Irish Track and Field Adds to BIG EAST Qualifying List at Indoor Opener‏

Irish Track and Field Adds to BIG EAST Qualifying List at Indoor Opener‏

Irish Track and Field Adds to BIG EAST Qualifying List at Indoor Opener‏Provided by IAAF

Irish Track and Field Adds to BIG EAST Qualifying List at Indoor Opener

Notre Dame student-athletes set 34 conference standards.

Jan. 15, 2010 NOTRE DAME, Ind. The Irish track and field squads opened 2010 with theNotre Dame Indoor Opener Friday evening at the Loftus Sports Center. Butler,DePaul, Loyola and the women¹s team from Western Michigan joined the Irishfor their first competition of 2010. Notre Dame set 34 BIG EAST qualifying standards and watched as former IrishAll-American Mary Saxer, competing unattached, tied her own Loftus SportsCenter record with a 4.15m (13-7 1/4) pole vault mark. Sophomore KevinSchipper became the first Irish athlete this season to set an NCAAprovisional qualifying mark, doing so with a 5.20m (17-0 3/4) vault. The Irish return to the Loftus Sports Center next weekend to host the NotreDame Invitational. Women¹s 60m Hurdles: Nevada Sorenson was the top finisher with a time of8.59, followed by Kali Watkins in second at 8.78 and Western Michigan¹sAshley Hunault in third with a time of 8.99. The Broncos¹ Iris Campbellfinished fourth at 9.21, Western Michigan¹s Amanda Fenton was fifth with atime of 9.45, the Broncos¹ Alexis Brown was sixth in 9.52 and MaddieButtinger finished seventh with a time of 9.53. Butler¹s Lindsey Corbittclocked in at 10.01 to finish eighth, Western Michigan¹s Kate Boyd was ninthin 10.01 and the Broncos¹ Shelly Mathewson finished 10th with a time of10.56. Sorenson and Watkins both qualified for the BIG EAST Championships Men¹s 60m Hurdles: Justin Schneider clocked in at 8.77 to finish first,followed by Butler¹s Brent Sever in second at 8.77 and Loyola¹s Jon Christin third with a time of 9.33. Women¹s 60m: Western Michigan¹s Ashley Hunault was the top sprinter with atime of 7.79, followed by DePaul¹s Idia Omogiate in second at 7.84 and theBlue Demons¹ Ivy Moffett in third at 7.92. The Broncos¹ Iris Campbellfinished fourth with a time of 8.01, teammate Cha¹nese Mendenhall was fifthat 8.02, Jaime Minor finished sixth in 8.06, Shasha Blanchard was seventh in8.14, Western Michigan¹s Amanda Fenton finished eighth with a time of 8.65and the Broncos¹ Kate Boyd finished ninth in 8.70. Men¹s 60m: DePaul¹s Chris Kyles set a BIG EAST qualifying mark of 7.00 andtook the top spot in the event. Eric Quick finished second at 7.14, Butler¹sRomeo Harper was third at 7.18, DePaul¹s Cameron Bretl finished fourth in7.41 and Dean Odegard was fifth with a time of 7.81. Women¹s 200m: Joanna Schultz clocked in at 24.71 to win the event, followedby Western Michigan¹s Victoria Chatman in second at 25.36 and DePaul¹sLindsey Holden in third at 25.44. Western Michigan¹s Ashley Hunault finishedfourth at 25.53, DePaul¹s Idia Omogiate was fifth at 25.72, WesternMichigan¹s Jeriesha Tucker finished sixth at 25.87 and the Broncos¹ Cha¹neseMendenhall finished seventh in 25.95. Nevada Sorenson crossed the line in26.10 to finish eighth, Kali Watkins was ninth at 26.29, Sasha Blanchardfinished 10th in 