Countdown Continues: 22 Days to The LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon

Countdown Continues: 22 Days to The LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon

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Joyce Brooks is pursuing travel and good health in her golden years. To that end, she has set the goal to complete 50 marathons in all 50 states by walking them. The LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon is no. 10 on her list and she will continue her commitment to fundraising for education by dedicating her journey on Oct. 7 to the Lakeside PTA.

WHO: Joyce Brooks
AGE: 60
OCCUPATION: Retired educator
HOMETOWN: Lake Village, Arkansas
MARATHONS: 9 (in 9 different states)

RUNNER STORY: Joyce Brooks is a retired educator with two goals in mind for her golden years: to travel and stay healthy. In an
effort to complete both at the same time she is planning to participate in marathons in all 50 states, plus one in Washington, D.C. She has always enjoyed meeting people in new places and learning about their local history and personal stories. By participating in marathons she is able to take in the scenery as well as meet competitors and learn about what brought them to the race.

Throughout her life, Joyce has always been aware of the importance of staying healthy. She combines a careful diet
with exercise from training to create a healthy lifestyle.

As a walker she finds that preparing for the races is
fairly time consuming. At a slower pace than the runners, she must dedicate extra time in order to cover the same distance. As does any marathoner, she surrenders her free time to train – always looking to quicken the pace without sacrificing endurance. She proudly boasts that her drive to compete in 51 marathons has kept her in shape and feeling good both mentally and physically.

This year’s LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon will not be
Joyce’s first race. She is most proud of her performance in Memphis where she finished with a time of 6:23:00; her best yet. She is looking forward to improving her time and having her sister, daughter, and niece by her side. She is eager to have familiar company around her and is excited to introduce her family to something she has grown to enjoy.

As an educator, her concern for the welfare of others has
motivated her to give to her community. For this reason,
Joyce selects a new charity each year to support in her
races. She typically prefers organizations that support
children in their health, education, and general
well-being. This year she will be supporting the Lakeside
School PTA, which in turn funds educational programs for
children in her hometown of Lake Village, Arkansas. With
her goals set clearly in front of her, she views the
Marathon as a source of fun and fulfillment. RACE INFORMATION: The LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon will celebrate its 30th anniversary on Sunday, October 7, 2007 as 45,000 participants advance to the start line, embarking on the
culmination of 45,000 personal journeys. Along with the
massive field of recreational runners, the 26.2-mile
course will welcome a full field of world renowned
professional athletes drawn to the flat, fast, urban
setting and the potential to break world and national
records. The professionals will compete for prize money
and points in the World Marathon Majors series which will
crown its first male and female champions with $500,000
each at the close of 2007. Since the inception of its
charity program in 2002, The LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon
has generated more than $27.5 million for a variety of
charitable causes including $9.5 million in the 2006 event
alone. Registration for the race opened on January 1, 2007
and closed when it reached capacity on April 18.

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