Please Help the fat man run

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Please Help the fat man run

Postby ffmedicmt » Mon Oct 03, 2011 3:36 pm

Try too make this short...July 1st I was 6'0" and 300# I could not run 1/2 mile. Im now 250# have done 2 5k races, last one was Oct 2nd. I have a 5.6 mile race this Sat Oct 8th. Today I did 6 miles. I have bad blisters on the tip of both second toes after today. My questions are what can I do with the blisters and how can I prevent this again? How much should I run this week with 5 days left before my race? Or should I let the blisters heal and not run at all?

Last question.... Im due for shoes and live in NE MI and dont have access to any running stores. I have been reading alot on shoes and am more confused than ever! Do I need mild correction shoes, No correction or lots of correction. I dont know if I over or under pronate. My old shoes have alot of ware on the outter 1/3 of the heel , mild ware on the outside just behind the ball of the foot and very mild ware on the inside of the shoe just above the ball of the foot. Both shoes have the same amount of ware in the same areas......Any help? Remember im a Big fat guy!
Thanks ofr any thoughts.......MT
PS my current shoe is Asics T9d4n They were cheap and got me started. Looking to get into something a little better. Was told the only shoe for my size was the Brooks Beast but dont know if i need a correction shoe or not
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Re: Please Help the fat man run

Postby sbeau » Sun Oct 09, 2011 4:18 pm

Sounds like you overpronate. I would make every effort to go to Hansons or another reputable running store. They will help you figure out what shoe you need. Once you figure what you need you can order the same product online.
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Re: Please Help the fat man run

Postby exgoalie6498 » Mon Oct 17, 2011 8:43 pm

I would go with the New Balance 1012 series. Can order on for 85.00 normally 135.00. Shoe seems to run tru to size. I started out using them when I weighed 260 and never had any problems with my feet.
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Re: Please Help the fat man run

Postby majortom » Sun Oct 30, 2011 1:44 pm

Hey MT, CONGRATULATIONS on your phenomenal progress!!!
Let's keep it up by making it more comfortable for you to run.
I'll give a +1 to the New Balance 1012 shoes. They will give you the *Motion Control* you need and the wide and high toe box you want to avoid those blisters.
Now, about those socks.............. Do NOT wear cotton socks!!!
In fact, do NOT wear ANYTHING cotton if you can help it.
COTTON IS ROTTEN FOR RUNNING. Say it with me again, "COTTON IS ROTTEN FOR RUNNING." Cotton retains moisture and then chafes like hell.
Find some 90+% acrylic socks (I like Gold Toe MaxSpun at Target) and wear them inside-out. Why? Because the smooth side is the outside, the knots and seams are are the inside.
Check out for the method we use to train beginner runners in Flint for the Crim Festival of Races.
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