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October 12, 2019- Saturday

2019 Run4Wine


  • Start Time : 5:00pm


  • Grand Blanc
  • 48439
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  • August 2-October 7: $45 Shirt upgrade +$5 October 8-October 12th: $50 Shirt size guaranteed until September 25th (tech option must be pre-booked) Entry fees are non-refundable & non-transferable AFTERPARTY TICKETS $20



Presenting the 8th annual Run4Wine…a race party like no other. The race will be held on Saturday, October 12, 2019 at the Jewel of Grand Blanc. This fun-filled event is designed for men and women: race enthusiasts, walkers, and social butterflies looking for a good time while getting some exercise. We switched from 4 miles to a 5k last year as well as a course change and the feedback was overwhelming. So we are keeping it again for this year! What does this mean? Less run, more party!

The first 400 to register will get a commemorative wine glass. There will be wine tasting after the race.

Shirts are always a hot topic of conversation. So this year we are offering 2 shirt options. The included 60/40 blend shirt from Next Level is the same as last year. Sizing can be found HERE and there will also be a full size run of samples at Complete Runner if you want to try it on. The second option will be a long sleeve tech shirt from Craft for $5 more. These will have to be pre-ordered by Sept 25th, so sign up early if you want one.

Join us for the “AFTER RACE PARTY” which is free to all participants. It includes a tasty buffet, entertainment, and of course wine and cocktail tasting!

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