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June 30, 2012- Saturday

Rock the World 5k Obstacle Race


  • Start Time : 10:00 AM


  • Grand Ledge
  • 133 Fitzgerald Park Dr.
  • 48837
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  • 5K : TRAIL RUN



Rock the World is a 5k adventure trail obstacle race and live music festival!

Why You Will Do This:
You will have a chance to tackle a dozen of the world’s most distinguished landmarks on a course laced with dirt, mud, grass, and water. These landmarks will do everything they can to slow you down on your way to a thrilling victory. When you are finished basking in the glory of victory, grab some food and a drink while our bands crank up the music for the best after-party around!

Why Did We Do This:
We want to impact the lives of thousands of people around the country. We want to encourage people to get off their couch or out of the office and out into the woods, fields, roads, or streams where they live. We are a nation in a health emergency. We want to do our part to make this a better place for everyone. So get out there and get rocked!

*Proud supporters of Ele's Place and Medals 4 Mettle.*

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