Athlete Quotes - USA Outdoor Track & Field Championships - Saturday, June 22

Athlete Quotes - USA Outdoor Track & Field Championships - Saturday, June 22

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USA Outdoor Track & Field Championships

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LaShawn Merritt, Men’s Senior 400m - Champion

On his victory: “It was smooth. I wanted to come in and execute my race. That is what I did. I was confident from my race yesterday. I came in and ran my own race.”

On the fact the U.S. team will have a younger team at the World Championships: “It is definitely going to be a younger team. But we are always growing, and it keeps everyone on their ‘A’ game. In the U.S., someone is always up and coming. These championships were very important to get a feel about the rounds so when we get to Moscow it won’t be new to anyone on the team.”

On overcoming last year’s performance at the 2012 Olympics: “That’s done with for me. I’m taking it one race at a time. Last year was last year. I’ve been training hard, and my plan was to come here and make this team. It was unfortunate last year about London. This year is a new year, so we are just focused on Moscow.”

Tony McQuay, Men’s Senior 400m - 2nd Place

On the competition: “I have been here before, this is like my fourth or third go-round. My first world team was in 2011 when I won USAs. I have been here before on the big stage. All I had to do was come out here and stay focused and compete.”

On changing American culture in the 400: “I am ready to right the ship. It’s tough competition, being such a young guy on the big stage. It’s about stepping up, being the next competitor for Team USA.”

Armin Hall, Men’s Senior 400m - 3rd Place

On the race: “I was all the way in Lane 2, so I just went out as hard as I could and kept the momentum going down the backstretch. At 200, I said ‘Let’s give it everything I have left so I can make this team.’ In the semifinals I ran 44.8, so that gave me enough confidence to come through.”

On making the World Championships team: “I’m ecstatic. I’ve always watched the Trials, and I’ve always watched the Worlds and now I get to compete in it. I can’t wait to go to Moscow and just run for my country. I’m just so happy to be a part of this country and help out as much as I can.”

Matthew Centrowitz, Men’s Senior 1500m - Champion

On the way the race played out: “Coming into it, thought to myself last year I made this team, ran 3:35 in the final. Felt good just barely lost to Leo (Leonel Manzano). I look at this year, everything was great, stronger, I’m thinking to myself like what do I have anything to be nervous about I’m in great shape. In my head I said, ‘Dominate the final’ and that’s what I set out to do, I didn’t really glance back. Definitely wanted to make a statement heading to Worlds. I’m in great shape, definitely looking forward to improving on my bronze medal.”

On the race pace: “Coming into this race, we knew it was going to be slow,I entertained the idea of me being last the first few laps. We didn’t have a set plan coming into it. I just wait for everything to unfold. I had a few strategies coming into it.”

Leo Manzano, Men’s Senior 1500m - 2nd Place

On the race: “It was a great race. The guys played their tactics just right. I was just a little off and feel a little short. I brought home a second place, which is not too shabby.”

On making the World Team: “This is my sixth World Championship team. I am really happy to be back on the U.S. team. In a way, I am representing my friends and family, too.”

Lopez Lomong, Men’s Senior 1500m - 3rd Place

On the race: “The race played out really well. It was slow. I ran the best I could. I have been battling a hamstring that I pulled 10 days ago. Before the bell lap, I pulled my hamstring a little bit and struggled. I am blessed to be in the top three.”

Michael Tinsley, Men’s Senior 400m Hurdles - Champion

On winning: “I feel like a million bucks. The race was so fast today. All I remember is coming down the homestretch. When I came down the homestretch I felt Bershawn (Jackson) and Kerron (Clement) coming down on me. I came on strong and had a great race today.”

On being the world leader: “It is a great feeling. I have been working really hard to get the world leader this year. ”

Kerron Clement, Men’s Senior 400m Hurdles - 2nd Place

On his race: “I’m really excited. The plan was to just make the team. I changed my blocks in the finals. It was kind of risky, but I trust my coach. It panned out. I’m really excited it worked because, for the first two rounds, I’ve been chopping down my steps and coming up really fast on the the hurdle.”

On his feelings heading to Moscow: “I feel really good. I will say, the world is in trouble. I’ll leave it at that.”

Bershawn Jackson, Men’s Senior 400m Hurdles - 3rd Place

On making the world team: “It is a great feeling. It was depressing not making the Olympic team last year. I am a fighter and a warrior. I was not going to let the same thing happen twice.