26.64, Western Michigan¹s Erinma Elibe was 11th at 27.09and DePaul¹s Brittany Lewis finished 12th in 27.16. Butler¹s Arielle Arzufinished 13th in 27.68, Loyola¹s Natalie LeFlore was 14th in 28.32, Butler¹sJessica Langsdon finished 15th in 28.44, the Bulldogs¹ Lindsey Corbitt was16th at 29.71 and Loyola¹s Candice Carajohn finished 17th in 29.81. Schultzand Holden set BIG EAST qualifying marks. Men¹s 200m: DePaul¹s Chris Kyles set a BIG EAST qualifying mark and won theevent with a time of 22.51. Alexander Gill, running unattached, finishedsecond at 22.62, Butler¹s Romeo Harper was third in 22.97, DePaul¹s GilbertLifton finished fourth in 23.06 and Loyola¹s Ricky Headrick was fifth in23.10. The Ramblers¹ Dennis Kott was sixth in 23.225, followed by TyrellAtkins in seventh at 23.228, Sean Lindbloom in eighth at 23.47 and Loyola¹sTom Andreoni was ninth at 23.55. DePaul¹s Cameron Bretl finished 10th in23.69, Loyola¹s Jon Christ finished 11th at 24.145 and Butler¹s Brett Severwas 12th at 24.145. Women¹s 400m: DePaul¹s Lindsey Holden set a BIG EAST qualifying mark andtook the top spot with a time of 57.40. Natalie Johnson finished second at58.06, Samantha Williams was third in 58.13, Western Michigan¹s Erinma Elibefinished fourth at 1:00.10 and Ericka Nowell was fifth at 1:01.19. WesternMichigan¹s Cara Cremeans finished sixth at 1:01.49, DePaul¹s Brittany Thomaswas seventh in 1:01.63, the Broncos¹ Alexis Brown finished eighth in1:01.64, Butler¹s Erica Hunt was ninth in 1:02.59, the Bulldogs¹ JessicaLangsdon finished 10th in 1:03.44, Western Michigan¹s Autumn Graysonfinished 11th in 1:07.23 and Butler¹s Kelsey Neal was 12th in 1:08.10. Men¹s 400m: Irish runners claimed the top five spots with Matthew Brownleading the way at 49.92. Edward Hitchler finished second at 49.97, CameronEckert was third at 50.14, Brendan Dougherty was fourth at 50.25 and AlexKorenstra was fifth at 50.59. DePaul¹s Gilbert Lifton finished sixth with atime of 51.37, Ronnie Kadykowski was seventh at 51.76, Eric Roth finishedeighth in 52.24, DePaul¹s Ryan Bosman was ninth at 53.18 and Loyola¹s MattWieczorek finished 10th in 55.58. Women¹s 500m: Joanna Schultz earned the top spot with a time of 1:12.12,followed by Western Michigan¹s Victoria Chatman in second at 1:13.84 andLoyola¹s Devin Gosberry in third with a time of 1:14.26. Samantha Williams¹finished fourth at 1:15.56, Natalie Johnson was fifth in 1:16.30, DePaul¹sKelcie Daniels finished sixth with a time of 1:17.95, Western Michigan¹sBrittany Calhoun clocked in at 1:18.79 to finish seventh, Loyola¹s SophiaHoly was eighth at 1:20.63 and the Ramblers¹ Jenn Bane finished ninth in1:21.36. Schultz, Williams and Johnson all set BIG EAST qualifying marks. Men¹s 500m: The Irish took the top five spots led by Jack Howard with a timeof 1:04.31. Balazs Molnar was second in 1:04.74, Edward Hitchler finishedthird in 1:04.93, Alex Korenstra was fourth at 1:05.24 and Matthew Brownfinished fifth in 1:05.44. Loyola¹s Mike Wetzel (1:06.24), RamunasStanciauskas (1:06.45) and Tom Andreoni (1:06.56) took the 6-8 spots,followed by Blake Choplin in ninth at 1:06.64 and the Ramblers¹ RickyHeadrick (1:07.06) and Dennis Kott (1:08.91) in 10th and 