Felix: 'Olympics was truly a dream come true' - IAAF Online Diaries

Felix: 'Olympics was truly a dream come true' - IAAF Online Diaries

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Allyson Felix finally captured the elusive Olympic 200m title in London earlier this month. In her latest IAAF Diary, the 26-year-old American looks back on her experiences in London where she collected three gold medals.

"I am getting ready for my last two meetings of the season in Zurich and Zagreb in my first races since the Olympics.

"I'm looking forward to vacationing with friends very soon. I'm also taking a trip to Africa supporting the organization Right to Play which is one of my big passions.

"My racing schedule was less this year. I felt like I raced the right amount and placed my complete focus on being in peak form at the Olympics.

"The Olympics was truly a dream come true for me. Everything was so special. The 100m to me, was one of my biggest accomplishments. It has always been a difficult event for me, and to end with a personal best was huge.

"The 200m will always be most special to me because of all of the ups and downs I have had in the event to get to this point. Having won silver in the Olympics twice before kept me motivated and made finally winning indescribable.

"The 4x100m Relay was an incredibly thrilling experience. To realize we actually set a World record was so amazing and a moment I will never forget. The 4x4 was the perfect way to end the games for me. It was just a lot of fun to run on the track for the final time and bring home gold with my teammates.

"I felt like my experiences from the other Olympics definitely helped me this time around. I had a different approach to things the entire season. I felt like I balanced my schedule really well. I decided not to stay in the village in order to have complete focus.

"I decided that I definitely wanted to march in opening ceremonies and I was glad that I made that choice. It was a week before competition started so I felt like my legs would recover fine. I was able to go watch my good friend USA women’s basketball player Candace Parker play before I started competing. We also got to hang out a little during the games as well.

"My mom, dad, brother, and two of my aunts were in London. I was able to spend time with them before I started to compete. They were staying in a house that was very close to my flat. My mom cooked for me during my stay as well.

"It's been a whirlwind since I returned back home after the Olympics but it's been a lot of fun. Lots of people stop and give me hugs on the street which is pretty cool to feel the amount of support we had back home."