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January 28, 2023- Saturday

Winter Switchback run


  • Start Time : 10 AM


  • Grass Lake
  • Green Road
  • 49240
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  • 5K : TRAIL RUN


  • $5



THE Winter SWITCHBACKS ? (2023 version)

We don’t need no fancy race gear – just us versus nature !!!!!!

What: Probably the toughest 5K you have ever attempted. Roughly 4 loops of what locals call “the
switchbacks”. Dirt, rocks, uphill, poor footing predominately on tight, rocky trails. Hopefully icy, slippery,
and/or drift-covered. Also- the course is probably long. The loops cover a section of the Waterloo trail
system, and on Green Road, a little-traveled chunk of hills and dirt. Basically, it is the stuff that would
make a Mule puke.
Where: The start is uphill from the parking lot on the south side of Green Road, near the eastern Jackson
County line. Take I-94 Exit 153 North 2 or 3 miles. Go east on Green road ¾ mile. NOTE – the East end
of Green Road is demolished – don’t try to approach from the East.
When: 10 AM on Saturday, Jan 28. This ensures that the race will be cold and miserable, and the wind
has had a chance to kick up. The horse excrement sometimes is partially thawed, and makes a messy
“soup” that will reduce traction.
Why: Good luck explaining this one to your friends.
Awards: There will be no awards. BUT, anyone who finishes the race without walking will receive a
unique something to be determined by the prize committee. Don’t worry, it will be one-of-a-kind BACK
BY POPULAR DEMAND: Anyone “beating their age” by 20 min or more will win a beverage of
your choice at the Waterloo Market immediately after the race. Example: You are 52 years old,
but run a 31 minute race –Bottoms up!!!
Cost: A $5 Bill. No checks or anything that would require technology. We will have no change. There will
be no pre-registration. Race day registration will start at 9 AM, and will be limited to the first 50 lunatics.
The money will go towards the prizes and towards the Chelsea Runners.
Other features:
? No bathrooms. Runners should use the stump by that big pile of rocks, or the outhouses about
1mile north at Clear Lake park.
? No water. If you want some, bring your own or go without
? No splits. They probably wouldn’t be accurate anyways.
? No music, cheerleaders, or other entertainment. You will get nothing except possibly frostbite if you
survive. Anyone caught wearing headphones, excessive spandex, or fancy matching workout
clothing will be shunned.
? Additional running allowed. Before or after the race, you can get lost on the brutal, seemingly
infinite Waterloo-Pinckney trail system that connects with the course. You may cut a hole in the ice
at Clear Lake and get cleaned off if you wish.
? Any questions, please call 734-433-9338 or email Julie Swager at [email protected]
? Check out pictures, times, and how dumb this really is at the following site:

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