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October 25, 2020- Sunday

Trail Weekend 5M, 26.2M, 50K




  • Pinckney
  • 48169
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  • 5 Mile : TRAIL RUN
  • 26.2 Mile : TRAIL RUN
  • 50K : TRAIL RUN


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This race, now in its 33rd year, started before a single knobby bike tire rolled around
Potowatami Trail.
"Poto", is a big bad loop of hilly kick your butt wilderness single track trail. Due to the fact that most Americans are comatose couch potatoes, the 12,000 acres of Pinckney Recreation Area remains a wilderness, even though it's only a 55 minute drive from metro Detroit.
I do enjoy a solitary run on Poto but once a year it's fun to lace em' up and scamper through the woods with a thousand of my best friends. It's a celebration of dirt, sweat and pain that renews my faith in humanity.
Come join us!
Randy Step, Race Director
NEW JUST FOR 2020: Due to the 2020 date change we're excited to introduce ANOTHER chellenge! We understand many of you might already be signed up for a beloved fall half marathon or marathon! For anyone participating in Free Press 13.1 or 26.2, or Grand Rapids 13.1 or 26.2 the weekend before, you're invited to participate in the PAVEMENT TO PINES challenge! This is a running challenge to hit the pavement and then a week later hit the pines at Pinckney Rec area! Of course it will come with a coveted award!

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