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February 19, 2022- Saturday

Snow Moon Trail Run presented by Short's Brewing Company


  • Start Time : 4:30 PM


  • Midland
  • 2840 E Monroe Rd
  • 48640
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  • 5K : TRAIL RUN
  • 15K : TRAIL RUN
  • 25K : TRAIL RUN


  • 5K Run/Walk/Ruck - Day or Night (1 Lap) - $35; with shirt - $45 15K Run/Ruck (3 Laps) - $40; with shirt - $50 25K Run (5 Laps) - $40; with shirt - $50



Join Dig Deep, Shorts Brewing Company and Jolt Credit Union in presenting the 6th Annual Snow Moon Trail Run! The Snow moon is a traditional name for the full moon that occurs in February in North America. This event has hearty trail runners embracing the snow and cold air temperatures with a unique race through the dark night with cool LED lights marking the path along with what might be the most festive “aid station” ever at a race!

Runners embark on one of several race distance options - 5k, 15k or 25k - along a 5k loop of wide trails (not single track) through the woods of City Forest in Midland, Michigan. Those participants completing multiple laps (15k and 25k) will run through a chute located at the venue area alongside the Snow Moon event tent (where the finish line is located). New this year! Participants in the 5K event will be able to run during daylight hours in an afternoon event prior to the night race kicking off. Those running the daylight 5K will also be able to register for one of the evening events.

A portion of proceeds will benefit the Eagles of Midland 2110 and their community efforts.

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