On his season so far: “I have not raced much this year because I was injured. I put it all together in the finals, and that is when it counts. Before the race, my hamstring was nagging me, but I could not endure the pain I did last year.

Ashton Eaton, Men’s Senior Decathlon - Champion

On his performance: “It was a good two days. It was good to do another multi because it’s been since the Games. I feel pretty good about that. I have quite a bit of confidence. Obviously the high jump was very sub-par, the hurdles and the pole vault, and a lot of that stuff was very much safety. If I can score 8200 with those marks, I think at 100 percent, I’ll be OK.”

On his training plan leading up to the World Championships: “We always like to do the throws, probably high jump -- it would be very smart to do that -- I’m sure hurdles, but again, today, it was very much a day of protection.”

On where he needs the most improvement: “Most improvement? That’s hard to say. I’ve had a pretty good year, besides here. My shot put, I had some fast hurdles earlier, my vaulting’s good. Maybe discus.”

Gunner Nixon, Men’s Senior Decathlon - 2nd Place

On the competition: “I feel great, I had an amazing first day, everything I expected. It went well. Started off the second day with the hurdles, I had a good start, not quite a PR, but it was still good. Solid discus, then the pole vault came, we had a stiff wind and I was vaulting on carbon poles for the first time. Came back in the javelin with a slight personal best, the 1500 was rough it was so hot, I kind of left it a little late on the kick, but still made the team.”

On making the World Championships team: “It means a lot. I have been training myself this year, so it’s been kind of hard to do running workouts and staying in shape. It means a lot, to make the decathlon [team] in the United States; probably the U.S. and Germany the two best countries in the decathlon. I am very blessed and very happy to make the team.”

Jeremy Taiwo, Men’s Senior Decathlon - 3rd Place

On overcoming injuries: “I did not compete last year because I was recovering from Tommy John [surgery] and a sports hernia surgery. I glad to come back and stay healthy this whole year. I also hurt my hamstring during indoor track.”

On making the team: “I am glad that the pressure is off. It has come down to the wire for a lot of meets for me. I am just glad to make the team. Now it is time to have fun at Worlds. I am going to get a good rest. Then I am going to tear it up in Moscow.”

Natasha Hastings, Women’s Senior 400m - Champion

On how she won: “Lots of focus. While I knew it was going to be a tight race, and a great race, I couldn’t focus on anything else. I had to focus on myself, on my race plan. All the things I have been working for. This is actually my first victory in the open 400 all season.”

On running out of Lane 6: “This is probably gonna sound weird, but I actually found comfort in being on the outside, that way I had no time to focus on anyone else but myself and my race plan. Knowing that those ladies were going to be probably my toughest competition in the race, I did find comfort in them being behind me so that gave me all the stakes to focus on myself and my race.”

Francena McCorory, Women’s Senior 400m - 2nd Place

On her race: “I’m just happy to have made the team. It’s a wonderful field of girls. It’s always a lot of competition, so I’m happy to have my spot to Moscow. The homestretch, it was interesting. Natasha [Hastings] is a great runner. I knew it was going to be some kind of battle there.”

On what time she hopes to run in the World Championships: “I definitely want to go sub-50. I’m working toward it, and each race I get closer and closer.”

On what it will take to get a medal: “I definitely think it will take everything I have. I have a lot of faith in my training, so I think I’ll get a medal.”

Ashley Spencer, Women’s Senior 400m - 3rd Place

On her race: “I didn’t get out as hard as I wanted to. It was really hot today. I just ran the best I could and it got me third place and on to Moscow, so I’m really happy.”

On competing at a high level after a long collegiate season: “It’s really tough. It’s a really different atmosphere than it is at NCAAs. Huge difference. But I was up for the challenge. I was ready to run, I was ready to go hard and make this team. I’m happy to make this team. I’m happy to go. I’m excited to go.”

On competing at the USA Championships: “It means a lot, just getting all the experience that I can. Being able to represent Team USA as well as represent Illinois means the world to me.”

Sanya Richards-Ross, Women’s Senior 400m – 6th Place

On her effort: “I gave it my best today. Three weeks on the track and, to be in the finals of the women’s 400 and finish sixth, I’m proud. Today I ran in my [racing flats], my toe was bothering me so bad and the spikes just kept making it worse and worse. Toward the end I was hoping I was going to reel some more people in, but it just wasn’t there today. I really wanted to make the team. It’s funny, you’d think after being in the sport for 11 years you’d get tired of it, but it’s so exhilarating. I love representing Team USA.”

