U of M - Wolverine Athlete Spotlight: Nick Posada

U of M - Wolverine Athlete Spotlight: Nick Posada

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Redshirt sophomore Nick Posada previews the Hoosier Invitational and discusses his personal development throughout his three years at Michigan, as well as his interest in politics.

On the squad that ran at Notre Dame running together again ... "Notre Dame was not what we really wanted. The team did not run well together. No one really packed up. But since the Big Ten group and this group have split up to go their different paths for training, we've been able to work out, and so the seven guys who are racing have been working out for the last three weeks together. I think that time period between Notre Dame and this race at Indiana has allowed us to work together much better. I think we've learned our lesson from Notre Dame that we have to be more aggressive from the beginning; we have to work together through the tough parts of the races and we've been able to do that through workouts."

On getting another opportunity to race this late in the season ... "I think this year is more of a testament to our depth. A few of the guys running this Indiana race have an opportunity to run regionals and also there are a lot of freshmen. I think this race is an opportunity to show that there's still a developing phase going on. The freshmen who are running unattached have the ability to show one last time that they can race well in cross and the guys that are running in uniform even have the ability to run regionals. It's a testament to our depth. Usually in the last few years, if you were already in the Big Ten squad, you were going to run regionals and nationals, but now that we have that depth, guys get an opportunity to test to see if they can run regionals."

On the improvements the team wants to make at Indiana ... "I think aggressiveness from the beginning -- I think me personally, and a lot of the other guys, didn't get out quick at Notre Dame at all, and that race was tough to get to the front. I think this field will be a lot less compact so if we get out aggressively and work with each other through the middle parts of the race, which we didn't do at Notre Dame, we'll be able to have much better races as a whole compared to Notre Dame."

On the healthy competiveness on the team ... "Coach Gibby really emphasizes the team aspect. Some guys didn't get an opportunity to run Big Tens; some guys are going to sit at regionals; a smaller squad will run at nationals. I think compared to other years, Gibby has had to make tougher decisions this year because of that depth. It really does push everyone to do better in workouts and races, knowing that each spot you pick up, each second you pick up, really goes to your résumé for you being able to run later in the post season. I think it's made us a much better team -- the fact that we have 15 guys that can be on these squads."

On the team's morale after the Big Ten Championships ... "There was a little bit of disappointment after Big Tens because we wanted to win. It was bittersweet because our goal was to beat Wisconsin, but Indiana ran a great race -- we did not see that coming. No one is really happy with that race, because overall we didn't win, but there was a lot of progress made. For example, Ben Flanagan, that kid had a great race. There are things that can be drawn from it. Now Gibby said that we need to refocus and look on to regionals and nationals. We went through an emotional rollercoaster, but now we need to put that in the past and look to the future."

On his personal growth throughout his career ... "My freshman year I didn't really know how to race and then sophomore year I went through a rough patch because I was getting a really big bump in mileage. This year, more than anything, was about consistency. It was about having one good race after another. Even if you have a bad race, a least you took something from it. I think this year, compared to the last two years, I was able to have more consistent races, and if I didn't do as well, like at Notre Dame, at least I drew something from it."

On being a political science major ..."Both my older brothers are political science majors and both are going to law school. Ironically the only reason I picked up running was because of my older brothers (laughing). History and political science were always things I was interested in. Growing up, both of my brothers were involved in a lot of political activities in high school and so I did too and I really found an interest in it. We didn't want to do medicine -- my dad is a doctor -- so we thought 'political science' seems like a much more interesting, less stressful field. I've really enjoyed the major and I'm interested in working in the government. It's very broad, but I feel like a couple internships next summer will tell me if I want to pursue a career in government."

On an interesting story about him ... "I had never worn or seen tights until I came to Michigan since I'm from Florida and I had never run in the winter. I was actually born in Detroit, but moved to Florida when I was very young. Ironically, on my recruiting visit, it snowed here on April 17, but Gibby told me that 'never' happened, and this year it happened in May (laughing). But the snow didn't scare me away."