Grand Blanc's Jon Steinhoff wins the Crim 1-mile race, Anusha Mannam is the top female finisher

Grand Blanc's Jon Steinhoff wins the Crim 1-mile race, Anusha Mannam is the top female finisher

Provided by Flint Journal

FLINT —  After finishing the Crim’s 10-mile race earlier in the day, Grand Blanc’s Jon Steinhoff had an appetite for more competition.  

The 26-year-old needed to feast on more challengers so he entered the 1-mile run and placed at the top of the standings.

Steinhoff squeezed past Geoffrey Williston of Rochester Hills at the last stop to win the meet. His official time was 5:09 and Williston’s was 5:11.

Davison’s Sean Rosalez was No. 3 overall at 5:26.

This was Steinhoff’s first time running in the event, so his intent was to make a statement.

“I wanted to break five (minutes) today,” said Steinhoff, who will begin his freshman year on Mott Community College’s cross country team this season. “I didn’t know what the record was but I was gonna try to break it today.”

The 1-mile record was set by Ryan Corby in 1999. Corby bustled in at 4:51.   

Williston and Steinhoff were even for a quarter mile until Steinhoff found a way to break away from the pack in the waning moments.

“It was a really close race and he beat me out in the last final sprint,” said Williston. “But he’s a good runner.”

“This guy worried me and he was giving me a run for my money,” Steinhoff said of Williston.

Williston, 16, will enter his junior year at Avondale High School in Auburn Hills. He has contended in the Crim’s 1-mile run for 11 years and is on the varsity ranks for his school’s track squad.

Anusha Mannam ceased the top spot amongst female racers. Mannam, 14, posted an official time of 6:51.

“This is my first time and it feels real good,” said Mannam, a freshman-to-be at Grand Blanc High School.

Bethany Jokisch, a seventh grader at Grand Blanc East Middle School, was the second female finisher. Jokisch topped off her spurt at 6:56.

Katarina Genson of Bowling Green, Ky. was the third lady to cross the finish line at 7:13.