Treniere Moser, Women’s Senior 1500m - Champion

On her feelings: “I’m on cloud nine. I’m 31 years old and I’m keeping up with a 17-year-old (Mary Cain). I never thought I would have the energy go do that. I’m just so happy with where I’m at and what the future holds for me. I was kind of taking it year to year but now I’m starting to look long term and maybe to Rio now. It’s just such a great feeling. At this point all I can say is, never give up.”

On the last 100m: “As soon as I knew I was going to make the team, I wanted to win. I’ve won three of these, and it’s been a long time. I just wanted a fourth one. I’ve always wanted a fourth one. This fourth title means the world to me. Alberto [Salazar, her coach] told me to get ugly for the last 100, and I did that. Alberto says I’m a pretty runner, and he said, ‘I need you to get ugly. You need to dig as deep as you can to finish,’ and that’s what got me to number one today.”

Mary Cain, Women’s Senior 1500m - 2nd Place

On making Team USA: “This is the greatest country in the world. We’d been talking about it and I just really wanted to get a uniform, that’d be so exciting.”

On her second-place finish : “Coach (Alberto) Salazar had complete and utter confidence in me and Treniere (Moser). He said ‘Treniere is an amazing athlete and, if you go with her, you’re on this team.’ She got me at the line but that’s no problem. I have, hopefully, many more years to try again.”

On how the race played out: “I was planning on going to the back for the first 600 meters. It was as slow as we thought it would be and I was feeling awesome. That last 400, I was like, ‘You know what, people are trying to make moves behind me, let’s go.’ I’m one of the fastest people in the field for pure 800 meter speed. Treniere got me at the line. And I saw her beat me I said, ‘If someone’s going to beat me, it’s going to be Treniere.’ I was just so proud to come in second.”

On how she feels: “I’m the most exhausted I’ve ever been after a 1500, but that’s because you’re running fast. I’m not sure what our last 400 was, but it was fast.”

On her season so far: “I’ve got the ‘A’ standard and, no matter what, no one can take that away from me. I was the first girl under 2 minutes. No one can take that away from me.”

Cory McGee, Women’s Senior 1500m - 3rd Place

On the race: “Once we went through the first 400 meters, I thought we are going so slow and I could win this. It was anyone’s race. This year, I have progressed a lot and overcome a lot of adversity. Racing seems easier this year. I have a lot more motivation the last lap.”

On getting the World Championships standard: “I believe that I am capable of doing it. I have been eager to be in a fast race all year. I am not sure of where or when.”

Brianna Rollins, Women’s Senior 100m Hurdles – Champion

On her race: “I just came out here and tried to focus on my own lane. I was just so overwhelmed and so emotional, it’s just all amazing. I just thank God.”

On whether she’d ever thought of the American record: “No sir, I didn’t. I don’t ever think about times or records or anything. I just come out here and feel blessed.”

On how she got in the sport: “I started running in high school when someone told me I was fast.”

Queen Harrison, Women’s Senior 100m Hurdles – 2nd Place

On making the World Championships team: “It feels great, first time I ever made a hurdle team in the 100 hurdles. So I feel great, I said at the beginning of the year I was going to take one hurdle race this year and see what I can do with it. It feels great to go out there and make the team with a teammate, Brianna Rollins.”

On the race: “All I thought about was focus on my race, I had to let go and let God get me through. I am happy with the results.”

On improvement in hurdling in the U.S.: “We’re definitely going to the next level. Luckily for Brianna (Rollins), she has had a lot of races through the collegiate season. This is going to be a year to remember and I’m excited about it.”

Nia Ali, Women’s Senior 100m Hurdles – 3rd Place

On the race: “I executed as well as I could. I am happy I was able to execute the beginning of my race and take advantage of it. I am overwhelmed with excitement about making the world team. I had a personal best time, too.”

On weather: “The conditions were perfect today. It set us up for a very nice rhythm. We were able to get a legal race with the wind. It was perfect.”

Nicole Bush, Women’s Senior 3000m Steeplechase - Champion

On leading: “My plan was to go out and aggressively hurdle the first 1500 meters. That just happened to be the lead. I just trusted my instincts and how I felt. I guess it worked out. I just aware of how long it was taking everyone else to hit the water and how close everyone else was.”

