800-meter track star Geena Gall said Crim 10 mile is 'difficult in its own way'

800-meter track star Geena Gall said Crim 10 mile is 'difficult in its own way'

Provided by Flint Journal

FLINT, Michigan — Geena Gall was out of her comfort zone by 9.5 miles.

In an 800-meter race, none of the women in the Crim 10-mile road race can touch her.
Gall, a Grand Blanc High graduate, is a world-class half-miler who is a contender to make the U.S. Olympic team next summer.

Her training is geared toward running all-out for two laps around a track, not toward holding on for the long haul in a 10-mile race.

She had never run a race longer than six kilometers before she ran the Crim Saturday morning. The Crim proved to be a humbling experience, as she finished 26th among women with a time of 1:04.52.

“It was definitely hard, difficult in its own way,” said Gall, a two-time NCAA 800-meter champion at the University of Michigan. “You just have to pace yourself. I went out too hard the first mile-and-a-half. I finished well. I ran 64 minutes. That’s pretty good for running my first one.”

Despite growing up in the Flint area, Gall never ran the Crim 10-mile race. She lives and trains in Oregon, but has been home visiting family and friends after her track season ended.

“This has always been a goal of mine,” she said. “I wanted to do it. I was home for it, so I might as well sign up for the Crim and see what happens. It was great.”

Gall broke the two-minute barrier in the 800 for the first time this summer, doing it three times and lowering her personal best to 1:59.62.

“I’ve definitely broken a barrier,” she said. “I felt strong the whole season. Hopefully, next year I’ll go under 1:59 and make the Olympic team; that’s my main goal.”