IAAF to continue to recognise existing Women's Road Running records

IAAF to continue to recognise existing Women's Road Running records

Provided by IAAF

Monte-Carlo - Following a recommendation by the IAAF Competition Commission regarding Women’s World Records for Road Events, IAAF Council has approved the continued recognition of the currently existing World Records, regardless of the type of race in which they were achieved (mixed or women only) and new records will be officially recognised and ratified only if achieved in women-only races.

The 48th IAAF Congress in Daegu, Korea, approved that from now on, a Women’s World Record on the Road can no longer be set in a race in which the record setter is competing against men.  At the same time, however, no announcement was made about existing World Records, some of which were achieved in mixed races.

To be consistent with previous decisions taken in relation to changes to other World Records recognition principles, the Commission felt that the current World Records are still valid, which prompted their recommendation to Council which has been approved.

Wild Cards for Diamond Race winners to World Championships

Among the other major recommendations of the Competition Commission which were approved by Council there were three amendments concerning the qualification principles for the IAAF World Championships:

Samsung Diamond League - The overall event winners of the 32 Diamond Races which compose the Samsung Diamond League from the previous year will now benefit from a wild card much in the same way as already happens with the defending champion. However, only one or the other can participate as a wild card in case both are from the same country (so the maximum entry from a country will be limited to four in any individual event).  The decision to finally enter the athlete still rests entirely with the National Federation, which maintains full control of the final entries.

IAAF World Cross Country Championships - The top 15 finishers in the Senior Races of the World Cross Country Championships shall be considered as having achieved the ‘A’ standard in the 10,000m for the World Championships in the same year.

Marathon and Race Walk events - Effective in 2013, performances achieved in Marathon and Race Walk events that comply with the IAAF Rules (appropriate measurement of the course and required number of international judges where applicable) shall be automatically valid for qualification purposes without the need for such events to be subject to an application to be submitted to the IAAF in advance. This shall also apply to qualification for the Olympic Games.

Integrating Challenges into World Athletics Series Competitions

With the aim of increasing the appeal of the IAAF Permits, Challenges, and Label competitions the Commission looked for ways to increase their interaction and integration with the IAAF World Athletics Series of events. At the moment that sort of integration is limited to the Combined Events and Race Walking Challenges, which have some connection with the World Championships and Olympic Games in that they represent a scoring opportunity for both Challenges) and the Gold Label Road Races (whose top finishers are considered as ‘A’ standard achievers).

Therefore, the Commission made the following recommendations, all of which were approved by Council:

• In the year prior to the World Indoor Championships, the winner of the Combined Events Challenge will be invited to participate in the World Indoor Championships (if he/she is already entitled to the invitation, this is extended to the next ranked athlete).

• The top three in the Combined Events Challenge will be considered as having achieved the ‘A’ standard for the following year’s World Championships or Olympic Games.

• The top three in the Race Walking Challenge will be considered as having achieved the ‘A’ standard (in the 20km) for the following year’s World Championships or Olympic Games.

Continental Cup

Council also agreed the following recommended changes to the format of the IAAF / VTB Bank Continental Cup for the 2014 edition as follows:

• 1500m, 3000m, 5000m and 3000mSC: only two athletes from each team shall participate (as is the case in all other individual events)

• 3000m and 5000m: no athlete shall be allowed to double in these two events