U of M Women - In the Spotlight: Chelsey Miller

U of M Women - In the Spotlight: Chelsey Miller

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Chelsey Miller

U-M senior/junior mid-distance runner Chelsey Miller touches on setting a PR, the start of the outdoor season and volunteering in the community, including a recent bond with students at Pittsfield Elementary.

On her PR in the 800m race last weekend and getting into the thick of the outdoor season ... "My race felt good. It was good to be in Tempe. It was warm out there; basically perfect conditions for a night meet, so it cooled down later. It was an interesting race; we went out kind of slow and unevenly, but as far as timing it was good for our first outdoor meet of the season. I was injured last season and missed the outdoor season, so it had been awhile since I had stepped on the outdoor track, so I'm happy with where my time was but definitely want to keep that number down. I was running a little bit faster during indoors, so I want to keep moving in that direction."

On making the transition from indoor to outdoor season as a distance runner ... "I think the biggest transition is the track. Here at Michigan we train on a 200-meter track, so the 100-meter straightaway (we race on now) is something you have to prepare yourself for. Mentally I had to keep in mind to keep pushing for that last 100, because it's a lot longer than the 60-meter straightaway we have at the indoor track here. Tempe was uncharacteristically hot. Coach Mike (McGuire) said it was the warmest it had been in like 30 years, but it was nice. If you got up early it was in the 70's in the morning and it cooled down at night, so you can't really beat training in Arizona."

On meeting her pen pal from Pittsfield Elementary this week ... "This is the second time I have been involved in a pen pal program. I did it my sophomore year, and when I saw the email about it I really wanted to do it again. Last time I had a kid from New Jersey so I couldn't really meet him, but this time there was the possibility to meet him so that was really cool. My pen pal is exceptionally awesome. His name is Liam, and in the first letter he sent me he made games on it, and drew a maze. He is in the fifth grade and already knows he wants to go into art and design, or video game design. In our second letter he made me this bookmark; he is really artistic so all of my letters come with something extra. He's awesome! I had to get on his level to send games back and think of cool things to make him."

On the responsibility she feels as a Michigan athlete to volunteer and give back ... "I think over the last four years I have come to realize the platform you have as a Michigan athlete. We aren't football players or anything, but we still mean a lot to a lot of people in the community. Getting out and being involved across multiple things is important -- I visit the hospital, (C.S.) Mott (Children Hospital), a lot and I have been involved heavily with the YMCA this year, so I have met a lot of kids through that program. Student-athletes need to realize the impact they could have in the community, then pursue whichever endeavors they enjoy."