Ashley Higginson, Women’s Senior 3000m Steeplechase - 2nd Place

On making Team USA: “I’m so excited. I came in fourth last year at the Olympic Trials. It was definitely a breakout race but also heart-breaking. There was a point in this race I was fourth and I guess I’m really blessed for having had the experience of what that feels like.

On her race execution: “You want to be intelligent and take your risks when you could and I like to think I executed what my coaches (Frank Gagliano and Tom Nohilly) asked for. I’m forever thankful for their advice because I know I’m a bull out there and would have done something stubborn. Obviously there was talent in the field that was ready to take it out, and I didn’t have an ‘A’ yet this year yet. They said just be ready for anything. For better or worse for the athletes, Emma [Coburn] wasn’t there and she takes it out and she’s a talent above the rest right now and, without her, you didn’t know who was going to have the guts in the heat like this. I just knew I didn’t want it to be me. I went according to plan, luckily.”

Shalaya Kipp, Women’s Senior 3000m Steeplechase - 3rd Place

On the race: “It was hotter than the prelims. A lot of it was just trying to hold back, knowing that it was a hot day, didn’t need to be out there trying to kill myself running up front in the beginning of it. If I was patient and prudent hopefully people would kind of slow down and I can accelerate and that’s what happened.”

On her time: “I was not even thinking about a time today. I was hoping for something in the 9:50 range. I did not think it was going to be a fast day, but these women showed me that it could be. I am very pleased at how it went. I am in awe, really surprised I am here right now.”

Brigetta Barrett, Women’s Senior High Jump - Champion

On preparing to win: “I’m reading the book ‘Relentless’ lately and I just really feel like this is something I’ve been preparing for. Nothing less than first place is acceptable. Failure is not an option.”

On who she is gunning for in Moscow: “Everybody. There’s nobody that I’m not going out for. I’ve watched them grown on YouTube. Watching them and studying how jumping’s changed over the years and watching the best, I feel like I’m definitely prepared to flip the table so that they’re the ones coming after me.”

Maya Pressley, Women’s Senior High Jump - 3rd Place

On competing against so many fellow collegians: “We’ve seen each other throughout the year, so this meet was just a replay of everything that’s been going on the whole year. We just try to cheer each other on and do our best. It was fun out there.”

On securing her third-place finish: “I made two bars on my third attempt and was just thanking God every jump. I never gave up and kept telling myself, ‘You can do it, you can do it.’ I was just trying to get to Moscow the best I can. It was a great experience, a growing up experience.”

On chasing the needed IAAF “B” standard of 1.92m: “Right now, I need to find out if I can get a chance to make that standard and go since I placed third. I was close. My attempts at 92 [1.92m, 6-3 1/2] were very close. I’m going to keep working.”

Janay DeLoach Soukup, Women’s Senior Long Jump - Champion

On the competition: “It went well. I got the win on my first jump, legs were feeling a little crappy, so just took the rest of them off. I came away with the win so I am very happy about it.”

On the weather: “It’s just different [weather]. I feel like I am pretty good in all conditions. As long as you stay hydrated it’s not bad at all.”

On her preparation for the upcoming Worlds: “Get my head down, put my nose to the ground and hopefully get a gold medal at the world championships.”

Funmi Jimoh, Women’s Senior Long Jump - 3rd Place

On making the World team: “It is always good to make the team. I am happy about that. It was a little rough with the wind out there today.

On her performance: “I felt great about it. I kept my head together. Sometimes that is hard to do, but did it today. ”

Brittney Reese, Women’s Senior Long Jump - Foul

On her performance, failing to record a legal jump: “I have a slightly torn hip flexor. I’m jumping hurt today. I injured my hip flexor two weeks ago in Rome, so I haven’t been able to get any practice in. We were just basically coming out here trying to get some work done. Obviously, my rhythm is off, I fouled all my jumps and didn’t make it to finals. All my jumps that were fouls were around seven meters, so I’m grateful for that. The only thing I can do now is go back and get healthy and try to get ready to go to Moscow.”

Michelle Carter, Women’s Senior Shot Put - Champion

On her American record: “It felt good. We’ve been training for a peak this time of year. This is like a small one and then we’ll see what happens. I’ve been working really hard trying to put everything together and get ready for Russia.”

On peaking again for the World Championships: “I’ve been training really hard and working on timing and going off things I’ve done good or bad from the previous year and then adjusting for this year. I think I can peak again in Russia.”

