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We have been serving the running community of Michigan since 1996. And that community feeling is what keeps us going. Our primary goals have always been to support and promote running in the state of Michigan.

We do this for you!

First and foremost, we care mostly about everyone's health and safety. We feel for everyone affected by Covid-19. We admire all of you who have been working hard to make our lives easier and appreciate those runners who have had their track, xc and road race seasons canceled or cut short.

This is all definitely something none of us expected. And, we never realized how much that running and running related businesses would be affected by it. Things are tough now for all of us. We're not only thinking of the present, but we want to be ready for the future -- to be ready when we're all back to doing what we love!

All running related businesses have been hit hard in 2020. We are no exception. And it makes us realize even more that if we are going to do everything we can to help you, the runners of Michigan, we’re going to have to ask for your support and ask that we all come together to help make a difference.

We've got big plans and we want you to join us. We want to not only keep alive, but we want to build the running community in Michigan even stronger!

We want to find ways to post and archive more of the history of running in Michigan, help support other running programs, and do even more to cover our state's runners in ways never before imagined.

Please help us make a difference.

Please support us in our journey. And, please support all of those running related businesses that have been hit so hard and have very little if any income right now with in-person events not being able to take place.

With your support, we can do some amazing things!

Thank you!

Thank you! And if you'd like to reach out to us to find out more, we'd love to hear from you.

John Brabbs
Judith Cutler
Dave McCauley co-owners

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