michigan is an attractive place right now for high-quality transfers like Jordan in the middle-distance area," said Sullivan, "but certainly also for guys that are longer distance-type athletes."

Hewitt is not competing this weekend, but the Wolverines have a number of field athletes competing at Hillsdale Winter Opener on Saturday (Jan. 9).

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