On what she’s done differently in 2013: “Normally, in previous years, I’ve been up and down, up and down. This year we’ve really worked on making sure I keep my mind focused and steady on building up and not coming down so hard and going up so hard.”

Tia Brooks, Women’s Senior Shot Put - 2nd Place

On the competition: “It was an amazing competition. I mean, going up against Michelle Carter is definitely always exciting to see how far she throws. Trying to feed off the energy that she has … these are the nation’s best, competing against the nation’s best, just trying doing what I can to make the team.”

On throwing at Drake Stadium: “This is my favorite track. I love Drake and the fans, everyone is always loud, and throwing right in the middle, you can feed off the energy of the track meet. All the people screaming for you in the stands it’s the some of the best in the world.”

On what she’s working on: “Just consistency. Coming out of NCAAs was a little rough and today was, too. My first time in the Nike uniform, so the nerves were definitely rolling and flowing.”

Alyssa Haaslen, Women’s Senior Shot Put - 3rd Place

On making the World Championships team: “I can't believe it . I'm speechless right now. I didn't expect this to happen. I came off a poor performance at the NCAAs, so I was coming into this without expectations, which was probably really good.”

On approach between NCAA and USA championships: "At the NCAAs, I wasn't mentally prepared and I got a little too excited and that proved to be bad. I came into this meet trying to stay focused and be calm and let my body take over. Fortunately, I was able to do that.”

On watching Michelle Carter set the American record: “Michelle (Carter) set in on her fifth throw so I only had one throw left. By that time I knew I had already made the team. So I got too excited and fouled on my last attempt. But it was really awesome to be competing at such a high level with her and watch her break the American record.”

Amanda Bingson, Women’s Senior Hammer Throw - Champion

On her American record: “I had a feeling, we were preparing ourselves. We have really been pushing hard, knew that the training was there, just coming all together. We’re just really happy that it came together at the right time. Then (Chicago) we we’re working on a couple of new entries, I switched up my entry right around there. So we’ve really been working on that, getting the rhythm back.

On the lead-up to the competition: “I was a little nervous, went over to my coach told him I was really freaking out, shaking a lot. He came up and told me to ‘Breathe, relax and, once you get into the ring, let everything go and trust your body to do what you can do,’ and I did it.”

On the possibility of a record throw: “We had a feeling that It could have been there, knew my potential, but whether or not it was going to come at the right time or if it was going to be at a meet or what meet it is.”

Jeneva McCall, Women’s Senior Hammer Throw - 2nd Place

On her competition: “I did the shot at 1 o’clock today. I placed fourth, and I’m coming back from an injury indoors, [so] I threw the first three [in the hammer] and passed the last three. It’s a busy day. It’s something we set up for the last two months as far as shot in the morning and then an hour later the hammer, simulating this whole thing. It’s just as hot in Southern Illinois right now, so the heat didn’t affect me. I mean, it’s something that does affect me, but it’s something I’ve trained for.”

Amber Campbell, Women’s Senior Hammer Throw - 3rd Place

On her impressions of the competition: “It was a great competition, one of the best in U.S. history. There’s definitely never been a final Olympic Trials-wise that’s had this many great performances. Three of us set personal bests, obviously Amanda set two American records, so we’re feeling pretty good.”

On her throws: “ I set a new personal best and moved into third from fourth, to make the team, on my fifth throw, so it was a good competition. There was still a lot of pressure because I was throwing in the fifth spot. The girl who I had passed, Jessica Cosby Toruga, had to go right behind me, so she could have taken her spot right back.”

On her feelings moving on to the World Championships: “I’m feeling really good about it. My training is right on schedule. I’m peaking not right now, but for later in August when I’ll be in Moscow.”

Allyson Felix, Women’s Senior 200m First Round- Heat 1 Winner

On her race: “I feel good. I wasn’t worried about time today. Just wanted to get out there, feel the track, get comfortable, see what I need to do.”

On not competing at 100m: “I had thought I was going to run the 100 and kind of re-evaluated things and decided to focus on the 200.”

On how fast she hopes to run 200m this season: “I don’t know. I want to get through this. My top priority is to make the team.”

Kimberlyn Duncan, Women’s Senior 200m First Round - Heat 2 Winner

On her goals for the race: “Today, all I was trying to do was execute the best way I could. I was just trying to take it easy, just see how it feels. I feel like I’m ready to go for tomorrow.”

