London selected to host 2017 IAAF World Championships

London selected to host 2017 IAAF World Championships

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Friday, 11 November 2011

London selected to host 2017 IAAF World Championships

Monaco - London was selected to host the 2017 IAAF World Championships, the IAAF Council announced in Monaco today (11).

London was selected over Doha, Qatar, for the right to host the 16th edition of the World Championships.

The vote was 16 to 10.

The 2013 edition will be hosted by Moscow, RUS (10 - 18 August 2013), followed by Beijing, CHN in 2015 (22 - 30 August 2015).

IAAF President Lamine Diack

“We had never in the history of the bidding process for the IAAF World Championships this type of ceremony with this amount of interest in the TV and newspapers and so on. We have never had this level before with bids all good and London won 16 to 10 votes, and the result is good for our sport."

"We have fought very hard to have this stadium staying a stadium of Athletics, and now we are all agreed it is staying with Athletics, and 25,000 (capacity) is too small for London coming down from 85, so we now will have 60,000 (seats). So I am happy."

"I remember some of you journalists saying (when the track was retrained) that Lamine Diack had to deliver now, and so we have delivered now."

"We have to work together and Seb Coe is right that at the time of the bidding (presentation) it was a promise not just of a legacy of the stadium but a promise of an international inspiration to bring the youth of the world to discover our sport."

"The IAAF has already made good links with London’s inspirational vision with our IAAF Kids’ Athletics programme and we have just over five years to build-up to 2017. I think we have time to create something fantastic for our sport, for the future not just for Britain but for the rest of the world. I am dreaming of Britain coming back to have many great champions in middle and long distance (running) and I am hoping in these five years we can build back to that. If Seb made it (during his career) there is no reason to say that others cannot do it both here in Britain and the rest of Europe."

"I’m really happy we made a good choice today and I wish the best to the organising committee to continue its work.”

I must also congratulate Qatar on their bid which offers a great future for our sport. I pay tribute to them especially with the new ideas they presented and I hope they will bid again in the future."

Lord Coe, IAAF Vice-President, and spokesman for the 2017 London bid

“Thank you President for your confidence in our bid, for your confidence in our ability to deliver on the large part of the legacy which you yourself were so instrumental in, and to my Council colleagues for again showing their confidence in our ability to deliver a great championships.”

“I would be terribly remiss of me if I did not thank our team who presented today. I am extraordinarily grateful for the time that Boris (Boris Johnson, Mayor of London) has spent with us today, Obviously to our Minister Hugh Robertson (Minister of Sports) to Margaret Ford (Baroness Margaret Ford, OPLC Stadium Support)… and to Denis (Lewis – 2000 Olympic Heptathlon champion) and Jodie (Williams - the reigning World Junior and European Junior Champion in the 100m)…, to you Ed (Warner - Chair UKA) for corralling the troops in such a great and coordinated way.”

“We do take our responsibilities here very, very seriously and Ed you made it in your presentation today, that actually which ever city had prevailed today we face the same challenges of exciting more young people into track and field.”

“I do promise you President that along with my other duties I have we will try to find a couple male 1500m runners for the Champs in 2017. In fact we already have good female 1500m runners which is a good start.”

The members of the London 2017 Bid Presentation Team were as follows:

Seb Coe, IAAF Vice-President

Hugh Robertson, Minister of Sports

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

Baroness Margaret Ford, OPLC Stadium Support

Craig Reedie, IOC Member

Lynn Davies, President UKA

Ed Warner, Chair UKA

Niels de Vos, CEO UKA