How did you do in today's Crim Festival of Races?

How did you do in today's Crim Festival of Races?

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Around January, when the realization set in that I gained more pregnancy weight than my wife did before our son was born, I decided to start training for the Crim 10-mile race.

This was the first time I've done the race in a couple years, and the first time I've ever done it with legitimate training. I've tried to run at least three miles a day five days a week since January. Time-wise, my results weren't much different. I finished in about two hours, which is right about where I've finished each of the previous times I've ran. But the training made a significant difference in how I felt post-race, after all, I'm able to sit upright and type right now, which is a big change from the prone position on the couch I usually spend two or three days in after finishing the 10-mile.

How did everyone else do? Which race did you run? Did you accomplish any goals you set out for? Any parts of the course that were particularly challenging or fun? We want to hear from you, so post your thoughts on the race in the comments.