Runners Go Bumper In The Night

Runners Go Bumper In The Night

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Runners Go Bumper In The Night 


(2/10) Shelby Twp – As darkness fell on the evening of February 10th in Southeast Michigan, a hearty gaggle of runners descended on Stony Creek Metro Park to challenge themselves on the 6 mile paved bike path that encircles Stony Creek Lake.  And park workers did their part in keeping the course clear for runners on this typically snowy, blowy, chilly Michigan winter evening. 

But this wasn’t  just some casual training run.  This was the night of an annual mainstay on the yearly race calendar known as The Bumper Run.  This is a race that is held each year to promote and educate pedestrians and drivers on sharing the roads and trails as safely as possible.  Unfortunately, and tragically, in 2015, a good friend of this event, its organizer, and many of the participants – Perry Badia – was lost in an accident on Oakland University’s campus when he was hit and killed by a car while running.  Racers in this event are encouraged to take any and every opportunity to spread the message of safety, and hopefully prevent the same kind of devastating accident from happening to others.   

Donnie Richmond, originally from Oxford, MI, traveled all the way across the state from Portland, MI to test his fitness, and found he was more than up to the task, as he dominated the field, winning by over 8 minutes.  Yet he cautioned that there was more than enough challenge in the race, with the difficult footing under a thin layer of fresh snow that also disguised the path and made it difficult to stay on track, and not step off the pavement onto the snow-covered grass. 

Winning for the women was Nichole Langworthy, who held off the challenge of second place runner Jessica Beltran by a mere second in the most exciting finish of the night.. 

Sponsors donated generously to this event once again, and helped make this 22nd straight year of the race an annual ongoing success.  Fuddruckers, National Coney Island, Hooters, Leo’s Coney Island, and Friends of Perry Badia pitched in with gift certificates and donations which were awarded to the winners and raffle winning participants. 




Stony Creek Metropark 

4300 Main Park Road 

Shelby Township MI 48316 


February 10, 2016 



Top 20 -  


Name Age overall time 


1. Donnie Richmond 30 1 34:39 * 

2. Derek Brown 32 2 43:06 

3. Christian Hauser 3 43 43:53 

4. Art Ibarra 49 4 44:44 

5. Dave McMillan 55 5 45:34 

6. Francisco Rivera 44 6 46:00 

7. Jim Oleksinski 48 7 46:30 

8. Tony Bruce 53 8 47:05 

9. Chester Karash 59 9 54:58 

10. Trevor Francis 33 10 54:59 

11. Rob Belcore ? 11 56:27 

12. Ken Hartwig ? 12 57:59 

13. Nichole Langworthy ? 13 58:11 ** 

14. Jessica Beltran ? 14 58:12 

15. Laura Ibarra 43 15 58:49 

16. David ? ? 16 60:58 

17. Jennifer Hollister ? 17 1:01:06 

18. Len Constantine 62 18 1:03:15 

19. Mike O’Connor ? 19 1:09:30 

20. Jim Zittel ? 20 1:11:16 


* Male Winner 

** Female Winner