New Zealand launches 'GET SET GO'

New Zealand launches 'GET SET GO'

Provided by IAAF

To encourage more kids’ participation in Athletics, Athletics New Zealand are launching a new initiative in primary schools called ‘GET SET GO’.

In an effort to further involve kids with Athletics, Athletics New Zealand has joined forces with the New Zealand Post and Sport and Recreation New Zealand (SPARC) to give kids an opportunity to be involved in programmes that will popularise the sport among the youth.

The project is called the ‘GET SET GO’ and will be launched this year. Its aim is to improve children is skills and increase their physical activity through fun and purposeful games and activities. This will be done by enabling all teachers and coaches to assess and teach Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) as well as plan relevant learning experiences appropriate to their students needs.

According to research, children who develop FMS competences within early primary school years or at a young age are more likely to have greater participation levels in physical activity experiences, both throughout later schooling and in adult life; they also have higher levels of fitness and self-esteem.

FMS can be broken down into three themes; fundamental locomotor skill themes (such as running, hopping, dodging, jumping and skipping), fundamental manipulative or object control skill themes (such as catching, throwing, striking, and kicking) and fundamental body management or stability skills themes (such as balance, landing and rotation).

In its first year of delivery the programme expects to target more than 400 schools and is expected to double in year two. The anticipated reach of the programme is projected to be as high as 200,000 young people involved in the programme over the first two years.

Such an initiative will provide more opportunities for New Zealand’s youth to positively participate in physical activity and have an active future. Well in line with the spirit of the IAAF Athletics’ World Plan, the ‘GET SET GO’ is one more action that leads Athletics on to becoming the worldwide number one participatory sport among kids.

How does your organisation work to design a specific kids’ athletics programme? If you want to share some of your own experiences please contact us at [email protected] with a short summary, and a member of our editorial team will contact you. Together, we can share in the spirit of the Athletics’ World Plan.