11th, respectively.Howard, Molnar, Hitchler and Korenstra all set BIG EAST qualifying marks. Women¹s 800m: Kelly Langhans clocked in at 2:12.08 to finish first, DePaul¹sMary Cate Quiett finished second at 2:12.78 and Allison Schroeder finishedthird in 2:14.65. DePaul¹s Toni Salvatori finished fourth in 2:19.66,Butler¹s Kirsty Legg was fifth in 2:19.72, the Bulldogs¹ Kaitlyn Love wassixth in 2:21.60 and Angela Ryck was seventh with a time of 2:24.66. WesternMichigan¹s Leya Munwam (2:25.38) and Shameka Hamilton (2:26.36) finishedeighth and ninth, respectively, followed by Anne McCarthy in 10th at2:26.85, Loyola¹s Holly Rhode in 11th at 2:28.97, the Bulldogs¹ CatherineCrisler in 12th at 2:30.44 and Gena Bleyer in 13th at 2:32.88. Langhans,Quiett and Schroeder all set BIG EAST qualifying marks. Men¹s 800m: Butler¹s Rob Mullett finished first with a time of 1:52.23.Jeremy Rae was second at 1:53.46, Kevin Labus was third at 1:53.74,Johnathan Shawel finished fourth in 1:53.83 and Zac Suriano finished fifthwith a time 1:54.81. Mitch Lorenz clocked in at 1:54.94 to finish sixth,J.P. Mallette was seventh at 1:55.15, Brier Steenberge finished eighth at1:56.28, Spencer Carter was ninth in 1:56.58 and Loyola¹s Declan Murray was10th with a time of 1:57.01. Max Cruz finished 11th in 1:57.15, DePaul¹sEdin Pasalic was 12th in 1:57.64, Joe Miller finished 13th in 1:58.94,DePaul¹s Tyler Schmitt finished 14th in 1:59.20, Loyola¹s Anthony Wile was15th at 2:00.23, the Ramblers¹ Peter Grimson was 16th at 2:00.87 andDePaul¹s Matt Pietrus was 17th at 2:04.70. Rae, Labus, Shawel, Suriano andLorenz all qualified for the BIG EAST Championships. Women¹s 1000m: The Irish took the top three spots and hitting BIG EASTqualifying marks. Abby Higgins led the way with a time of 2:54.62, justahead of Rebecca Tracy in second at 2:54.66 and Molly Sullivan in third witha time of 2:55.00. Western Michigan¹s Cara Cremeans finished fourth in2:56.34, the Broncos¹ Jeriesha Tucker was fifth at 2:58.41 and WesternMichigan¹s Rachel Whitley was sixth with a time of 3:01.11. DePaul¹s KellyPickering finished seventh at 3:04.06, ahead of teammate Courtney Avvampatoin eighth at 3:05.02 and Western Michigan¹s Jill Odom in ninth at 3:07.55.Loyola¹s Caitlin Ferry (3:12.03), Holly Rhode (3:14.01) and CatherineCrisler (3:14.94) finished in the 10-12 spots, while Western Michigan¹sAutumn Grayson finished 13th with a time of 3:27.52. Men¹s 1000m: The Irish finished 1-2-3 with Randall Babb leading the way witha BIG EAST qualifying mark of 2:28.02. Cameron Eckert finished second at2:30.13, and Trent Sayers was third in 2:30.42. Women¹s 3000m: Western Michigan¹s Jennifer Roberts was the top finisher witha time of 10:03.97. Butler¹s Marbeth Shiell was second at 10:10.74 and theBulldogs¹ Sara Bird finished third at 10:11.03. DePaul¹s Terah Cheatham(10:12.32) and Stephanie Hughes (10:27.72) finished fourth and fifth,respectively, ahead of Loyola¹s Genevieve Binnie (10:28.84) and Jen Rock(10:30.17) in sixth and seventh. Butler¹s Lauren Haberkorn finished eighthat 10:35.08, Molly Hirt was ninth in 10:36.02, Elizabeth Barron was 10th in10:37.14 and Loyola¹s Gina Valgoi was 11th at 10:39.20. The Blue Demons¹Claire O¹Brien finished 12th in 