Running Fit's Gone Buttserk!

Running Fit's Gone Buttserk!

It's Button Mania!

New for 2012, Running Fit will be handing out custom designed finisher buttons at every event!

And not in place of finisher medals and other cool bling, but in addition to!

Race director, Dawn McConnachie goads, The goal will be to collect EVERY ONE of our buttons!

Last year, one person did all but two of our events!

The winner with the most buttons after the Holiday Hustle, Running Fit's final event of 2012, will be showered with cool prizes, endless flattery and eternal bragging rights!

But that's not all!

The Fit Crew will once again throw down the gauntlet' at Run Woodstock, with the Righteous Hippie Challenge'!

In addition to buttons received for finishers of timed races, buttons will also be given to Yoga Freaks', Roadies and more!

Anyone who collects all available hippie buttons will receive the granddaddy of all buttonsthe Righteous Hippie Challenge button, bigger & cooler than all the rest!'

Likewise, Village Ford, Martian Invasion of Races sponsor, will be doling out buttons to everyone who stops by their booth at the Martian Invasion Expo, April 13th!

Opportunities are endless, being concocted even now get a jump on all the fun and check out Running Fit's calendar of events at

And don't miss the first two buttons of the season! Sign up for the Bigfoot Snowshoe, and Super 5K, races today!

Complete event and Button Mania detail can found at or by contacting [email protected] and 734-929-9027