Brazilians shine at South American Cross Country Championships

Brazilians shine at South American Cross Country Championships

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Brazil was the most successful nation at the 2012 South American Cross Country Championships (27th edition) that were held on Sunday (4) in Lima, at the “Escuela de Equitación del Ejército” (Army’s Equestrian School).

Twenty-two year-old Gilberto Lopes won the 12km male race in 38:06, beating compatriot Sérgio da Silva by 21 seconds. And also 22-year-old Tatiele Carvalho, won the 8km female race by a 32 second margin over Colombian Angie Orjuela.

Lopes’ track personal bests are 14:23.95 at 5000m (2011), and 29:06.2 at 10,000m (2010). He had won the 2008 South American Junior Cross Country title, and placed 73rd at same year’s World Championships.

Carvalho’s personal bests are 4:22.94 at 1500m, 16:15.92 at 5000m, and 34:20.10 at 10,000m – all obtained in 2011. She finished 58th at the 2011 World Cross Country Championships.

Peruvians excel at junior and youth races

As it has been traditional in past years, Peruvian athletes display great performances in the junior and youth races. That was the case of Luz Mery Rojas, who won the women’s junior race over 6km in 22:55, and Lucy Basilio, who obtained the title at the 3km girls’ youth event in 10:59. Peruvian athletes have won the junior and youth women’s races over the past three editions of the Cross Country Championships.

At the male junior and youth races, Brazilians Thiarles dos Santos and Víctor Vinícius da Silva captured the titles. Dos Santos won the junior 8km race in 26:22, beating Peruvian Jerson Orellana by 10 seconds, capturing his first area title. Da Silva repeated his victory from last year’s event in Asunción with his two second margin triumph over compatriot Thiago André.

Brazilian head coach, Cláudio Castilho, praised the event. “Races were held in a field that respected the basis of Cross Country, utilizing natural obstacles. Gilberto and Tatiele had very good races, and obtained their victories utilizing perfect strategies.”

Nine South American nations were represented at the event: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, Venezuela, and Uruguay.

Eduardo Biscayart for the IAAF

Results – 27th South American Cross Country Championships

Lima, Perú – Escuela de Equitación del Ejército – 4 March 2012


Senior – 12km

1 Gilberto Lopes BRA 38:06

2 Sérgio da Silva BRA 38:27

3 Raúl Machacuay PER 38:55

Team: 1 BRA 8pts, 2 ECU 21, 3 PER 25

Junior – 8km

1 Thiarles dos Santos BRA 26:22

2 Jerson Orellana PER 26:32

3 Ioran Etchechury BRA 26:35

Team: BRA 9pts, PER 25, ARG 39

Youth – 4km

1 Víctor Vinícius da Silva BRA 12:41

2 Thiago André BRA 12:43

3 Weverton Fidelis BRA 12:50

Team: BRA 3pts, COL 11, ECU 14


Senior – 8km

1 Tatiele Carvalho BRA 28:59

2 Angie Orjuela COL 29:31

3 Nubia Arteaga VEN 29:34

Team: 1 BRA 12pts, 2 PER 21

Junior – 6km

1 Luz Mery Rojas PER 22:55

2 Belén Cassetta ARG 23:15

3 Evelyn Escobar PER 23:29

Team: PER 8pts, ARG 26, BRA 27

Youth – 3km

1 Lucy Basilio PER 10:59

2 Angie Bejarano COL 11:05

3 Katia Zulema Arenas PER 11:06

Team: PER 4pts, 2 BRA 5