10:45.08, Pam Staton, running unattached,finished 13th in 10:50.25, Butler¹s Karleen Ritchie finished 14th in11:14.40 and Western Michigan¹s Molly Grube (11:42.42) and Teresa Marin(11:51.15) finished 15th and 16th, respectively. Men¹s 3000m: DePaul¹s Matthew Graham finished first in 8:38.91, followed byLoyola¹s Danny Docherty in second at 8:42.45 and the Blue Demons¹ MaxRodrigues in third at 8:52.94. Butler¹s Matt Lawder finished fourth in8:57.65, Loyola¹s Josh Stein finished fifth with a time of 9:10.44 andDePaul¹s Brian Begalke was sixth at 9:15.56. Women¹s Mile: Butler¹s Lauren McKillop won the eventh with a time of4:56.50, just ahead of Marissa Treece, who finished second and set a BIGEAST qualifying mark of 4:58.04. Pam Staton, running unattached, finishedthird in 5:03.40, Butler¹s Shelbi Burnett was fourth at 5:08.06 and WesternMichigan¹s Samantha Tomerlin finished fifth in 5:10.91. Loyola¹s Jen Rockfinished sixth with a time of 5:15.19, Western Michigan¹s Jenna Matthewsfinished seventh in 5:17.18, the Ramblers¹ Gina Valgoi was eighth in 5:17.61and the Broncos¹ Kelsey Burgess finished ninth in 5:20.53. Loyola¹sGenevieve Binnie clocked in at 5:20.98 to finish 10th, Alissa Ott finished11th in 5:23.00, Susanna Sullivan was 12th in 5:23.06, Butler¹s WhitneyTurner finished 13th at 5:25.06 and the Bulldog¹s Nicole Humphrey finished14th with a time of 5:50.00. Men¹s Mile: Butler¹s Stephen Lisgo finished first with a time of 4:12.32,Jake Walker was second at 4:15.91 and Dan Jackson finished third in 4:16.04.Kelly Lynch finished fourth in 4:16.52, DePaul¹s Greg Udzielak was fifth at4:17.03 and Ryan Gamboa clocked in at 4:17.94 to finish sixth. Loyola¹s JoshStein (4:18.57), Matt McCabe (4:24.16) and Nolan Fine (4:25.44) took the7-8-9 spots, while Thomas Noel finished 10th in 4:34.75. Walker, Jackson,Lynch, Udzielak and Gamboa secured BIG EAST qualifying marks. Women¹s 4x400m Relay: Western Michigan A took the top spot with a time of3:50.53, followed by Notre Dame A in second at 3:53.19 and the Broncos¹ Bteam in third at 4:00.06. Notre Dame C finished fourth at 4:00.86, DePaul Bwas fifth in 4:03.07 and Western Michigan D finished sixth with a time of4:05.02. Notre Dame¹s B team finished seventh in 4:06.01, Loyola A waseighth in 4:10.32 and Western Michigan C was ninth in 4:12.45. Men¹s 4x400m Relay: Notre Dame took the top four spots with the B squadcoming in at 3:22.20. The Irish A team finished second at 3:22.48, followedby the C team at 3:27.84 and the E group at 3:28.47. DePaul A finished fifthat 3:29.54, Loyola A was sixth with a time of 3:30.86 and Notre Dame¹s Dteam finished seventh at 3:32.97. Women¹s Long Jump: Jasmine Williams was the top finisher with a jump of5.44m (17-10 1/2), followed by Maddie Buttinger in second at 5.38m (17-8)and DePaul¹s Ivy Moffett in third with a mark of 5.27m (17-3 1/2). JaimeMinor was fourth at 5.15m (16-10 3/4), Western Michigan¹s Shelly Mathewsonwas fifth at 5.12m (16-9 3/4), Loyola¹s Liz Butler finished sixth with ajump of 5.11m (16-9 1/4) and the Ramblers¹ Natalie LeFlore was seventh at5.04m (16-6 1/2). Lauren Leniart finished eighth with a mark of 4.96m (16-31/4), Western Michigan¹s Ariel Arnold was ninth at 4.86m (15-11 1/2),DePaul¹s Cynthia Edwards finished 10th with a mark of 4.74m (15-6 3/4),Loyola¹s Candice Carajohn was 11th at 4.70m (15-5) and the Blue Demons¹Brittany Lewis was 12th with a jump of 4.16m (13-7 3/4). Men¹s Long Jump: DePaul¹s Joseph Strawder qualified for the BIG EAST andearned the top spot with a jump of 6.95m (22-9 3/4). The Blue Demons¹ EddieAnderson finished second with a mark of 6.59m (21-7 1/2), while Ted Glasnowfinished third at 6.46m (21-2 1/2). Justin Schneider recorded a jump of6.30m (20-8) to finish fourth, followed by Patrick Glass in fifth at 6.09m(19-11 3/4) and Loyola¹s Matt Wieczorek finished sixth with a mark of 4.52m(14-10). Women¹s Triple Jump: Jaime Minor set a BIG EAST qualifying mark and won theevent with a jump of 11.38m (37-4). DePaul¹s Cynthia Edwards finished secondat 11.05m (36-3), Jasmine Williams was third at 10.98m (36-0 1/4), WesternMichigan¹s Leya Munwam finished fourth at 10.96m (35-11 1/2), Lauren Leniartwas fifth with a jump of 10.70m (35-1 1/2), Loyola¹s Natalie LeFlorefinished sixth in 10.25m (33-7 1/2) and the Ramblers¹ Candice Carajohn wasseventh in 10.07m (33-0 1/2). Men¹s Triple Jump: DePaul¹s Joseph Strawder clinched the win with a jump of14.89m (48-10 1/4), followed by Eric Quick in second at 47-10 1/2), DePaul¹sEddie Anderson in third at 12.84m (42-1 1/2), Patrick Glass in fourth with ajump of 12.73m (41-9 1/4) and Doug Onuscheck in fifth at 12:53m (41-1 1/2).Strawder and Quick qualified for the BIG EAST Championships. Women¹s Weight Throw: Western Michigan¹s Irene Cooper set an NCAAprovisional mark and won the event with a mark of 19.45m (63-9 3/4). FormerIrish thrower Anna Weber, competing unattached, finished second at 19.00m(62-4), and DePaul¹s Alanna Kovacs recorded a toss of 15.01m (49-3) tofinish third. Western Michigan¹s Stephanie Mitchell (14.89m, 48-10 1/4) andChrissy Bays (14.77m, 48-5 1/2) finished fourth and fifth, respectively,followed by DePaul¹s Katie McFabe in sixth at 14.42m (47-3 3/4), Loyola¹sJordan Rohfling was seventh at 14.31m (46-11 1/2) and Mason Bashaw waseighth at 13.73m (45-0 1/2). Western Michigan¹s Linsay Bloor finished ninthwith a toss of 13.72m (45-0 1/4), the Broncos¹ Sarah Morris was 10th at13.37m (43-10 1/2), Madeline Casanova finished 11th with a mark of 13.30m(43-7 3/4) and DePaul¹s Ginny McFabe was 12th at 13.12m (43-0 1/2). WesternMichigan¹s Kaylee Finney finished 13th with a mark of 11.92m (39-1 1/4), theBroncos¹ Laura Van Voorhis was 14th at 11.70m (38-4 3/4) and Loyola¹s AmeliaGames finished 15th with a toss of 11.40m (37-5). Men¹s Weight Throw: Loyola¹s Michael Jarman took the top spot with a toss of18.53m (60-9 1/2), followed by DePaul¹s Brad Millar in second at 18.05m(59-2 3/4) and Greg Davis in third with a throw of 17.57m (57-7 3/4). JohnBelcher finished fourth at 17.14m (56-3), Mitchell Gormley was fifth at16.46m (54-0), Denes Veres finished sixth with a toss of 15.08m (49-5 3/4)and Andrew Hills was seventh at 14.92m (48-11 1/2). Loyola¹s Erik Hernandezfinished eighth at 14.72m (48-3 1/2), DePaul¹s Tim Vala was ninth at 14.35m,Mike Smigelski finished 10th at 14.25m (46-9) and Anthony Thomas was 11th at11.85m (38-10 1/2). Millar, Davis, Belcher, Gormley