Teleconference excerpts - Galen Rupp

Teleconference excerpts - Galen Rupp

Provided by USATF

INDIANAPOLIS -- On Tuesday USA Track & Field hosted a national media teleconference with Galen Rupp. Rupp established a new American record in Brussels on Friday of 26:48.00. Below are excerpts from the teleconference.

On setting the American record
“I was definitely aware of what it was (the American record). I knew I had a good shot to break it. I thought the pace was set up good when we went out in 13:25 (for 5,000 meters). At that point my focus was on competing. I knew the leaders were going to be close to that (AR). I put the time out of my head and focused on what I needed to be doing. I was really happy with the result. Never once during the race was I ever looking at the clock and thinking about where I needed to be. I tried to put it out of my head. With about 600 meters to go I was able to figure out where I was at.”

Reflecting on his season if he hadn’t set the American record
“I still would have thought it was a success. In my heart of hearts I knew I was in good shape. I was real happy the Brussels meet presented itself. I was real happy I was able to do it and not just telling yourself you can and getting the chance to end on a high note.”

On improving his finishing kick in the upcoming year
“It’s easier to kick in a 28-minute race (pace) than kicking in a fast pace. Given what I have done in slower races it has been going really well. We are trying to tap into my strengths. Sometimes it takes time. It takes years or doing a lot of strength workouts and to keep the same approach we have been taking. You have got to be able to finish fast in slow races to be able to close in fast races.”

Plans for this fall and for 2012
“I’m now taking a little time to enjoy the season and to just to be at home. We are all taking some down time. I will take two weeks off completely and we will get going again first week in October. We always do a review at the end and we will look at the races at the end of this break. We are taking it one day at a time.”

On the possibility of running a marathon
“I definitely want to run one. It’s more a thing with timing and when it fits into my schedule. I’m looking forward to running one. I had a great time running the New York City Half Marathon.”

On continuing to improve each season
“I’m really happy with where I am at. Every year you build on the season before. Heading into this year I will be better than I was the season before. I keep increasing things gradually. I have who I believe is the best coach in the world (Alberto Salazar) and train with the best runner in the world (Great Britain’s Mo Farah). I have great people around me and it’s exciting.”

On becoming more competitive in races
“I’m there at the end of races now. Two years ago it was hang on as long as you can. Now is the fun part where I’m going to be there at the end. It’s a matter of getting that last lap and last mile down. For me to make that next jump I have to be sound. I’m close to making that big jump. I think I have the pieces in place to do something well. I have great people around me and full confidence they are doing the right thing.”

The difference between faster times being run in the Diamond League than in the World Championships
“The one thing is definitely the rabbits in the Diamond League. That makes it easier to run faster. You get to championship meets and there are no rabbits. Some guys can sit back and they have a great finish. Some guys will complain they were expecting the pace to be faster when they could have done something about that. When you get to the championships level everyone has a decent kick.”

On the support of Nike
“I’m fortunate to have the support of Nike. They are always very supportive of me. With what Mo has done and what I’ve done, it’s a great company for us. I’m thankful for what they have done for me.”

On the relationships between Rupp and Farah
“We are really similar. He is more relaxed than I am. I thought I was a relaxed person, but he is the most relaxed person I have ever met. It’s amazing how laid back he is. He helps me see you will have good days and bad days, but it’s all about how you finish. It’s nice to be around someone like that. When it comes to business we are all in. We don’t talk about running a lot out of practice. That’s really important to have. We have such a great chemistry. We both understand when to push and when the other guy is not feeling good. We care about each other and want the other person to succeed. I would not be where I am today if he hadn’t come here last year. I couldn’t have made the strides I have in running. “

On the possibility of doubling on the 5,000m and 10,000m at the 2012 Olympic Games
“I think it’s a really good possibility. But a lot can happen between now and then. If things go really well there is a good chance I will do that.”