On ‘taking it easy’ and running 22.31: “It’s always a good feeling when you can do something and it feels easy.”

On whether she’s excited about her prospects for the final: “Yes, I am. But I’m just taking it race by race.”

On her pro debut for Nike: “I’m still in the LSU area, still training under Coach (Dennis) Shaver. It’s working out very well.”

LaShaunta Moore, Women’s Senior 200m First Round - Heat 3 Winner

On the win: “I felt pretty good. I have not raced in over a month. I wanted to focus on training. I don’t think my start was too good. I am going to go talk to my coach and see what I can do to change that.”

Jeneba Tarmoh, Women’s Senior 200m First Round - Heat 4 Winner

On winning her heat: “It felt great, I just did exactly what my coach told me to do, run a really good turn and keep my mechanics coming home.”

On reversing the direction of the 200m: “I’m so happy they did (run it backwards). It’s not different since you’re going in the same circular motion. So it’s definitely not different, it just feels good to have the wind at our back.”

On her focus for the later rounds: “I have to focus on everything in my race. I’m still trying to develop my 200-meter technique and mechanics, so focusing on everything.”

Tyson Gay, Men’s Senior 200m First Round - Heat 1 Winner

On being told he looked good out there: “Looks are deceiving (with a laugh). I’m a little tired. I didn’t do much of a warm-up today with the rounds yesterday. We took it easy. I took my energy drink at 8 at night, so it kind of kept me up. I’m just hoping to get some rest and get ready for tomorrow.”

On whether he planned to run all the rounds of the 200: “I’m committed, as long as everything feels good tomorrow.”

On his plans for rest of the day: “Just get some recovery. I only got maybe two hours of sleep last night, tossing and turning.”

On whether replaying his 100m win kept him awake: “A little bit (with a laugh).”

On when the decision was made to run today: “This morning. We decided to see in warm-ups; if I didn’t have any niggles or anything, we’d go ahead. Because I’m healthy, that’s the key. I’m not trying to be Superman. Because my body’s a little fatigued, I just want to go day by day. I feel good. When you’re injury-free it makes a lot of difference.”

Ameer Webb, Men’s Senior 200m First Round - Heat 2 Winner

On his race: “I felt good. Mainly, I just wanted to qualify and make the semis. I didn’t want to put everything out there today.”

On his approach to the race: “We just kept the routine the same. We didn’t change it up. Practice as usual and, maybe the last week after coming here, being in my hotel resting up. It’s mainly mental.”

On running at Drake Stadium: “I ran here last year for (NCAA) nationals and was runner-up in the 200. I like this track a lot. It’s fast to me, but I like running the right way versus the opposite way. It kind of throws you off a little bit.

On Sunday’s final: “I’m excited to run against these big guys. It will be fun for me.”

Brandon Byram, Men’s Senior 200m First Round - Heat 3 Winner

On the win: “It was one of the fastest times I have ever run. I am real happy because I ran out of Lane 2. Taller guys struggle the further inside you go. They put me in Lane 2. I was the only athlete in Lane 2. Every other athlete in every other heat was in Lane 3-8. I had disadvantage being in Lane 2. I was trying to secure a good spot in the next heat. So I laid the hammer down the whole way.”

On beating Wallace Spearmon: “Spearmon was an idol of mine growing up. It is an honor to be racing him.”

Isaiah Young, Men’s Senior 200m First Round - Heat 4 Winner

On his race: “I just made sure I set my race up for tomorrow. Now I know what to expect if they run it in the same direction where my marks are at. I’m feeling confident about it. My block starts, sometimes it’s on, sometimes it’s off. I just made sure I got out a little bit, made sure I controlled the heat from the beginning. Make sure you win your heat so you can get a good lane in the next round.”

Curtis Mitchell, Men’s Senior 200m First Round - Heat 5 Winner

On the race: “It was windy out there. We just try to keep our composure set it up and just maintain.

You don’t worry about those types of things. The weather is not always going to be perfect, you just tell yourself it’s perfect weather. Any time you get a wind, you really want to take advantage of it.”

On how he feels: “I’m a little tired, I really didn’t gas it, cause I got a little tightness going on. Just trying to be cautious.”

Ryan Wilson, Men’s Senior 110m Hurdles - Heat 1 Winner

On his performance in the heat: “I really wanted to take my time with the start and execute. During the race, I wanted to work on my rhythm, to make sure that I’m well prepared for the next level I will need tomorrow.”