and Veres hit BIG EASTqualifying marks. Women¹s Pole Vault: Former Irish All-American Mary Saxer, competingunattached, tied her Loftus Sports Center record with a vault of 4.15m (13-71/4). Three vaulters, Chrissy Finkel and Jessica Sullivan and WesternMichigan¹s Bailey Wandyg and Sarah Ross, all hit 3.40m (11-1 3/4), whileRikki Lynn London and Annie Polcari cleared the vault at 3.25m (10-8).Finkel and Sullivan both qualified for the BIG EAST Championships. Men¹s Pole Vault: Kevin Schipper set an NCAA provisional and BIG EASTqualifying mark with a first-place vault of 5.20m (17-0 3/4). Matt Schipperfinished second, qualifying for the BIG EAST, with a mark of 4.80m (15-9)and Dean Odegard finished third at a BIG EAST mark of 4.35m (14-3 1/4).Benigno Sandoval finished fourth at 4.05m (13-3 1/2). Women¹s High Jump: Western Michigan¹s Alexis Brown won the event with a markof 1.68m (5-6). Maddie Buttinger also hit 1.68m (5-6), setting a BIG EASTqualifying mark. Kendra Jennings finished third at 1.63m (5-4 1/4), WesternMichigan¹s Shelly Mathewson was fourth at 1.58m (5-2 1/4) and the Broncos¹Iris Campbell was fifth at 1.53m (5-0 1/4). Men¹s High Jump: Doug Onuscheck was the top jumper with a mark of 1.91m (6-31/4), followed by Justin Schneider in second at 1.86m (6-1 1/4), DeanOdegard was third at 1.81m (5-11 1/4) and Loyola¹s Matt Wieczorek finishedfourth with a jump of 1.61m (5-3 1/4). Women¹s Shot Put: Western Michigan¹s Stephanie Mitchell finished first witha mark of 14.03m (46-0 1/2), while teammate Irene Cooper was second at13.96m (45-9 3/4). Jaclyn Espinoza finished third at 13.71m (44-11 3/4),Rudy Atang was fourth at 13.47m (44-2 1/2), DePaul¹s Alanna Kovacs finishedfifth at 12.94m (42-5 1/2) and Western Michigan¹s Chrissy Bays was sixth at12.24m (40-2). DePaul¹s Ebonie Cobb finished seventh at 12.00m (39-4 1/2),Madeline Casanova was eighth at 11.87m (38-11 1/2), Western Michigan¹sKaylee Finney finished ninth at 11.06m (36-3 1/2), Loyola¹s Amelia Games was10th at 10.64m (34-11), Butler¹s Catherine Watkins was 11th at 10.55m (34-71/2) and the Broncos¹ Laura van Voorhis was 12th at 9.77m (32-0 3/4).Espinoza, Atang and Kovacs all hit BIG EAST qualifying marks. Men¹s Shot Put: Denes Veres was the top finisher with a mark of 17.25m (56-71/4). DePaul¹s Tim Nedow was second at 16.75m (54-11 1/2), Loyola¹s ErikHernandez finished third at 16.10m (52-10), the Blue Demons¹ Matt Babicz wasfourth with a toss of 15.91m (52-2 1/2) and John Belcher finished fifth at15.58m (51-1 1/2). Andrew Hills finished sixth at 15.54m (51-0), DePaul¹sJim Theologes finished seventh at 14.60m (47-11), Greg Davis was eighth witha mark of 14.39m (47-2 1/2) and Loyola¹s Michael Jarman finished ninth at14.28m (46-10 1/4). Anthony Thomas finished 10th with a toss of 13.56m(44-6), DePaul¹s Tim Vala was 11th in 13.00m (42-8), Butler¹s Nathan Harterfinished 12th at 12.59m (41-3 3/4) and the Blue Demons¹ James Wallerfinished 13th with a mark of 12.52m (41-1). The Bulldogs¹ Brad Owen was 14that 12.34m (40-6), Ted Glasnow finished 15th at 11.33m (37-2 1/4) andLoyola¹s Matt Wieczorek finished 16th at 7.19m (23-7 1/4). Veres, Nedow,Babicz, Belcher and Hills all set BIG EAST qualifying marks. --ND--