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May 01, 2021- Saturday





  • Location is anywhere!
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  • 50K : RUN/WALK


  • Pay what you can. PWYC! There is no cost to participate in this challenge. If you can afford to pay anything to participate in this challenge, we thank you. We exist only because of our participants participation in our events. We miss you all so much and we appreciate you so much! Any funds collected will go directly towards helping keeping our small business afloat so we can continue on creating fun events for you after the pandemic.


We're going streaking!

What is this about? Socially distanced and quarantined but still looking for a challenge? The Head Goat is going streaking. Join Randy for at least a mile a day for the month of May, it's a sneaky way to get in a 50K! Walk, skip, hop, jump, jog, run... your choice!

NEW FOR 2021 - Participate as a team (optional)

Chasing the Goats!

Randy and his fam will be trying to log big miles in May and they want you to chase them! While trying to maintain your streak of 1 Mile or more a day, you and 5 teammates will get to add your miles together and try and hang with the goats….or, do you dare….pass them!

Teams must consist of at least 3 female “nanny” goats! The rest of the team can be billy goats or more nanny’s! Teams can be up to six members, you do not have to have a complete set of six.

Winning team will receive a set of Golden Goat Trophies to proudly display at their home! Select create or join a team below to participate!

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