Hatchet Fest Run

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Jun. 11, 2010

Hatchet Fest Run
Bad Axe, MI
1st Annual Hatchet Fest Run – Held in Bad Axe, MI.
This was held in conjunction with the Bad Axe Hatchet Festival. It started at the Park Area in Downtown Bad Axe and finished there also. It was jointly sponsored by the Hatchet Festival and the Thumb Runabouts. The 1st place male was Larry Kanaby in 18:38 the race record. The 1st place female was Angela Nowiski in 22:33 the record for this race. The first place male walker was Rod Craig. The first place female walker was Kalyn Hewlewski.
We also had a 1 mile stroll for the leisurely walkers out to enjoy the evening.
There was a total of 74 people taking part in the Run, Walk and Stroll. We look forward to hosting the race again next year at the Hatchet Festival.

Hatchet Fest Run June 11th of 2010

5K results
Females Place Time Males Place Time
10 and Under
None None

Casey Hadwir 26th 27:59 None
Sadie Muntz 33rd 29:36
Erika Prince 58th 40:09

Crystal Schaible 14th 24:09 Nicholas Pawlowski 2nd 18:59
Katti Frantz 16th 24:21 Adam Rifenbark 10th 22:12
Austin Gingrich 12th 22:35
Paul Schadd 32nd 25:26
Derek McCormick 41st 33:21

None None

Adrian Emerick 43rd 34:42 None
Mallory Klosowski 47th 36:02

Cari Sherman 18th 24:32 Garrett Jurges 4th 19:51
Michelle Nowiski 20th 24:37 Nick Rochefort 8th 21:52
Kelly Seltz 27th 28:11 Mike Klosowski 22nd 25:14
Rachel Woodward 37th 31:51
Rebecca Rotz 39th 33:07

Angela Nowiski 11th 22:33 Jim Knoblock 6thh 20:58
Jessica Lemanski 15th 24:16 Will Woodward 23rd 25:56
Misty Prill 35th 30:34
Lisa Becher 56th 38:42
Christi Collins 62nd 45:53

Tammy Barker 53rd 38:31 None
Kelly Schaible 54th 38:33
Carol Schadd 57th 39:39

Peg Booms 29th 28:35 Alan Gabalis 3rd 19:46
JoAnn Steely 40th 33:07 Ron Lemanski 7th 21:52
Sue Prince 44th 33:33 Phillip Schadd 13th 23:25
Sarah Frantz 49th 36:18 Rob Muntz 17th 23:34
Todd Caplling 19th 24:43
Kurt Messing 31st 29:07

Tami Salens 34th 29:37 Larry Kanaby 1st 18:38
Tammy Emerick 42nd 33:33 Dale Ernst 5th 20:17
Robin Hitchcock 45th 35:15 Troy Estes 21st 24:52
Rachelle Mausolf 55th 38:35 Steve Butch 28th 28:27
Kevin Green 51st 37:00

Renee Kann 46th 35:15 David M. Czapor 9th 21:53
Barb Estes 50th 36:58

None Dennis Meck 24th 26:13
Tom Craig 35th 27:25

None None

None Harry Gabalis 38th 32:48

70 and over
Betsy Light 52nd 37:47 Floyd Light 36th 30:49

5K Walkers
Females Males
Kalyn Helewski 59th 41:03 Rod Craig 30th 28:42
Amy Osentoski 60th 41:04
Dawn Muntz 61st 45:42
Janet Lipskey 64th 52:34
Jennifer Nicol 65th 52:34
Wendy Smith 66th 52:50
Michelle Reibling 67th 52:51

1 Mile Stroll and these were not placed or timed because of the nature of the walk.
Females Males
Abby Goik Jacob Gingrich
Emily Wisneski Jim Deming
Chris Wisneski
Jean Gingrich
Christy Sweeney
Faith Deming

Bad Axe, MI