On the rhythm of hurdling: “For me it’s a run through the hurdle. I’m not trying to set up the hurdle. When you say skip the hurdle, I think of someone trying to set up the hurdle. I’m not trying to do that. There are about a 100 ways to skin a cat these days in this event. Whatever terminology works for you, I guess you go with that.”

Aries Merritt, Men’s Senior 110m Hurdles First Round - Heat 2 Winner

On his race: "I feel fine. There is no problem …all systems go. I'm not as sharp as I normally am. The wind was strong and I was getting too close to the hurdles, so I have to make corrections. I was pretty causal on the first to second hurdle because I was timid. Naturally in the first round I'm going to be a little timid because I'm just coming off an injury (right hamstring). So now that I know I'm going to be able to run I will be more aggressive. I expect progressions in each round.”

On coming off an injury: "This is my first race since the injury (hamstring). It is pretty weird and going to be a challenge coming off an injury in this environment. So, given the rounds, I'm going to have to run myself into shape and see what happens in the finals."

On the fast times in the women's 100 hurdles: "The women are running great. They are really getting after it and they really want to make this team. They are running really fast."

David Oliver, Men’s Senior 110m Hurdles First Round - Heat 3 Winner

On his race: “That was fine; first round, you go out there and run, make it to the next round and survive and advance. That’s all you can do right now.”

On his race execution: “I was just trying to take it easy at the beginning. I was kind of apprehensive about having that much tailwind at my back. The first hurdles are where a lot of disasters happen. You just keep getting progressively more progressive down the track.”

On the false start: “As a professional athlete, you not only have to have the ability to focus, but to refocus. False starts shouldn’t play a role at all.”

On the difference between this year and last year: “Just not being hurt all the time.”

On how long he’s been healthy: “All season. The season started out running slow, in the 30s and stuff. But then, when it starts clicking, I’ve gotten faster every race, down into 13:10 at Pre [Prefontaine Classic] and now just trying to work my way back down to where I was in the years before.”

David Payne, Men’s Senior 110m Hurdles First Round - Heat 4 Winner

On the win: “I tried to make sure I was front of everyone so I could finish comfortably. Once I hit hurdle six, I just ran comfortably.”

On the wind: “It was a heavy wind to the back. I think that I handled it quite well. I will have to get faster with the wind for the next round.”

Georganne Moline, Women’s Senior 400m Hurdles Semifinals - Heat 1 Winner

On the win: “I felt good, but the real race is tomorrow.”

On her goal for the final: “I don’t really have a time goal. I always have a plan in my mind on how I want to run the race. If I run the race like that the time will come. The goal is to break 53 seconds.”

Dalilah Muhammad, Women’s Senior 400m Hurdles Semifinals - Heat 2 Winner

On whether she thought she would breeze through the round so easily: “I don’t know whether I expected it. I was hoping for that, I’ll say that.”

On her breakthrough season: “I changed coaches. I’m now working with Lashinda Demus’s mother, Yolanda. I’ve been more focused on weights. I’ve been doing a couple 100s this year, 200s, hopping in trying to get faster, like speed work. I opened up the season with a PR, and that was a huge shock for me. Once I ran that I knew it was going to be a good season.”

Courtney Okolo, Women’s Junior 400m - Champion

On running a personal-best 51.04: "I'm so happy. During prelims, I was excited for finals because I wasn't expecting that time. So I knew today would be good. My main thing was to stay relaxed I've been working on my arms and it helped me at the end of the race.”

On training leading up to nationals: “We just tried to stay in shape and work on speed after NCAAs, as well as mechanical things like using my arms, and it made a difference."

Marcus Chambers, Men’s Junior 400m - Champion

On his goals for the race: “Mainly, I wanted to get the win. Last year, I was one spot off, so this year I worked really hard from the start of the year for this day right here. Now I made the team, so I’m just excited.”

On battling the wind: “That last 110 was hard, with the wind. You just had to move your arms and push through it.”

On the sprint down the homestretch: “It was anybody’s race. The guy from Illinois [Juan Paul Green] and another guy [Lamar Bruton], I saw them from my peripheral vision, but I just told myself to go and push through. If the arms are moving, the legs will follow.”

Kelsey Margey, Women’s Junior 1500m - Champion

On today’s pace: “It was little bit quicker in the beginning, which was good. I tried to close, made a move a little bit earlier (than in Friday’s prelims). I just went to lead at the 500 and tried to get progressively faster for each 100.”

On her season: “College has made me a much better athlete all around. More training,definitely stronger. It really cool to make the USA team, I’m really excited. This is a great day.”

Justin Brinkley, Men’s Junior 1500m - Champion

On the win: “This has been the end goal for the whole season. It has been my goal since September when I got to school for camp.”

On his experience: “I ran the 2011 World Youth Trials and had not run anything fast coming into it. Coming into this having one of the fastest 1500 times gave me a lot of confidence.”

On his finishing kick: “I knew, based on the training I have done, that I would be able to close fast. I just relied on that. With about 80 meters to go, I knew that I had that last move.”

Autumne Franklin, Women’s Junior 400m Hurdles - Champion

On winning the junior title: “Coming into the race I was really nervous, I kind of felt like the underdog. I knew I could run 57, I just had to really focus on executing today. Trying to get my hurdles to be as perfect as possible turning up between hurdles, finishing strong, felt like I executed all that really well today. When I came over the ninth hurdle I wasn’t in first yet, but I saw that I wasn’t in first yet, so I just powered as hard as I could to the finish line.”

Jade Miller, Women’s Junior 400m Hurdles - 2nd Place

On her race: “It’s only my third time running them. That was really exciting since Autumne will be a future teammate at Harvard. I actually started with the wrong foot in the blocks, my start was a little shaky. I think I probably stuttered to the first hurdle because I had the wrong foot in the blocks. Usually I don’t really know what foot I’m hurdling with, but this time I really knew this is not my usually lead.”

Scottie Hearns, Men’s Junior 400m Hurdles - Champion

On his race: “The race was hard, from yesterday to come back to today. You have to keep your body in the right shape, keep it hydrated. It was hotter yesterday. [Today] it was hard to push through the wind.

On the victory: “I’m really excited. It’s my first junior title. I just feel like running around the track again."

Magdalyn Ewen, Women’s Junior Discus - Champion

On her performance: “It was really good. I’ve been having a rough time in discus lately, so to throw what I did I was really happy. I almost didn’t make it into the finals, until my third throw in the prelims. It was really nerve-wracking. I’ve been focusing a lot on the shot put. My discus has kind of been lacking. But I had a good day! I surprised myself. Maybe I got too focused [on the shot put), too stressed out with it. With the discus, it was all relaxed and easy throwing.

Robert Smutsky, Men’s Junior Javelin - Champion

On the competition: “As a whole, my first throw was really bad, only a 60 (60.28m). Sixty-five (65.18m) on my second throw, then after that, it kind of went downhill, just not good at all. Just got really hyped up for the last one and hit it, everything fell into place. Really hit the plant well, hit a 69 (69.08m) that was a PR by like 2.2 meters, so overall a good day. It is my season best.”

Robert Entwistle, Men’s Junior Javelin - 2nd Place

On today’s performance: “I threw well. I came and threw 65.32. I was leading all day long, even from my first throw. First and third were centimeters and a few feet apart, so it was really close the entire time.”

On what happened on the final throw:“I put everything into my last throw. One thing happened, it slipped out of my hand. Everything else was perfect and it was just the end right there. All and all it was good day. I PR’d still and I got second place at the [USA Outdoor Championships]. So I was happy about that.”

On coming in second: “ Definitely disappointing. It’s going to be eating at me for a little bit. I did my best. It shows. Try your best and one thing goes wrong and it can change everything. I was happy with my performance, except for my last throw.”

Tom Carr, Men’s Junior Javelin - 3rd Place

On his performance: “I came here with a plan to set a personal record. I was focusing on one major thing. It was coming through a little bit, but everything else wasn’t working as well. I was about a foot off of my personal record, but I’m happy with my performance.”

On the weather conditions:“The conditions were great today. Nothing to complain about, we had a nice breeze."

Nicholas Berra, Men’s Masters 800m - Champion

On his winning time of 1:56.27: “That’s very good for me. That’s the fastest I’ve run in 2 1/2 years. Maybe the second-fastest ever since I’ve turned 40. I’m 44 now, so it’s nice to turn back the clock a little bit one more time.”

On preparing for the race: “I’ve focused on this meet more so than on any meet in a while and I think that focus and having this date marked on the calendar really helped me prepare and be in shape for today.”